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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 198 – Fierce Battle!

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After Ye Zifeng took a glance of the spirit paper and frowned. Without any second thoughts, he punctured his finger and wrote something using his blood.
Soon after, the spirit paper blazed up and completely burned to ashes……

“What did you just do?” Upon seeing this, Wang Tianzhi was astonished.
He was now unable to move a muscle and couldn’t stop his qi from being sucked away, so he could only ask.
Ye Zifeng faintly smiled: “It’s not a big matter. It’s just that someone told me that we should hurry up and end our business here.”
When Wang Tianzhi heard this, his expression changed into fury and clenched his fists tightly, producing a grinding sound.
“What did you say?!”
What did he mean by hurry up? Ye Zifeng simply did not put him in the eye!
Wang Mengxi, as an observer, was much clearer about the current situation. Ye Zifeng was clearly provoking Wang Tianzhi.
She had wanted to charge in and help but she was blocked by everyone.
“Miss Mengxi, previously Young Master Ye had let you go. He did not let you remain to deal with him so you should stand back.”
This person, that had formerly treated Ye Zifeng as a thorn, had experienced glory by his side and already stood beside him.
This was a nasty person’s character. Since they follow where the winds blow, as long as one side reigns supreme, then they would follow that side until they fall from their height.
Before he betrays, he would definitely be much more useful than some stupidly honest person.
Wang Mengxi slightly pursed her lips and sighed. She has no option but to drop the subject. In the end, she was not strong enough to defeat ten people.
As a result, she could only warn her brother from afar: “Big brother, calm down. Do not let others control you through psychology. He wants to anger you, force out your qi and absorb it!”
“This……” Wang Tianzhi had an astonished glance. He raised his eyes and looked at the happily eating qi monster. He immediately calmed down and understood, relaxing his clenched fists.
Ye Zifeng smiled and suddenly moved when Wang Tianzhi relaxed! He fiercely charged towards Wang Tianzhi.

If the opponent does not want to use his qi, then he should be forced to use his qi!
“Not good!” Wang Tianzhi frowned.
Normally, he would not have anything to fear and just condense his qi, and then shoot it from afar towards Ye Zifeng just like a while ago.
But now, with the existence of the qi monster that Ye Zifeng let out. He did not dare to use this flashy method, preventing his qi from depleting.
He could choose to escape. However, he had been suppressed by the martial practitioner leveled soul spirit, so he could not escape. He could only glare at Ye Zifeng from afar as he charged towards him.
A single attack from Ye Zifeng was not that strong but if it accumulated it would become life threatening! This was also the battle experience that he had when he was a martial lord.
Because of this, he understood how to put together battle tactics!
“If you have the guts, let out your qi once more.” the corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a smile. His body changed into lightning and fiercely punched towards Wang Tianzhi’s face!
“Bastard. Do you think that I am afraid of you!” Seeing this, Wang Tianzhi’s ashen face disappeared and became extremely furious.
Chest, back, legs, arms, hitting anything would have been fine but Ye Zifeng had to deliberately choose his face!
His honor was about to be trampled. Ye Zifeng’s attack would not be able to inflict a large wound but he would ultimately lose face and would not be able to pick it back up forever.

“Big brother calm down!” Seeing his brother gradually lose his cool, Wang Mengxi could not control her emotions and cried out.

“He is already almost overhead. How the hell could I ignore him!”
He coldly shouted and couldn’t endure his opponent humiliating him anymore. His eyes filled with killing intent as his qi became a violent whirlwind! An earth-shattering qi rose like a volcano, engulfing towards Ye Zifeng.
“Come at me!” Ye Zifeng smiled as his eyes flashed.
As for the qi beast, it took this opportunity to take a mouthful of qi, appearing to be extremely greedy. It was faintly enlarging.
“I have fed you till full every time. In the future, when the martial spirit awakens, don’t let me down.” Ye Zifeng’s lit up and smiled.
After a short period, Ye Zifeng was facing the oncoming qi wave. He did not dare ignore it. Lowering his head, he inserted the dagger on the ground and fiercely held tight!

He covered his body in qi, turning it into a barrier.
However, the barrier was almost useless. The oncoming qi instantly destroyed this barrier and was about to send Ye Zifeng flying.
“Wang Tianzhi, you are truly impressive.”
Although Wang Tianzhi’s power was restricted, he was still equal to Ye Zifeng.
Ye Zifeng gritted his teeth and rigidly relied on the dagger, that was thrust onto the ground. The dagger had dug out the ground as Ye Zifeng was blown backward a long distance.
He gasped heavily as blood spilled out from the corner of his mouth.

“Are, are you okay….” Feng Di muttered. When he saw that Ye Zifeng was injured, her heart felt incomparably complex. She had wanted to help him for a while now, but in the end, held it back and sighed, remaining in her original position.


“Once more!”
However, Yue Zifeng did not care about any of these things. In the next moment, he once again soared with the sharp dagger and charged to attack Wang Tianzhi.
For the weak to defeat the strong, finding an opening was important, but relying only on this without any brave struggling would sooner or later suffer losses and forever unable to progress in the path of cultivation.
Wang Tianzhi did not anticipate that Ye Zifeng would have adjusted himself in such a short amount of time. His heart was both astonished and furious.
“You are courting death!” Wang Tianzhi fury continued to burn. He once again used his qi to attack Ye Zifeng.
“BOOM” the qi collided. The strong power emitted light and almost made everyone deaf as they covered their ears.
At this moment, Ye Zifeng only used the dagger in his hands and sent back a few steps. His current situation was a lot better than before.
He lightly wiped the blood on his mouth and continued to suppress Wang Tianzhi.
Brute force was Wang Tianzhi’s forte, but what about endurance? Ye Zifeng had much more willpower than him. After all, Ye Zifeng had the power of his martial spirit to help him recover his injuries.
“Continue! Let’s see who can last till the end!” Ye Zifeng laughed loudly and leapt forward.
The Liu Clan members would still take a long while before they reached this place and they would not really have any immediate influence on the current match, so he decided to fight in a carefree manner.
At the same time as he charged ahead, he did not forget to use his eyes to sweep towards the soul spirit. Seeing the it was still observing the battle, he became even more calm.
Rather than saying that the purpose of this battle was to take away Wang Tianzhi’s monster cores, it was actually to let the elder of the Profound Sect see this and show off in front of him. With such a good opportunity in front of him, Ye Zifeng would naturally not let it go!
Elder Suo gulped his saliva. It could even be said that he was extremely astonished as his face was filled with disbelief.
“How could this disciple from the Ye Clan be so impressive. Was he really just at the 6th stage of qi refining?”
At the beginning, he had thought that Ye Zifeng would be defeated by Wang Tianzhi in a single move. But now that he saw it, it was actually Wang Tianzhi that was being suppressed.
Actually, let alone Elder Suo, even those people and teammates following Ye Zifeng were similarly stunned. They had never imagined that Ye Zifeng’s power was this strong.
At the very least, the fact that he could suppress Wang Tianzhi in such a short amount of time was already an undeniable fact.
After Ye Zifeng raised his fist to attack Wang Tianzhi, a gust of qi sent him flying. After a short period of time, he once again charged in. After repeating this three times, Wang Tianzhi’s qi begun to wane.
“Ye Zifeng, you bastard. You actually dare use such an unfair method!” Wang Tianzhi angrily roared.
If it was not due to the qi monster continuously eating the qi that he let out, he would not reach such a pitiful state. Ye Zifeng was unable to beat him, but he was about to be wasted like this!
Right now, he finally understood why Ye Zifeng said that victory may not have any relation to one’s realm.
“What do you mean by unfair? Could it be that we must fight with our fists and legs to become fair and honorable? Isn’t the qi monster in front of you one of my powers?”
The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a cold smile as he criticized Wang Tianzhi without a single bit of hesitation.
“You!” Wang Tianzhi was speechless. Hearing other people laugh at him, he realized what he had just said.
“Damn brat, you truly think that the title of Lei Zhou’s number one qi refining disciple is just fake? Whether you doubt it or not, I will allow you to experience it yourself!”
He heavily snorted as his expression flashed with savagery. In an instant, his entire body begun moving strangely.
Seeing the scene of people looking at him doubtfully, he had endured enough.
As an arrogant prince, he would not allow anyone to question him!
Upon seeing this, Wang Mengxi closed his lips and was overwhelmed with shock. A terrified feeling flit across her clear eyes.
“Big brother, are thinking about using……”

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