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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 3 – Refining the Highest Quality Pill

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The Ye clan had been on a decline for twenty years now, and thus their financial situation is not at an ideal position right now.

Even so, Ye Chongtian did not break his promise and gathered all the ingredients that Ye Zifeng had listed. He personally brought the ingredients and a furnace to the cellar where Ye Zifeng was staying for the next three days.

Because of this, he received an endless complaints from the other family members, all saying that even if the Ye family had a great amount of wealth, they should not be throwing all these ingredients away on this crazy good for nothing.

Ye Zifeng carefully examined the ingredients one by one and revealed a happy face.

“Chalcedony Grass, Dragon Leaves, Silver-horn Fruit, Scarlet Essence Lotus and Buddha Roots. This was not bad. At first, Ye Zifeng was worried there would be one or two ingredients missing but from the looks of it, he was worrying for nothing. His father had kept his promise. Now he can create a high quality Golden Marrow Pill.

However, even with all these things, he still shook his head in regret.

If he had kept his cultivation as a Martial Lord Stage expert, or even if he went down a stage to the Martial Soul stage, he would be able to utilize his essence energy and activate his ultimate refining technique “Ghost Flame Refinement.” With this technique, he would be able to create pills in the blink of an eye. Furthermore, the technique would allow him to instantly be on par with a heaven tier alchemist.

But now, the cultivation in this body was too trashy. Nevermind about using Qi to refine pills, his body would be collapse just by standing next to the furnace for too long.

“Whatever. I still have three days. I have all the time that I need. I’ll just use these ingredients to refine and clean the furnace first. That’ll probably increase the quality of the furnace by a few folds……”

Ye Zifeng had everything planned out already. Before refining the pill, he would thoroughly clean and refine the furnace first. At that time, thick black smoke appeared and sparks flew everywhere. Refining a furnace was hard work!

He opened the window at the top to let the air out. He was the young master of the Ye family and not a slave who’s locked up. It shouldn’t be a problem if he opened the window as long as he doesn’t leave the cellar.

He looked out the window and noticed some movements. Seeing this, a smile appeared on his face.

“Master, I just sent someone to see what the young master was up to and on his first try, he……”

“What happen? Did he succeed?” Ye Chongtian looked excitedly at the housekeeper who came to report the news. After reading the list that his son had written, he was unable to sleep last night. He thought that his son had received some sort of enlightenment and immediately sent his housekeeper to gather the ingredients.

“The young master, he……”

“What happened? Stop beating around the bush. Do you want to get hit?” Ye Chongtian was impatient and yelled at the housekeeper.

“The young master turned the ingredients into slag on his first try……” Housekeeper Du frowned.

Ye Chongtian’s eyes widened and fell back onto his seat. It took him a while to regain his composure.

He smiled bitterly, shook his head and sighed, “What’s wrong with me… To actually place some hope on that good for nothing son of mine….. I really am getting old.”

“Master, should I continue keeping an eye on the young master? Maybe he accidentally messed up this time…..”

Housekeeper Du was reasonable and a ray of hope had appeared in Ye Chongtian’s eyes again, “Yeah. That’s probably it. Keep your eyes on him and report if anything happens.

“Master, the second try was a failure as well. All he made was slag…. But there was less slag than last time.”

“Keep monitoring him.”

“Master, the third try was a failure as well, he still made slag…. But this time, there wasn’t as much.”

“Keep monitoring!”

‘Master, the fourth try was a failure again.



Ye Chongtian was unable to put up with this anymore and yelled out, “ENOUGH! Enough is enough. That good for nothing spent the whole day making slag. There’s no need to keep an eye on him anymore. You don’t need to monitor him anymore….. I’ve come to the conclusion that I was wrong in trusting him!”

The next day, Ye Zifeng stood by the window and smiled warmly.

“So they’re finally not monitoring me anymore? That’s fine with me…..”

He closed his window and opened up the furnace; this was his sixth try.

When he opened the furnace up, a bright golden light filled the entire room. The light covered the entire cellar and the heat from the furnace immediately dispersed into the room. There were still some sparks flying around the furnace making a hissing sound.

In the middle of the furnace sat a completed Golden Marrow Pill. The pill created a dazzling light and filled the entire room up with spiritual energy.

Without a doubt, the pill was of the highest quality.

Ye Zifeng smiled. He took the pill and slightly licked it.

In a split second, the enormous amount of energy from the Golden Marrow Pill exploded out and went straight into Ye Zifeng’s Dantian. And from his Dantian, the energy scattered throughout his entire body.

“Nice! That felt really good!”

Under the immense energy from the pill, Ye Zifeng’s originally disjointed meridians started to join and clear up. The energy that was stuck in his meridians throughout his body started flowing again and rejoined inside of his Dantian.

Throughout the entire process, Ye Zifeng was in immense pain. He felt as if his entire body was being cut up. He felt as if there were billions of small bugs invading and moving within his body, slowly eating away his flesh and meridians. However he endured the pain. He knew that if he could go through this trial, he can reform his crippled meridians. It was painful at first but the results of this was worth it.

Having lived another life, the pain that he had endured in his previous life had given him an immense amount of willpower. And so, he continued to sweat profusely in pain as he felt his body become anew again.

After the long process, he let out a long breath. His body had never felt better before.

He had finally reached the third stage of Qi Refining!

The trash Ye Zifeng who had spent three years and couldn’t break through had finally broken through today.

Once his meridians were joined up, his physique looked a lot better and his cultivation abilities returned to normal. It could be said that a high quality Golden Marrow Pill could change the fate and innate talent of someone at the Qi Refining stage!

Of course, it was almost impossible for someone else at the Qi Refining stage to get a high quality Golden Marrow Pill. This was because only a middle stage Earth ranked alchemist could produce such pill. And even they would have some trouble making such a high quality pill. Why would such a high level alchemist go through so much trouble to make such a low level pill used by people at the Qi Refining stage? There’s no way any family would spend a fortune to recruit a high ranked alchemist just for them to create a low ranked pill such as the Golden Marrow Pill.

Moreover, it was because Ye Zifeng had experience with this pill that he was able to use the pill’s full effect. If someone were to pick this pill up randomly and swallow it whole, they would definitely implode on the spot!

After Ye Zifeng rested for a while, he realized that he was filled with energy. He can feel that he was in the Middle 3rd Qi Refining Stage already! The Golden Marrow Pill had actually allowed him to go straight from Low 2nd Qi Refining Stage all the way to Middle 3rd Qi Refining Stage.

‘If I have more ingredients, then maybe I make a breakthrough and reach the peak stage of the 3rd Qi Refining Stage.’ Ye Zifeng thought to himself and sighed.

At that time, Ye Zifeng felt something and immediately frowned towards the window.

“Who’s there? Come out!”

“Ah. Don’t be so angry brother. It’s me, Xueyi!” Ye Xueyi said with a smile and then slowly climbed through the window into the cellar. She was wearing a long green skirt and with her long sleek black hair, and large eyes, she looked very charming.

Seeing that it was only his sister, Zifeng let out a sigh of relief. This was because whether it was the trash Ye Zifeng or the great alchemist Ye Zifeng, they both harbored a familiar feeling towards Xueyi.

“What’re you doing here sis? Why didn’t you go back to the Ashen Spirit Sect and came here instead? There’s nothing fun inside the cellar.”

She lowered her voice and smiled facetiously, “The sect is boring. I sneaked out during my free time.”

Ye Zifeng was shocked. Who would’ve thought that the good, rule abiding sister of his would skip her training to come over!

She continued to smile sweetly, “Let’s not talk about the sect. How could father be so heartless and lock you up for three whole days! There’s no food in the cellar so I came and brought you some food.”

A worried expression appeared on her face as she took opened up the basket that she brought. Inside the basket were some sweets and a meal.

“Come on brother, try this osmanthus flower cake!”

Ye Zifeng was greatly moved by his sister. As the best alchemist in the world, he had tasted all of the best delicacies in the world but he had never tasted food that was specifically made for him by a family member. This was something that he had regret. He originally thought that crossing over into this trash Ye Zifeng’s body was a super unlucky thing.

But now, he feel that he’s quite lucky being able to crossover into this body.

He received the osmanthus flower cake from xueyi and slowly took a bite. To be honest, it was a bit hard but it was still alright.

“Mmm. It’s great. It’s really good! Let me try your other dishes…..”

Ye Xueyi smiled and passed the entire basket over to him. Seeing how Ye Zifeng was quickly eating the meal that she made herself, she was feeling very happy.

“Oh right brother. Did you turn all the ingredients into slag already? I actually didn’t know why father gave you all these ingredients to refine. Ai….. If you really want to learn how to refine pills, you should ask father to hire an alchemist to teach you. Turning all the ingredient into slag is nothing much, but i’m afraid that your body won’t be able to handle the stress from refining pills…..”

Ye Zifeng suddenly stopped eating and put the food down.

“Brother what happened? Is my cooking not good enough?”

“No. The food is great! I love it.” Ye Zifeng smiled. “However, you said that all I made was slag and I’d like to say otherwise.”

Ye Xueyi started to laugh lightly, “Brother, when did you become so funny? You’re talking like you had refined a pill or something. Look at that pile of slag over there. If that isn’t slag, then what is it?”

“Then look at what this is!”
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