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The Strongest Dan God Chapter 103 – The mantis reaps the locust without noticing the bird behind him.

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Due to Hua Shao’s suggestions, the distance between the three competitors increased.

With this, the usage of the Spirit Absorbing Pill will drastically drop.

Of course, Ye Zifeng didn’t care about this at all. This Spirit Absorbing Pill was made to kill Hua Shao in the first place. An expert like Qi Zimo won’t be shaken up like Hua Shao at all.

If Ye Zifeng wants to concoct the same pill, then he’s basically looking to die.

Liu Bingqian was bewildered, “Big brother rough guy, why would you agree to Hua Shao’s suggestion? This was a good chance to beat him.”

Ye Zifeng laughed, “It’s easy to beat this Hua Shao. There are many ways to do it. However, don’t you want to experience being first place at all?”

“First place?” Liu Bingqian’s eyes lit up and looked at Ye Zifeng. She had an extremely complicated look in her eyes.

She had always been last place during the alchemy competition. It was a miracle that she had made it past the first round. As for beating Qi Zimo, she had never even thought about it. She didn’t even think about beating Hua Shao at all.

“When we refined our first pill, didn’t we beat them both? What. Do you not have confidence in yourself?” Ye Zifeng looked at her.

“I…..” Liu Bingqian replied shyly, “I had confidence but now we’re too far away from them. We can’t use the Spirit Absorbing Pill to its maximum output. If we’re talking about competing in alchemy, then Qi Zimo outclass us by many times.”

She knew that Ye Zifeng was well versed in the Dao of alchemy. However, he can only condense some fire qi and not even a common tier flame. He is also at the fifth stage of qi refining and does not have any qi energy in his body. He can’t compete with Qi Zimo who is at the peak of qi refining at all.

If Ye Zifeng wants to fight Qi Zimo head on, he will definitely lose no matter what.

“Bingqian, do you know what I used this one shot wonder trick as the first pill?” Ye Zifeng revealed a mysterious smile.

Liu Bingqian realized what was wrong and thought about it, “Could it be that you wanted to surprise them and take a W first?”

Ye Zifeng shook his head, “Think about it. Do you think that Qi Zimo will think like you?”

“This……” Liu Bingqian pondered.

“Qi Zimo is an alchemist genius. He is very self centered. He definitely despises us because you were last place during the other competitions. However, now that we beat him with our first pill, he will despise use even more!”

Liu Bingqian was startled, “But, he was applauding you before. It doesn’t look like he’s despising you at all. He’s treating you as a true opponent.”

“Opponent?” Ye Zifeng smiled and then pointed at Qi Zimo.

“Nope! He sees us as a prey. Only a self centered person can act like this. When he sees that his prey has the ability to fight back, he will feel excited.

Liu Bingqian stared blankly at Ye Zifeng and felt that he was right….

She feels that even though she is physically close to Ye Zifeng, they weren’t close mentally at all. She didn’t understand him at all. She didn’t know what he was thinking about all the time. She doesn’t know what kind of person he is at all!

Can a twenty year old have this kind of personality?

“Big brother rough guy…can you refine a pill that counter Qi Zimo’s pill right now?” She was worried about the second pill.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “Hold on. Let me ask someone.”

“Ask someone? Who are you going to ask?” Liu Bingqian didn’t know what was going on.

All Ye Zifeng did was smile back and her and then closed his eyes. A cold energy appeared from his brain and circled around the audience. It then flew towards the audience area behind Qi Zimo.

An elder suddenly lifted his head up. His expression turned very ugly.

“Elder Zhao, thanks for coming today.”

Elder Zhao’s was extremely rigid and angrily stroked his beard, “You stinking brat. I didn’t tell you that I was going to come. How did you know what I was here?”

He thought that he had hid his aura pretty well but it was still discovered by Ye Zifeng.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “First, the alchemy competition is very attractive. There must be people from the Profound Sect here. Didn’t your friend come as well?”

“Yeah. He randomly lost one thousand eight hundred gold coins because of you. He’s so mad that he’s about to kill you after the competition ends.” Elder Zhao was pretty angry.

Ye Zifeng laughed. He knew that he had anger that other elder.

“Second, I told you that I was going to be in Tiandao City before. You probably came because you heard that I was participating.”

Elder Zhao’s face sank, “It’s all because of you. If not, then why do I have to act like a bodyguard and come watch over you?”

“Also, I’ve already noticed you since the beginning.”

During the first round, Ye Zifeng didn’t personally refine the pill. He used this time to look at the other competitors and also look for Elder Zhao.

Elder Zhao was startled, “You stinking brat. You’re good. Who knows what kind of terrible being you’ll become when you grow up…”

To be called a terrible being by an elder of the profound sect, if it was anyone else, they would be so scared that they won’t be able to sleep at night. To Ye Zifeng, this was nothing at all.

“It doesn’t matter what I become when I grow up. Zifeng will not forget Elder Zhao and Elder Shen’s help during this time.” Ye Zifeng’s words were very sweet.

It won’t hurt to say a few good things. He might need Elder Zhao’s help in the future so he was trying to get a good relationship with Elder Zhao.

“You stinking brat, you really know how to kiss ass.” Elder Zhao was feeling good.

“Elder Zhao, now’s not the time to chat. I need your help with something.” Ye Zifeng’s tone suddenly became serious.

He knows that Elder Zhao was here to protect him in secret. However, since he’s here, Ye Zifeng might as well use him for a bit.

Elder Zhao laughed, “You stinking brat. You really are evil. After confirming my location, you pretended to be calm and accepted Hua Shao’s proposal of separating the competitors. In the end, you just want me to help you cheat huh.”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “This isn’t the first time….Do you think that I would be so arrogant without my trump card, you?”
“Good one.”

Elder Zhao shook his head while smiling. He admired Ye Zifeng’s mature personality. Ye Zifeng was more meticulous and cautious than he was. He was a special kind of genius.

Age and experience were both factors of personality. Even innate talents are a factor in determining one’s personality.

“Alright…………How do you want me to help?”

Ye Zifeng smiled, “It’s simple. Tell me what kind of ingredients Qi Zimo picked for his second pill.”

“So you want to refine something that counters his pill huh? Good thinking.”

In the audience, there was only one person who believed that Ye Zifeng could actually beat Qi Zimo. That was Elder Zhao. In his eyes, Ye Zifeng was able to play around with two people in the Martial Practitioner stage. What is a mere Qi Zimo to him?

Elder Zhao laughed and looked towards Qi Zimo. He saw that Qi Zimo was standing there, staring at the pile of ingredients. After a while, he quickly gathered some ingredients.

Qi Zimo’s sword servant was blocking Ye Zifeng’s view.

“Demon Emperor Grass, Green Asura Fruit, Golden Ginseng, Black Lotus Flower, and some other stuff that I don’t really know….” Elder Zhao listed out what he saw to the best of his ability.

Ye Zifeng smiled, “That’s enough. I know what he’s refining.”

Elder Zhao was shocked, “No way. You already know? What is he making?”

Ye Zifeng nodded, “Spirit Explosion Pill. A Martial Disciple level pill. It has the same effect as a Qi Increasing Pill. It can counter my Spirit Absorbing Pill.”

“Counter…..How can it counter it?” Elder Zhao didn’t understand alchemy, but after watching such a display of excellence this year, he was a bit curious about it.

“The Spirit Explosion Pill contains a lot of spirit energy. It will make my Spirit Absorbing Pill explode. It can be said that it is my Spirit Absorbing Pill’s nemesis. This Qi Zimo is really not simple at all. To be able to find something to counter my pill.”

Elder Zhao shook his head, ‘However….He doesn’t know that even though he’s coveting gains ahead without noticing the dangers behind him.”
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