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Theodore swallowed a breath.

In fact, he had guessed it before the Magic Society's president replied, but the feeling after it was confirmed was different. The only possible existence was the Yellow Tower Master. He was the mysterious tower master whose age and gender was unknown.

According to rumors, he had the right to refuse any summons, and no one other than the tower masters and the king could meet him. The top floor of the Yellow Tower was literally a forbidden area.

According to the president of the Magic Society, even he had only seen the Yellow Tower Master once or twice in 100 years.

"Wait, did you say 100 years?"

"That's right. I understand your surprise, but it doesn't end here."

Theo was amazed by the large number.

"According to the central office, the magic towers were built according to his designs, and he contributed to the prosperity of this country more than any other tower master. Norden's position in pharmacy, alchemy, metallurgy and architecture is already equal to a god's. He is the reason why the northern continent boasts of more superior artifacts than other regions."

"The design of the magic towers…?! But President, according to your explanation, the Yellow Tower Master should be-"

"At least 600 years old."

It was an answer beyond imagination, so Theodore finally became speechless.

From what he remembered, the magic towers had been built around 500 years ago and had completed their structure over several generations. The prosperity of the Meltor Kingdom was said to have taken a few steps as soon as the magic towers had started functioning.

The Yellow Tower Master was the foremost pioneer of the Meltor Kingdom! It was no wonder as to why the royal family had kept the secret of his identity. His extraordinary lifespan and transcendental capabilities would be burdensome if exposed.

'More than 600 years old… he is definitely not human.'

A sword master or magician couldn't live that long. Elves boasted a long lifespan of 200 years, but even the high elves who inherited the ancient linage only lived up to approximately 300 to 400 years old.

If he had to choose a candidate as beings that lived forever, it would be the demons or gods, or the dragons that were praised as the strongest creature. However, it was too much to accept them as the correct answer.

More than anything else, their species couldn't become magicians. Magic was a skill tailored to the human species, and they learned it from other species. For those innately born with magic, they had no desire to learn such an inefficient system. It was absolutely impossible to have the magic ability to lead civilization into new types of fields while living as a tower master.

The magic society's president picked up on Theo's thoughts and laughed. "It is useless."


"The things you are thinking about right now have already been covered by numerous magicians. As long as he doesn't reveal his identity, it will be pointless to make any assumptions. So, don't worry too much about unnecessary things."

As if to confirm those words, the fighting between the two tower masters finished. The banging sound from a corner of the office stopped, and something appeared. Veronica had completely crushed the arms, legs, and body of the Yellow Tower Master, so only the head of the bald troll remained. The head which shone yellow rolled to Theodore's feet.

As it rolled, the troll head mumbled, [Huge, recovery function, not working. That's why, from the beginning, make it again.]

"Will you stop whining?" Veronica walked behind the head and placed it on her palm. "The Red Tower will pay for the costs of the repairs, so quickly give it to the kid."

[Hmm, just a thing, it's not. This.]

"Explain it to the kid, not me."

[Cough.] The troll head turned toward Theodore at Veronica's words.

Suddenly, the face melted down as the eyes, nose, and ears disappeared before appearing again. It was a magic phenomenon of which Theo couldn't guess the principles. The previous cut off voice changed completely as it said, [The reward given to you is 'Sensitivity Amplifier – No. 37.']

"Sensitivity Amplifier…"

[That's right. You should know how large of an existence sensitivity is to magicians. No training or items can increase your sensitivity.] However, the voice then declared triumphantly, [But with this amplifier, you can go beyond your limits!]

Then he poured out a jewel box from his mouth.

"Ah." Theodore was amazed by the action and took the box.

This caused the Yellow Tower Master to speak in a surprised voice, [Ah right, sorry. I forgot that my limbs were broken.]

"No, it's okay," Theo responded as he naturally placed the box in his left hand. It was made by magic, so could Gluttony eat this?

The thin tongue crawled through a gap in the box, and the phenomenon he wanted occurred soon afterwards.

[Sensitivity Amplifier – No. 37 (Remedy)]

[This is an elixir born as a result of combining eastern alchemy, western alchemy and pharmacology. It has gone through 36 failed attempts, so the number 37 was included in its name. It was completed with rare ingredients, ancient alchemy, and the workmanship of a high-level magician. It is a remedy which greatly increases the sensitivity to mana.

* The rating of this remedy is 'Treasure.'

* When consumed, sensitivity is dramatically increased.

* When consumed, there is no digestion time.

* When consumed, understanding of alchemy will increase by two steps.

* It is more efficient to consume this through the mouth than by using Gluttony's eating function. Once taken, immunity to this remedy will build. It will become invalid after two doses.]
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'This is real.'

It wasn't that he didn't believe the Yellow Tower Master's explanation, but Theo was able to truly realize the value after seeing the information window.

In the past, he had a lack of self-confidence due to his poor sensitivity. It was said that sensitivity couldn't be increased at all. So, a remedy capable of doing that would be truly expensive. Not just dunces but ordinary students would be able to make a few steps of progress. If it could be supplied in large quantities, the national power of Meltor would increase by several times.

[By the way. From the idea to its completion, the amount of ingredients consumed is worth 350,000 gold. Yet I can't even sell the finished product. It is ridiculous.]

"…?!" Theodore stiffened at the words that the Yellow Tower Master grumbled.

64 years of research and ingredients worth 350,000 gold had been placed in his hand. The light jewel box was now like a heavy gold coin box. Indeed, there was no need to keep it a secret if they could mass produce it.

Veronica didn't know his feelings and said, "Now, Kid. Take it right here. It is cleaner in many ways."

"Here? Now?"


"…Ah, I see. It shouldn't be kept or sold. Right?"

"Truly amazing, Kid." She laughed and patted Theo on the head.

As she said, the upper echelons gave him this medicine for the purpose of 'taking,' so they wouldn't tolerate the act of selling or keeping it. This was a national secret, so the amplifier had to be consumed while the president of the Magic Society and two tower masters were present.

Of course, that wasn't the only reason why the tower masters gathered.

"Besides, isn't it better to have masters watching you? We can't help, but we can ensure your safety. It is why I called you here."

It was definitely like she said. Veronica was a master magician of the 8th Circle, and the president had reached the 7th Circle. There were no humans who could touch Theo with the two of them guarding him.

Theodore was finally convinced and opened the lid of the box.


A sweet and sour scent flowed out. Just smelling the fragrance made him feel like his lungs had cooled. The smell was coming from a blue bead lying in the center of the box. Theo picked up the remedy carefully, and…


He swallowed it.

['Sensitivity Amplifier – No. 37' has been consumed. The power is stimulating your potential.]

[The user's mana sensitivity will be adjusted to the maximum value.]

[You can experience a temporary sensation of the sensitivity running wild. Maintain a strong spirit against it.]

The remedy was amazing in many ways. It melted as soon as it reached his tongue, and the texture was like licking fog. The water vapour flowed down Theodore's throat. A refreshing aroma hit his nose, and he could feel it go down his esophagus.

After he finished consuming it, a mysterious expression crossed Theo's face.

'I wonder… is this all?'

However, the full-scale reaction happened after this.

"...…..!?" Theodore fell off the chair and rolled about on the ground.

He didn't feel the pain from hitting the floor or hear Veronica's and the president's voices calling out to him.

Theo was familiar with pain, but this sensation was something which couldn't be described as pain.

It was difficult to explain, but let's look at a simple example. If a person's nose suddenly became as sensitive as a wolf's, would they be able to smell like a wolf? If a person's ears suddenly became as sensitive as a bat's, could they move freely in the dark? The answer would be 'no.'

Sometimes, sensory information going beyond the limits was like violence. Just like how eyes adjusted to darkness were pained by light, the five senses were based on a person's everyday self. Mana sensitivity was the same. They were some who felt a crisp sensation like they caught it in their hands, while others struggled to pursue a feeling which was fainter than dust.

The usual Theodore perceived sensitivity as a light water vapour around him, but it was now a big iceberg. The forcibly extended sensitivity blocked his breathing.

'I-I can't breath… this situation…!' He felt like he was dying under the non-existent pressure which pushed down on him.

Then at that moment, the hand of salvation grabbed his neck.

"Kid, wake up!"

The fingers wrapped around his neck were hot. Veronica's heat momentarily allowed him to regain his senses.

His five senses came back, and he could breathe despite the mana still pressing on his body. However, he couldn't escape despite knowing it was an illusion. As Theo struggled to overcome it somehow, he heard Veronica's sharp voice.

–Don't refuse the mana! The mana crushing you has always been around you! You just didn't feel it until now. There is no reason to refuse it just because you didn't know it until now. Use some magic!

The unconscious acceptance of the advice was probably the result of living for years as a magician.

"…Light…ning… Bolt." It was the beginner magic which hadn't succeeded even once until Gluttony had awoken the first time. Theo's disturbed mind pierced through the faint memory. It was a 2nd Circle magic which could, at best, produce dozens of lightning arrows.

However, the result was far beyond his expectations.


100 or 200… Several hundred streaks of lightning appeared inside the society's office. The papers which were grazed by them ended up burning, and soot appeared on the floor. The havoc proved that his power was several times larger than what it had been before.

The phenomenon of sensitivity running wild was close to a disaster.

"Good! You're doing well!"

Nobody present would get hurt by something like this. Veronica had been hit by several dozen lightning bolts at close range, but there wasn't a single burn mark. The basic 4th Circle defense magic around her body bounced it off.

Rather, she placed a hand on Theo's shoulder and encouraged him to use more magic. In the end, the statue was the only thing which shattered in the office. Was it because of that…?

Theo gradually regained his sanity. '…Ah.'

The fog-like mana was now like mud, and it weighed down on his skin.

'So, this is the feeling of mana.'

Unlike before, his breathing wasn't blocked. Mana didn't exist, so it wasn't a real weight. It was just proof of his increased sensitivity. Theo got up slowly and waved his hands in the empty space. There was something in the air where there should only be air resistance.


Some said water. Some said earth. Some said fire.

Theo had never felt it until now. He'd thought it was just an exaggeration or the senses of a genius. For Theodore Miller, mana had always been a mirage mocking him in the distance or a cloud in the sky he couldn't reach with his magic.

However, that wasn't the case from now on. The overwhelming talent which Sylvia had showed previously… the level of sensitivity which didn't even require a chant…

Finally, Theo got his hands on what he hadn't been able to obtain.

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