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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 192 – No Leniency

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“You heard what he said.”
The corner of Ye Zifeng’s mouth raised into a smile. He directly stared at Wang Mengxi.
“You……” Wang Mengxi’s charming face blushed furiously: “You filthy men……”
“However, I don’t plan on doing this.” Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled. His answer was simple but carried a certain force that declared it as the conclusion.
“What?” Wang Mengxi relaxed her tightly clenched fists and looked at Ye Zifeng in surprise.
She couldn’t help but ponder frantically. She wondered why Ye Zifeng would let her go. Was it because her charm was not enough or was it because he was afraid of revenge from the Wang Clan?
“This is because during the Heavenly Clan Gathering, you had kindly warned me. Your character is a lot better than others from the Wang Clan. So, based on this, I will not lay my hands on you, at the very least I won’t humiliate you.”
Ye Zifeng was someone who keeps his gratitude and grudges to heart. No matter how insignificant the matter was, he would engrave it into his heart and would not go against his conscience.
Xiao Mu was startled when he heard this and embarrassingly spoke: “Eh, Young Master Ye, this kind of opportunity is very hard to come by. Are you just going to let her go?”
He looked at Wang Mengxi with a slight regret. When all was said and done, he still would not dare do anything to Wang Mengxi with her status. However, because he had been with Ye Zifeng for a while now, he felt he was very powerful and let loose of his mouth, smoothly revealing his thoughts.
“For real?” Wang Mengxi stared at Ye Zifeng blankly. She soon returned to her senses. If she could take this chance to escape, she would naturally grasp it.
Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled and nodded his head. He moved close to her with a calm face.
“Miss Mengxi, if I have not guessed wrong, you are one of the exchange students to be sent to the Profound Sect…… right?”
Wang Mengxi’s expression lit up: “You……” She originally wanted to ask ‘How did you know’, but doing this would be equal to leaking out this secret.
As a result, she stared blankly for a while and then stifled out a few words: “You are speaking nonsense.”
Ye Zifeng lightly smiled and ignored the other side’s arguments.
He continued speaking: “Whether this is nonsense or not, you should be well aware of the situation. But, you can be relieved, I will not steal your slot. However, I am the same, I would never give away this favor for free.”
At the same time, he turned his head and swept everyone behind a glance.
“After all, I still need to convince everybody.”
He could only see that everyone looked like wolves and tigers when they were looking at Wang Mengxi. It was only because of Ye Zifeng’s might that they did not dare say anything. Otherwise, they might have already made their moves.
“You……” Wang Mengxi gulped as she stood surprised. Her beautiful eyes let out a strange radiance: “Then, what do you want?”
In the end, she was an outspoken woman who already understood society. Even if Ye Zifeng threatened her, it probably won’t be anything too frightening.
“It’s very easy. Just give me your Refreshing Jade Pot and I won’t make things difficult for you.”
“You want the Refreshing Jade Pot?” Wang Mengxi’s expression was tinged with embarrassment. She understood that Ye Zifeng’s request was not too excessive. The Refreshing Jade Pot was only a grade 8 common tier treasure. It was not really some amazing treasure.
However, for Wang Mengxi, the Refreshing Jade Pot was like a third eye. Before this, she was able to rely on it to detect Xiao Mu’s qi.
As a result, if Wang Mengxi did not have the assistance of the Refreshing Jade Pot, her worth in this mission would sharply decrease and become an ordinary combatant.
After seeing that she hadn’t responded after a long time, Ye Xueyi coldly snorted as her beautiful eyes gave off a chilly light: “Miss Mengxi, we are in a hurry. We do not have the time to dawdle here with you. If you do not give an answer, then we will force you to use your life saving medallion and let you return to the entrance!”
“Yeah! Do you think you are the first one? In your Wang Clan team, 18 people have already been sent back! Do you plan on becoming the 19th person?” Xiao Mu chuckled.
Although nasty people have weak strength, their ability in bullying people are top class. In a good cop bad cop situation, their existence was necessary.
Thus, Ye Zifeng did not care about using them in this kind of situation to help him do things.
When Wang Mengxi heard this, she was stunned. Afterwards, she looked at Ye Zifeng and instantly felt that he was very shrewd, which could not be seen easily from his appearance.
“Ok, then I can relax a bit. I’ll give you this Refreshing Jade Pot.” Wang Mengxi gritted her teeth and finally decided to give them the treasure.
“Very good.” In one move Ye Zifeng bluntly took the treasure.
He did not have any protective feelings for the fairer sex, nor did he act leniently towards the Wang Mengxi due to her beauty. Whatever he must seize, he will absolutely not let it go.
“Since it’s like this, will you let me go already?” Wang Mengxi raised her head and seriously looked at Ye Zifeng.
Ye Zifeng calmly nodded his head and smilingly said: “Ok, let’s go. Leaving Miss Mengxi here alone would be fine.”
Wang Mengxi stared blankly as she heard this. Soon after, her charming face sulked: “Didn’t you say that as long as I gave you the Refreshing Jade Pot, you would let me go?”
Ye Zifeng smiled and shook his head: “Miss Mengxi, you must have heard wrong. From the beginning to the end, I have never said that I will let you go. I only said that ‘I will not make things hard for you’ and ‘I will not lay my hands on you’. If you don’t believe me, you can ask the people behind me.”
“Haha. Exactly! Did Young Master Ye ever say that he will let you go?” Xiao Mu also took advantage of this opportunity to climb over her.
Ye Zifeng smiled and gestured for her to go on and ask.
However, Wang Mengxi would not stupidly ask others. At this moment, she had remembered their conversation and became secretly angry inside. She could only blame her anxiety, when facing so many people, causing her heart to become disarrayed and fall for Ye Zifeng’s words.
“Enough, time is precious. Let us leave.”
Ye Zifeng’s expression gradually chilled and waved at everyone. Everyone obediently followed his words and moved.
“Move, quickly move, follow Young Master Ye.”
Just like this, Wang Mengxi’s eyes were filled with astonishment as if a giant stone smashed on her head.
Since when did the good-for-nothing loser Ye Zifeng, who was sneered by everyone, change.
At this moment, he was actually able to outstandingly lead so many disciples. This was to the point that even Xiao Mu, who treated him as a nemesis, became extremely docile. This scene could truly make people moved.
Wang Mengxi considered this very carefully and only came to her senses after a while. She suddenly thought ‘Oh no, how am I going to escape now?’

“Young Master Ye, now that you have sent the people from the Wang Clan back to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley, the face of our Xiao Clan wouldn’t be that ruined anymore.” Xiao Mu walked as he savored the aftertaste. The previous scene of teaching a lesson to those Wang Clan members left a deep impression. In his heart, he felt 100 times better.
“Is that so……” Ye Zifeng indifferently smiled and declined to comment further.
If it was a different situation, Xiao Mu dared to teach a lesson to those children from inferior clans. However, when running into people from the Wang Clan, he would take a detour and did not dare touch them.
This kind of feeling that spontaneously rose from the bottom of his heart made him feel extremely comfortable. He was also very clear that he was only able to feel this because he was following Ye Zifeng.
“However, Young Master Ye, letting go of Wang Mengxi like this is truly too unfortunate. If it was me, I would have taken the Refreshing Jade Pot, but I would absolutely not let the woman go!” Xiao Mu pondered and smiled. Since, he was slightly getting familiar with Ye Zifeng, there were somethings that he couldn’t help but blurt out.
“Then let me ask you, why do you think I left her there?” Ye Zifeng’s eyes chilled as the corner of his mouth raised into a strange arc.
“Could it be that it was not because of it being troublesome so you left her there?” When Xiao Mu heard Ye Zifeng’s words, he felt that matters were not that simple.
Ye Zifeng shook his head and smiled: “Of course not……”
“Then why…….”
“As for why, you would know about it sooner or later. Right now, time is of the essence. We must quickly deal with the Crystal Rock Elephant! Everyone, quickly follow me!” Ye Zifeng fixed his expression and became incomparably serene.
Wang Tianzhi gasped for breath as his shirt was drenched, as if he was fished out from the sea.
With one last hit on the formation, a shattering sound echoed. The third layer of the formation was finally broken.
“Fuck, I extremely tired. That Xiao Mu really had the guts to fool me. I wonder who could be behind him. Who is the mastermind behind everything?”
Wang Tianzhi cleared his throat and got up from the ground. At the same time, the sealed space he was in finally lit up, clearly showing that he could finally go out.
“At long last, I finally broke out!” He laughed loudly as felt incomparably free.
However, he instantly heard a hurried call for help. It was his little sister Wang Mengxi’s voice!
If a person was sealed inside a formation, they could not hear the voice of others. However, if it was an observer outside the formation, their voice could be heard.
“Mengxi, do not panic. Wait for me, I’m coming to save you!”
He moved while following the voice. After passing a corner, he could see Wang Mengxi’s beautiful image. When they looked at each other, they were both surprised.
“Mengxi, you were also trapped in this shit place. Are you okay? Also, are you the only one here? Where are the others?”
Wang Mengxi bitterly smiled and shook his head: “Big brother, it seems that you are not aware. The others are already gone. I heard that they were forced to return back to the entrance of the Scarlet Blood Valley by Ye Zifeng!”

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