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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 134 – To return home with honor

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Being kind to your opponent meant that you’re being cruel to yourself.

This saying is well known but people rarely follow it.

Normally, Ye Zifeng wouldn’t do something like this scary but it doesn’t mean that he won’t do it. Against someone who tried to take his life, he won’t let them off easily.

Actually, brainwashing his opponent is way better than making them sign a blood contract.

“I won’t dare anymore…. I won’t dare anymore……” Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both looked at Ye Zifeng and repeated those words. They don’t know what they won’t dare to do anymore but they’re repeating these words.

Ye Zifeng smiled and walked next to them. He punctured their fingers and signed a blood contract.

The two of them watched as Ye Zifeng did everything. They didn’t resist at all. They were truly afraid of Ye Zifeng right now.

Ye Zifeng made them sign a blood contract just to be safe.

“Alright. You guys can leave.” Ye Zifeng smiled. It was almost time. The formation will break any second now.

“We can go now?” Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both looked retardedly at Ye Zifeng. They didn’t believe his words. They were tortured by Ye Zifeng and now he’s letting them leave?

Ye Zifeng smiled at them, “What. Unless you guys still want to go against me.”

“No way!”

The both of them yelled out at the same time.

“Scram before big brother rough guy changes his mind.” Liu Bingqian fiercely glared towards the two.

“Let’s…..Let’s leave quickly!”

Jin Peng and Chu Hongbao both limped away like beggars while holding onto each other. Even though they had some enmities between each other before, they forgot all about it due to Ye Zifeng’s torture.

Looking at the two people limp away, Liu Bingqian felt really good on the inside.

“Big brother rough guy. You’re so incredible. You can even beat people in the martial disciple realm! You even made them submit to you! No one in Leizhou City can do it!”

On the way back to Leizhou City, Liu Bingqian brought up many topics related to Leizhou City.

“Big brother rough guy……?” Liu Bingqian saw that Ye Zifeng didn’t reply at all and turned to look at him.

She saw Ye Zifeng groan while the painful feeling that he had been suppressing was all released. His entire body felt as if it was being stabbed.

“Big brother rough guy, what’s wrong?” Ye Zifeng was looking very majestic and cool just a moment ago. But she didn’t know that he was overdrafting his life in order to maintain the formation. If not, then how can the formation have such an effect.

“I probably used too much energy maintaining the formation. This is probably the aftereffect.

Actually, when Jin Peng was still here, he was feeling the pain already. However, he had to act strong and didn’t show any weakness.

Other normal people have to cultivate to the 9th rank of the martial disciple realm to completely set up a formation. Ye Zifeng forced himself to set it up and now he’s feeling the repercussions.

Liu Bingqian didn’t know any of this at all. This was her first time seeing a formation like this.

“Big brother rough guy. What should I do? How about I send you some qi? Will that be better?” Liu Bingqian was worried.

“It’s no use.” Ye Zifeng shook his head. He wanted to say something else but he grabbed his chest in pain and almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

He waited for a bit before finally talking again, “We have to get back to Leizhou City. I need some Qi Nurturing Pills. It’s not good staying in the forest for so long

“Okay. let’s go back then. We’ll go straight to my place. I have a lot of Qi Nurturing pills.”

Ye Zifeng had used his qi for way too long. He needed to slowly use the Qi Nurturing Pill to recover. If he takes a lot of qi nurturing pills at once, he might explode.

“To your house? That…. Isn’t too good.” Ye Zifeng furrowed his brow.

Before the alchemy competition, Ye Zifeng was following Liu Bingqian to be a helper. And now he wants to use the Liu clan’s Qi Nurturing pills? That’s……

“What’s not too good? I, Liu Bingqian have decided to let you use them, so you can use them!” Liu Bingqian knew that Ye Zifeng was not in the condition to refine pills. Where else would he go to get someone to refine pills? She was the only one that can do it in Leizhou City.

So, she had to help him.

Leizhou City, Ye clan.

A slim and tender young maiden dressed in white was continuously pulling Tang Feng’s sleeves.

That young maiden is Ye Xueyi!

“Mother. It’s been fifteen days already. Brother Zifeng’s time in Tiandao City should be up. Why isn’t he back yet?”

Tang Feng’s face sank and looked at her daughter, “Brother Zifeng, Brother Zifeng. Are those the only words you know? Even if you’re not tired of it, I’m tired of hearing it.”

“So you should let me go out and see what’s going on. Maybe brother Zifeng’s already at the gate. If I leave, then you won’t be bothered.” Ye Xueyi calculated the time and Ye Zifeng should be arriving any moment now.

Tang Feng stared deeply at her daughter, “Go Go Go. Do whatever you want. But let me warn you. You and Ye Zifeng share the same father. You guys are siblings. Some things I can close my eyes and let it go but don’t go too far! Do you understand?”
After all, Tang Feng is Xueyi’s birthmother. She knows what her daughter is thinking about.

Ye Xueyi was startled and became angry, “Mother what are you saying. Brother Zifeng and I are only siblings!”

Tang Feng flicked Xueyi’s forehead and smiled, “It’s better if you know. I’m just warning you. You should go find a rich family and settle down.”

After thinking about it, she pulled Ye Xueyi to the side and laughed, “Right. Do you know Hong clan’s Shaofeng? He looks pretty similar to your brother Zifeng. Even their name is similar.

“What the heck do you mean similar? They’re nothing alike. Also, I told you this many times already. What year do you think it is? I can take care of my own wedding.”

Ye Xueyi was angry at her mother for always mentioning marriage.

“It looks like I’ll have to talk to Chongtian for a bit. You’re getting out of hand lately.” Tang Feng sighed and shook her head.

“Alright. Alright. I’m gonna stop chitchatting. I’m going to receive my brother Zifeng at the gate.”

Ye Xueyi didn’t feel like wasting her saliva talking with her mother and ran straight out the door towards the city gates.

She already know that Ye Zifeng would definitely return at this gate.

However, when she reached western gate, there were many people gathered there already.

She heard them talking about Liu Bingqian and Ye Zifeng’s results at the alchemy competition and joined in.

Thus, she smiled and patted someone’s shoulder.

“Uncle, you guys sound so excited. Are you guys talking about the alchemy competition?

The news that Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian received first place at the competition spread like wildfire in Leizhou City.

“You are……”

The uncle turned around and saw the beautiful girl in front of him. He couldn’t help but snicker.

When he wanted to flirt with her, someone smacked his head.

“You retarded. Don’t try to hit on every girl out there. Look who she is.”

“She didn’t say anything. How would I know who she is?” That uncle yelled back.

“Let me tell you. This is Ye Zifeng’s sister! The sister of the champion of the alchemy competition and the heavenly clan gathering. Do you understand now?

“What? No way. The one that the clan master asked us to have a good relationship with, the sister of the expert alchemist, that’s her?” The uncle’s eye widened and stared at Ye Xueyi as if she was a celebrity.

Ye Zifeng had made a name for himself due to the heavenly clan gathering. And now, he was the champion of the alchemy competition. An expert in the way of alchemy and cultivation, he is a true genius.

“They’re here. Ye Zifeng is back!” Someone at the gate called out.
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