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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 153 – Who’s finished?

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While walking outside with the black devil mask on, many people stared and pointed at him with suspicion. However, no one recognized who he was.

Most people believed that he was still in the Liu clan. A small portion of people knew that he was in the Ye clan. However, only Xiao Ya knew that he had left the house already.

He casually walked into the busy street, keeping a low profile.

When he finally stopped, he was in front of a large manor and was stopped by two guards.

“Stop! Who are you? Why are you wearing a mask? Don’t you know that this is the Wang clan’s territory!?”

“What are you doing here?”

The guards stared at Ye Zifeng with fierce expressions.

Ye Zifeng laughed, “I’m your second young master and third young master’s friend. I heard that they weren’t at home a few days ago. I want to ask if they’re home now?”

“Friend? Do you know how many people come by everyday saying that they’re friends with people of the Wang clan?”

The fat guard casted a sidelong glance at Ye Zifeng, “It’s true that they had just returned. However, what does this have to do with you? There’s no harm in telling you this. It’s fine if you say that you’re friends with third young master but you’re saying that you’re friends with the second young master? Hehe…. You’re definitely lying!”

For someone as sinister as Wang Ruoxing, he definitely won’t have friends that would try to walk into the Wang clan from the front door. That’s why these guards didn’t believe him.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “I don’t care if you guys believe me or not. Go notify them. You guys should have this rule right?”

It’s not only the Wang clan that have this rule. Many large clans have this rule as well. These guards can’t really kick Ye Zifeng out without reporting anything. If they do that, they would be breaking the rule.

The two guards looked at each other and laughed. The skinnier guard then replied, “Alright. We’ll report this to him. Do you have anything that shows your identity? You can just give it to us.”

Ye Zifeng smiled and retrieved a jade pendant from his sleeves, “Here. Give this to your second young master and have him personally come.”

The guard almost couldn’t hold in his laugh, “Da Dou, did you hear that? He wants the second young master to come personally. Is he trying to play with us?”

Da Dou, the fat guard laughed out loud, “Ah Xu, it seems like this guy is crazy. Does he think that a mere jade pendant can move our second young master?”

Wang Ruoxing is a very sinister man. In their eyes, this guy in front of them was basically looking for death.

“Da Dou, i feel like we should tell second young master anyways. We’ll let him have some fun and teach this guy a lesson.”

“Yeah. We should!”

The two of them had been guarding the doors all year round and were extremely bored of it. Now that some arrogant mask wearing man came out of nowhere, they wanted to see a show.

Ye Zifeng stood there and shook his head. So even the dogs of the Wang clan is like this.

After Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin returned from Tiandao City, they suffered from the trauma that Ye Zifeng had caused them. It was only yesterday that they had finally escaped from Ye Zifeng’s shadow. After recovering, they decided to live a new life.

“Second brother. I’ve decided. From now on, I won’t let anything distract me anymore. My heart is set on cultivating. I will get stronger.”

Wang Ruoxing gave him an approving look, “Brother Lin, if what you’re saying is true, then I believe that Big bro will be very happy too.”

“But…. It looks like Big bro has become like us. It seems like he wants to make a move against Ye Zifeng.” Wang Lin was a little worried.

“Actually, I feel this way too. I told him to hold himself back and wait until the sect mission to make a move.”

The two of them bitterly laughed and shook their heads. They didn’t want to think about Ye Zifeng anymore.

At that time, Ah Xu hurried into the room.

“Second young master, third young master, someone outside says that he’s both of your friend. This lowly guard has come to report.”

Wang Ruoxing furrowed his brow, “What friend? Kick him out. How many times do you want to report these little things?”

He wasn’t feeling that good while talking about Ye Zifeng so he directed his anger towards this guard.

“Yes…. Yes… This little one will kick him out. Actually, if he didn’t bring something to show his identity, I wouldn’t have come either.” Ah Xu bitterly laughed and explained. He then tried to leave.

“Hold on.” Wang Lin was a bit interested and called Ah Xu over again, “What did he bring? Let me see it.”

Ah Xu quickly nodded and then took the jade pendant out.

He didn’t really want to check to it out. Instead, he wanted to take it for himself.

“Ah….. How can a mere jade pendant show his identity?”

Wang Lin laughed. While saying that, he looked closely at the pendant. At first, he was mocking the pendant. But when he took a closer look, his heart shook.

‘This…. This pendant. Why does it look so similar to the one that second bro had before?”

“What did you say?”

These words caught Wang Ruoxing’s attention. After looking at it, he felt as if thunder had struck him, “This doesn’t just look like the one that I had. This IS my pendant!”

The two of them looked at each other. Ah Xu could see the shock in their expressions.

“Then…. The person waiting for us…. Could it be him…….”

That night, in Tiandao City, Wang Ruoxing was robbed cleaned by the person who gave them their nightmares….

Now, this person in their nightmares have come looking for them. They were truly frightened now.

Wang Ruoxing looked over at Ah Xu, “Fuck. Ah Xu, why didn’t you bring this out earlier? We almost missed an esteemed guest!”

“Est…..Esteemed guest?” Ah Xu felt like he was in a mess right now. He couldn’t see how Ye Zifeng could be an esteemed guest.

“Damn. I don’t have time to talk with you. Where is he? Bring me to him immediately!” Wang Ruoxing became very anxious, thinking that Ye Zifeng would beat him up for being too slow.

“He’s waiting at the front door. He said that he wants you to greet him personally. I saw that you were in a bad mood so I didn’t say anything…..” Ah Xu was scared that he was going to get yelled at so he didn’t say anything about it.

“Shit. Do you think that I won’t trash you?” If it wasn’t for the fact that Wang Ruoxing didn’t want to be slow, he would’ve wasted Ah Xu already.

“Brother Lin, what are you standing there for? Come out with me!”

Wang Lin nodded heavily and followed his second brother out.

Inside the room, Ah Xu stood there in a daze. He didn’t know that he had offended such a big shot and was feeling afraid.

Outside, Da Dou was standing next to Ye Zifeng, looking at Ye Zifeng with disdain. He was waiting for Wang Ruoxing to come teach this guy a lesson.

As expected, Wang Ruoxing came running right out. His expression looked very ugly. Wang Lin who was behind him had an even uglier expression on his face.

“Second young master is here. Just you wait. You’re finished!”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Who’s finished?”

“Rubbish. Is there anyone else here besides you?”

Da Dou turned around and smiled, “Second young master, this guy has eyes but doesn’t recognize Mt. Tai. He wanted you to come personally too!”

Wang Ruoxing was cursing nonstop, but they couldn’t hear him at all.

“Second young master!”

When Wang Ruoxing and Wang Lin both reached the front gates, Wang Ruoxing immediately slapped Da Dou, causing his entire body to turn and fall.

“Second…. Second young master….. What did I do wrong?” Da Dou felt that he was wronged and asked.

“Motherfucker. You don’t even know what you did wrong? Listen up. Don’t come back to my Wang clan anymore!”

“What?” Da Dou felt as if he was struck by lightning.

Wang Ruoxing then apologetically smiled and looked towards Ye Zifeng. When he saw the mask, he felt that something was wrong, but when he saw Ye Zifeng’s skinny body, he realized that it was him immediately.

“Big bro, what kind of wind blew you here today? My Wang clan feels delighted as your presence brings light to this humble dwelling of mine!”
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