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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 135 – When a girl is of age, she should be married off.

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In front of everyone, a beautiful maiden appeared.

However, this maiden had her brows furrowed and looked very worried. When she reached the entrance, she quickly walked in.

She was holding Ye Zifeng on her side.

When the two of the returned back on the road, they blocked and hired a merchant carriage. This was the reason that they were able to get back so early.

When they appeared, everyone started to talk about the scene in front of them.

“Oh my god….This…. What happened to Ye Zifeng? How come he’s like this. He looks like he;s heavily injured?

“Yeah. It looks serious too. It shouldn’t affect his life right?”

“From what I can see, he probably can’t hold out much longer.”

Hearing this, Ye Xueyi was shocked.

“What injury? What’s affecting his life. Move. Let me go over!”

If something really did happen to Ye Zifeng then she won’t be at peace for the rest of her life.

She forced her way out of the group of people and walked towards Liu Bingqian.

“Hold on! Sister Bingqian, I’m Xueyi! How’s brother Zifeng doing?”

Liu Bingqian heard her but didn’t bother turning around, “We can’t wait any longer. If this goes on, then your brother Zifeng will be in trouble!” When everyone saw Bingqian approaching, they made way for her.

“What do you mean by in trouble?” Xueyi was startled and worried.

Liu Bingqian was the only one who knew what happened to ye Zifeng. She didn’t bother stopping and continued to move forward.

“I’m bringing him over to my place. If you need anything, come over to the Liu clan!”

In the Liu clan manor.

Liu Mu was drinking tea and laughing with the person besides him, talking about his own daughter’s wedding.

“Qian-er should be returning from Tiandao city today. If she comes back, then I’ll schedule a meeting for the two of them to meet. What do you think?”

“I agree wholeheartedly with the Liu clanmaster.” The person replying is a merchant. From the looks of it, it seems like he’s from Tiandao City.

In order to extend the Liu clan’s influences into Tiandao City, Liu Mu sacrificed his daughter’s happiness.

At the same time, a servant ran into the room at full speed. It was a very important matter so he didn’t care about any formalities.

Liu Mu coughed and looked at him, “Do things properly. Why are you in such a hurry…. Do you not see that I have a esteemed guest here? Whatever. What do you want?”

“Clan leader, Miss Bingqian has returned!”

“What?!” Not only did Liu Mu stand up, the merchant next to him stood up as well.

The two looked at each other and smiled.

“Oh? Where is she?”

“Miss Bingqian is at the front gate, but…..” The servant wanted to say something but Liu Mu’s laughter cut him off.

“Hahahahaha…..” Bingqian returned at the perfect time. Now the esteemed guest from Tiandao City can take a look at her. If it’s suitable, then this marriage will definitely be set in place. If the Liu clan can become relatives with people from Tiandao City, then it’ll be easier for the Liu clan to continue rising.

“I heard that the young miss became the champion of the alchemy competition. I must congratulate her! If our families become relatives then I hope Miss Bingqian can help us refine some pills.”

“You flatter us. She was just lucky. From what I can see, the young master is much more outstanding. He’s cultured and refined, a dragon amongst men.” Even though Liu Mu has never seen the other person’s son, he continuously praised him.

“Okay. Come on brother Ling. You first.”

“No no no. Brother Liu is too polite. You should go first.”

“Ai…Since it’s like this, let’s go together then.”

The servant was nervously standing there. He wanted to finish talking but he couldn’t find a chance to intervene. All he could do was stand there and watch as they leave.

Liu Mu walked out with the Ling clan’s clanmaster towards the gates.

“Ai…. My daughter is too immersed in alchemy. She’s quiet and reserved and rarely interact with other people. She has never been in contact with guys around her age. I hope brother Ling isn’t bothered by that.

“What are you saying? Men love this kind of girl. I know my son very well. She’s exactly his type!”

Halfway to the gates, they saw Liu Bingqian walking towards them. She was carrying a man around her arms at her chest…..

“This…. This is……?” Ling clan’s patriarch stared blankly at this scene. He was super shocked. His eyes widened and couldn’t say anything.

Wasn’t she quiet and reserved? Doesn’t she rarely interact with others and not close to men around her age? Was Liu Mu’s words all nonsense?

Liu Mu on the other hand immediately recognized the person his daughter was holding. It was Ye Zifeng!

Ye Zifeng can go and flirt with his daughter outside all he wants. He can pretend to not know about it at all. But now, he’s played with her so much that he even came home with her? On top of that, the Ling clan’s patriarch was here! This is simply infuriating!

“Qian-er, look at what you’re doing? Why did you from someone from the Ye clan over? You guys should’ve gone your separate ways after returning from the competition!” Liu Mu was so angry. He wanted to throw Ye Zifeng out immediately.

“Father, big brother rough guy is severely injured. We have to give him some Qi Nurturing Pills, so I brought him over to stay for a few days. We’ll talk about it when he recovers.

“What?!” Liu Mu was getting angrier and angrier. He was so shocked that he couldn’t even think straight now. Liu Bingqian was not giving him any face at all.

Ling clan’s patriarch heard this and furrowed his brows, “What big brother rough guy? Live here for a few days? Liu Mu, this is the doesn’t have any interactions with men around the same age you were talking about? I respect you in that you want your clan to grow and have a future. But you have to choose your words wisely!”

He paused for a bit and then snorted, “I won’t be accompanying you anymore. I’ll take my leave right now.”

“Hold on. Brother Ling, don’t misunderstand. This guy has no relations with Qian-er at all!”

Seeing this, Liu Mu frantically yelled out. However, the other person ignored him and walked right out the gates.

“Brother Ling, brother Ling…..!”

Liu Mu walked back in and stared at Liu Bingqian.

“Look what you did! We had a guest and you didn’t even greet him and also talked about Ye Zifeng. Do you not know how to be polite?”

Liu Bingqian didn’t pay attention and order some servants to bring some nourishing pills over. Ye Zifeng was panting like crazy. He had used too much qi and now he was experiencing the after effects.

“Hey. Do you hear me? I’m talking to you!” Liu Mu saw that Liu Bingqian was not paying attention to himself at all as if he was yelling into air. This added oil to the fire.

“Big brother rough guy, here, take this Qi Nurturing Pill.” Liu Bingqian only had one person in her mind right now. That’s Ye Zifeng. Every time he coughed up blood, she would feel very anxious. She will filter out everything around her unless it has to do with Ye Zifeng.

“Now take this Spirit Nurturing Pill…..”

Liu Mu watched as she fed him a pill for martial disciples and became shocked.

“Qi Nurturing Pills are fine…. Why are you giving him a pill that nourishes the martial spirit? Are you not afraid of blowing him up? Ai….so girls really do leave their parents when they’re of age…. ” Seeing how his own daughter was ignoring him, he finally said something Ye Zifeng related.

Liu Bingqian thought that her father was mad because of the pills, “Who cares if I use them? I’ll just make more. I mean, all the pills in the clan are made by me anyways. We’re only losing out on the ingredients.”

After saying that, she helped Ye Zifeng up and helped him get rid of the dregs in the pills. She used her qi to filter the dregs out to make sure that Ye Zifeng had the purest pills.

“Here, big brother rough guy, open up. Take another Qi Nurturing Pill.” Liu Bingqian worriedly looked at Ye Zifeng with a warm look.

Ye Zifeng wasn’t conscious and heard everything. He didn’t say anything because he wanted to use all of his energy to nurturing himself and recover quickly. After absorbing the qi from the pills, he felt much better.

He coughed a bit and then lifted his head right into Bingqian…..
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