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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 148 – Super miracle maker man.

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“Bingqian, do you not trust my skills?”

Liu Bingqian batted her eyes and shook her head, “No, I’ve seen your skills during the alchemy tournament. Of course I trust your skills. But last time, we both used all our strength to refine just one profound tier golden marrow pill. Now, you want to make five at once? What are you getting at?”

She hesitated for a bit and then continued, “I feel like you’re too excited just because you’ve formed your common tier flame….”

Her voice became very soft as she didn’t want to sound too mean towards Ye Zifeng.

But this time, she felt that Ye Zifeng is really going crazy.

Ye Zifeng stared at her and smiled.

“So that’s how it is. Bingqian, how about we make a bet? Let’s bet and see if I can completely refine the five pills. If I lose, I’ll do one thing for you. Whatever you want. Okay?”

“Anything?” Liu Bingqian was startled. Thousands of thoughts flashed across her mind. Her face slowly turned red as she started to think about other things.

“Really? Anything?” A hopeful look appeared on her face.

Ye Zifeng smiled and nodded, “That’s right!”

“No take backs?”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Of course.”

“Alright then. I’ll bet with you! Here are the other two set of ingredients.” Liu Bingqian smiled brightly as she handed the ingredients to Ye Zifeng.

With this bet going on, Liu Bingqian really wanted Ye Zifeng to fail. She didn’t care about wasting ingredients anymore.

Women are emotional creatures. Even though Ye Zifeng didn’t know how to deal with women, he’s slowly starting to understand Liu Bingqian after spending so much time with her.

Ye Zifeng smiled as he received the last two set of ingredients. He then immediately threw the ingredients into the cauldron.

“But if you lose, then i want to to always trust me no matter what. Can you do that?” Ye Zifeng’s laughed.

This way, he doesn’t have to do this anymore in the future.

Liu Bingqian smiled back, “That’s fine. It’s not much to me. I’ll accept. But….. from the sound of it, it seems like you really can refine all five profound tier golden marrow pills….”

“Just watch and see….”

Last time, when Ye Zifeng allowed Liu Bingqian to refine pills with him, it was to fulfill her wish to refining pills using a profound tier cauldron. Her real role was to supply 9th stage of qi refining qi to help him out.

She was ordered around by Ye Zifeng and was somewhat confused so it was a lot harder to refine the pills. This time, Ye Zifeng was making a move himself….. It won’t be that hard for him.

After dumping the last set of ingredients into the cauldron, a sharp and crisp noise sounded from the cauldron. Afterwards, it started to shake continuously.

“This is…..this is caused by the overflow of ingredients…..Is this what they call a violent qi leak?” Liu Bingqian wanted to help out by when she thought about the bet, she stopped her hands.

Of course, Ye Zifeng knew that this was going to happen. He just stood there and watched as everything happened while in deep thoughts.

“Five profound tier golden marrow pills…… the position of the thirty two stars…… The first position should be…..”

A radiant glare suddenly shot out of his eyes, “The fourteenth star!”

While saying that, he moved and inserted his qi into the fourteenth star in the diagram.

It was subdued! The violent energy created by the five sets of ingredient was subdued. Ye Zifeng didn’t waste much energy at all. He used the profound tier cauldron’s diagram to stop the overflow of energy.

Liu Bingqian stood there like a rock. She was so shock that she forgot how to move.

“No way. Refining five pills at once….. The situation in the cauldron should be very chaotic and complicated. How can he calculate the change within the stars on the diagram?”

The star diagram on the profound tier cauldron would shift every time a new set of ingredient was inserted. It is a very complicated process. All Ye Zifeng did was stare at the diagram for a bit and yet he was able to discern the changes that occurred within the cauldron. That’s simply outrageous!

Either he’s super familiar with this pill and prepared a lot for this moment, or he’s a super expert level alchemist with bountiful experience.

However, Ye Zifeng had just finished recovering from his injury, so he had no time to prepare at all. This was obviously an impulsive decision. But if one were to call him a super expert level alchemist, then that would be nonsense. He just turned twenty……at most, he’s a young genius.

After subduing the overflowing qi, he didn’t relax at all. Instead, he started the fire.

“Flame on!”

A small red flame appeared on his finger.The raging flame throbbed and turned brighter and brighter.

At the same time, a dim golden light appeared from the cauldron. The thirty two stars all lit up at once. It looked much more incredible than before.

“In…..Incredible!” Liu Bingqian stared in shock.

What a perfect and complete flame. This is the common tier flame that Ye Zifeng had formed.

Normally, refining pills using a profound tier cauldron is hard enough already. Ye Zifeng had just formed his flame and yet he is working with perfect motion as if he had gotten used to everything already.

Ye Zifeng started to “play” with fire many years ago. This was completely normal. However, his greatest strength lied in his calculation abilities. To be able to read the star diagram so precisely is something that even great masters can’t do.

If it wasn’t for the fact that his flame can harmonize with the cauldron, and that he had become stronger than before, Ye Zifeng would not have made the bet.

The tempering stage is completed. Now he had to refine the stars on the star diagram.

“The seventeenth position.”

“Twenty third position.”

“Back to the seventeenth position?”

Ye Zifeng stared at the change inside the cauldron and blinked a few times. However, he didn’t hesitate and continued to move.

He’s experienced. He knows that he can’t be wrong.

After the time it takes a stick of incense to burn passed by…..

Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian were both super focused. When Ye Zifeng pondered about things, Liu Bingqian followed him and started to ponder about things as well. When she came back to her senses, she realized that she had gained quite a bit of knowledge in the dao of alchemy by following Ye Zifeng.

“Last one. The sixteenth position!”

Ye Zifeng had infused his qi into the sixteenth position and a bright light appeared from the center of the cauldron.

At the same time, a violent violet qi surrounded the entire cauldron. It looked as if a mushroom cloud had appeared in the room. The smoky qi lingered around the room, making people feel like they were in a dream land.

The violet qi of one golden marrow pill is strong already, but now, there were five!

Liu Bingqian was shocked the the extreme. She rubbed her eyes and looked closely again. She knew that if there was violet qi, then that means that the pills have already taken shape.

“Big brother rough guy…..”

Ye Zifeng looked over, “Why don’t you open up the cauldron.”

“Something’s not right. I remember that the golden marrow pill appeared with the light last time. How come we have to open the cauldron this time?”

Liu Bingqian felt like she still had hope.

“It’s different from last time so maybe he failed? Or maybe he burned one or two set of ingredients.” She really wanted to win and make Ye Zifeng listen to her commands so she started to think about all these scenarios of failure.

She walked towards the cauldron and smelled the aroma.

She placed her hands on the lip and opened it immediately.

The abundant amount of qi flew out from the cauldron into the ground like shooting stars. It even flew towards Liu Bingqian. If she was a little bit slower, she would’ve gotten hit.

“For the qi to be so wild in the cauldron, it seems like the control wasn’t good enough. The pills must be broken.

Liu Bingqian started to laugh to herself.

Of course, when she lifted her head, her expression changed completely.

All five profound tier golden marrow pills were completed.

Each one of them were sparkling and translucent like an unrefined piece of jade. It gave off a radiant feeling. Also, there are small hints of red qi around the pill.

“No way…. There’s even a red qi border? Could it be that not only were you able to completely refine the pills, you also made them all high quality pills?”

Liu Bingqian gasped. She couldn’t calm herself down.

From what she can tell, Ye Zifeng should’ve only been able to refine two or three pills at once max. However, he was able to refine five pills at once and made them all high quality pills. It put her in shock.

The thing that made her sad was the fact that she lost the bet. Now she can’t have Ye Zifeng do something for him.

“Bingqian, I won. From now on, no matter what I say, you have to trust me. Okay?” Ye Zifeng revealed a triumphant look.
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