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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 111 – Profound Sect

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With this five sets of ingredients, not only can Ye Zifeng take care of himself, he can use the leftovers for someone else.

Ye Zifeng’s actions wasn’t too excessive either. He did everything according to what Muyun Old Devil said. He took the ingredients to one type of pill in the qi refining stage. He just took a little more than she wanted. It’s nothing much. Even if she finds out, she’ll probably be mad for a few days. It’s probably not a big deal.

“You guys….. Why were you gone for so long?” A suspicious expression appeared on Muyun Old Devil’s face.

Yang Xin and Ye Zifeng both looked at each other. In the end, it was Ye Zifeng who spoke.

“It’s like this…..On the way there, I was admiring how elegantly refined and elaborate your home is. The pavilion in the air, the azure colored walls, and the engraved jade fences that you have are all so grand. I couldn’t help but stop and admire these structures and wasted some time.

“Right….. That’s right. It’s exactly like that. That’s why we were a bit slow.” Yang Xin’s old face was filled with smiles.

“So that’s how it so. Alright Yang Xin, your work is done here. You can leave.”

“Yes, Master Muyun.” Yang Xin quickly nodded and replied. He gave Ye Zifeng a deep look before he left.

Muyun Old Devil lightly laughed. She pays a lot of attention to her house in order to make it so exquisite. Seeing how Ye Zifeng “appreciates” her home, she’s starting to like this guy more and more.

One should know that a youngsters around twenty year old are all scatter brained. Those who know how to appreciate things are few in numbers.

At this time, Yang Jing and Liu Bingqian both returned. They were both laughing as they walked into the room. No one knows what they were talking about that made them so happy.

“Bingqian, Jing-er, good timing.”

“What’s the matter Master Muyun?” Liu Bingqian giggled as she asked.

“I was going to ask you if you guys were going to go back to Leizhou City any time soon.”

Liu Bingqian wanted to say that she was going to stay a bit more but after thinking about it, she looked over to Ye Zifeng to have him decide.

“Big brother rough guy, what do you think?”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “Tiandao City is filled with spiritual qi. Cultivating here is way better than cultivating in Leizhou City. I feel like we should use the remaining ten days to increase our cultivation here.”

An outsider can only stay in Tiandao City for fifteen days. After entering once, unless a special circumstance arises, they won’t be allowed in for two months afterwards.

This is one of the iron rules that not even Muyun Old Devil can break. If not, then why would she need Yang Jing to bring the custom documents to Liu Bingqian every time.

Liu Bingqian nodded.

“Master Old Devil, since big brother rough guy isn’t leaving, I’ll stay here. I’ll use this opportunity to accompany you some more.”

Muyun Old Devil rolled her eyes, “Don’t try to sugarcoat me and say that you want to accompany me. From what I can see, you probably want to accompany that Ye Zifeng kid alone for a few more days right?”

Liu Bingqian giggled and rubbed her chin, “Master, actually I think big brother rough guy is right. I want to try to cultivate and break through into the Martial Disciple realm.”

Muyun Old Devil shook her head, “Alright. Since you really want to cultivate, I can ask some people the bring you into the Profound Sect and take care of you guys. I’ll get them to open up the gravity multiplier rooms for you guys tomorrow.”

“The gravity multiplier rooms? Really? That’s great! Thanks Master!” Liu Bingqian was very happy after hearing this.

With the gravity multiplier room and the copious amount of spirit qi in Tiandao City, the training speed will increase many times compared to training in Leizhou City.

“Many thanks to Senior Muyun.”

Ye Zifeng cupped his hands and thanked Muyun Old Devil as well.

The Profound Sect is the official and number one sect in Tiandao City. To enter the Profound Sect, you must be a genius amongst geniuses. There is no exception. The disciples in the sect are all in the Martial Disciple realm or higher.

To the seniors in the Profound Sect, a qi refining stage newbie should not even have the qualifications to enter the sect at all.

This wasn’t discrimination but a threshold. People like Wang Lin shouldn’t even consider entering the Profound Sect just because they have power and money. They can’t even step through the gates.

The next day, Muyun Old Devil brought Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian to the Profound Sect. Yang Jing was feeling a bit tired so she was resting in the estate.

The Profound Sect is located in the southern side of Tiandao City. It is built on a grand mountain peak and stands there in an imposing manner.

“This, this is the Profound Sect?” Ye Zifeng looked up towards the mountain peek. He can see the stone tablet in front of the doors that gave off a feeling grand feeling.

Muyun Old Devil smiled, “Ye Zifeng, this is your first time coming to the Profound Sect right? It is very hard to maintain your mental state when you come here. When I brought Bingqian over last time, she was so shocked after seeing the stone tablet that she couldn’t speak for a half a day.”

Ye Zifeng smiled back. He was a Martial Lord in his past life. He had seen many large sects already. This Profound Sect was nothing in his eyes at all.

Liu Bingqian shot a glance at Ye Zifeng and an embarrassed look appeared on her face, “Who says? Master Muyun, please don’t make things up and tarnish my reputation.”

‘I’m tarnishing your reputation? Whatever. I won’t talk about those embarrassing things then.”

Liu Bingqian pouted, “Should’ve done that from the beginning. Even though master is famous, you’re not that much older than senior sister Jing and I. You shouldn’t be doing this.”

“Fine. Whatever you brat.” Muyun Old Devil and pointed towards the Profound Sect.

It seems like there was already someone waiting for them at the door already.

“Profound Sect’s inner court disciple, Jin Peng, greets Senior Muyun!”

The person who just spoke looked at Muyun Old Devil and immediately bowed.

He was wearing a dark blue robe with a black cloud patterned belt. WIth one glance, you can tell that this guy is probably a distinguished disciple of the Profound Sect.

“You know me?” Muyun Old Devil glared at the guy.

Ye Zifeng wanted to cry. In Tiandao City, what woman, other than yourself, would wear a beard when going out?

“We have met once before. Maybe Senior Muyun have forgotten. Oh right. The one behind senior must be Miss Bingqian right?” Jin Peng smiled and looked at Liu Bingqian.

Liu Bingqian nodded and smiled, “You remember me?”

“Of course. I, Jin Peng, remembers that time when Miss Bingqian visited very clearly.”

“Last time I visited? That was very long ago. You still remember?” Liu Bingqian couldn’t help but be surprised.

“ Of course I remember…..”

Muyun Old Devil didn’t want this to drag on and nodded, “Jin Peng, did your master Adept Baili send you?”

In the Profound Sect, Adept Baili would often ask Muyun Old Devil to refine pills for him. After many transactions, their relationship with each other have also improved. With Old Devil’s name and an elder from the Profound Sect, allowing Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian use the gravity multiplier room was an easy task to accomplishs.

“That’s right. Master has said that I, Jin Peng, will follow everything that Senior Muyun orders.”

Muyun Old Devil laughed loudly. This is just a polite thing to do. If she didn’t know that then she doesn’t know anything about worldly matters.

“Actually, it’s nothing much. My disciples wants to borrow the gravity multiplier rooms for a bit. I hope you can give them some pointers.

Muyun Old Devil called Ye Zifeng her disciple so Jin Peng will treat him better.

Jin Peng laughed and cupped his hands, “Don’t worry Senior Muyun. I know Miss Bingqian so we can say that we’re familiar with each other. I will bring them over according to your wishes.”

Muyun Old Devil turned around and looked at Ye Zifeng and Bingqian, “Alright. Just follow Brother Jin and do whatever he says. If you have any questions, you can ask him about it. You can come back whenever you’re tired. The Muyun Estate isn’t that far. Anyways, i’ll take my leave now.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Many thanks to Senior Muyun.”

Muyun Old Devil looked at them and then said her goodbyes to Jin Peng.

Jin Peng accompanied Muyun Old Devil out and returned to Ye Zifeng and Liu Bingqian, “May I ask if this is the first time that junior sister Bingqian have come to the Profound Sect’s gravity multiplier room?”

After Muyun Old Devil left, Jin Peng didn’t even spare Ye Zifeng a glance and went straight towards Liu Bingqian.

Liu Bingqian lightly nodded, “I’ve come to the Profound Sect before but this is the first time I’ll be entering the gravity multiplier room.”

She waited for a bit and then pointed at Ye Zifeng, “Don’t ask me anything. The on;y reason I came here this time is because of big brother rough guy. He wants to cultivate a bit so I tagged along. If you have anything to say, say it to him.”

“What? Big brother rough guy?” Hearing this, Jin Peng was startled. He turned around and viciously stared at Ye Zifeng.

“Then…. What kind of relationship do you guys have?”
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