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For the next two days, Theodore stayed at the residence of Earl Bergen and focused on deepening his connection with Mitra. There was a lot of information flowing from her after she evolved to the level of a lieutenant. It wasn't to the extent that Theo couldn't withstand it, but an adjustment period was needed. It was his routine to play with Mitra anyway.
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While watching Theo, Vince opened his mouth and said, "Elementalists have trained for more than 10 years to call lieutenant level elementals… The meeting with the high elf is a huge opportunity for you."

As he said, a lieutenant level elemental wasn't something easily gained.

For magicians of the 4th Circle and above, a lieutenant elemental was the exclusive possession of elementalists who had gone beyond the beginner level. An elementalist in contract with a lieutenant elemental would gain the power and resistance of the attribute, and could borrow the power at will without asking the elemental.

That was just like Theodore, who was playing with Mitra.


"Yes, Mitra."

A little girl-shaped doll sprang from the ground when he pointed. The doll resembled Mitra, causing the real Mitra to tilt her head with curiosity.

Mitra watched the doll with a bewildered expression before laughing and hugging it. [Fwen!]

'Is she asking if it's a friend?'

Mitra liked the doll and locked arms with it.

Theo adjusted the doll to match her timing, which was a form of training for him in controlling the earth. It felt like nature was an extension of his hands and feet. Ordinary magicians couldn't feel it, but it would obviously be a big help down the path.

Maybe this was a chance for him to jump over the 'wall' of the 6th Circle.

'…My magic sensitivity is definitely more than it was a few days ago. Maybe now I can use 5th Circle magic continuously?'

On average, the magic that a magician could use immediately was about half of their current circles. 4th Circle magicians could cast 2nd Circle magic instantly, while depending on their abilities, some 5th Circle magicians could cast 3rd Circle magic immediately. Only a few geniuses born with a lot of sensitivity and great calculating ability could climb to a higher level.

It was limited but Theodore had stepped into that area.

Seeing Theo's growth, Vince had a gentle expression, but he then frowned suddenly. It was because the last blow from he received the Janissary was causing his body to throb with pain again. It took time for a wound from a master-class aura to heal, even if he used expensive healing potions.

"Master, your wounds are still…?"

"Uhh, it is taking longer than I thought. It has improved a lot though."

Theodore smiled bitterly. Vince's injury weighed heavily on his chest, despite not being responsible for it. He had requested for Ellenoa to heal him, but she had shaken her head the moment she saw Vince's wound.

–The perpetrator's willpower contained in it is too strong. My abilities can only cure the wounds of the flesh, meaning I can't heal it before this willpower disappears.

–Then what should he do?

–It will naturally heal over time. Or he can get the blessing of a high priest.

However, it was difficult to find a high priest in Meltor, since it was a kingdom which denied the existence of religion.

It was a wound which would heal in a month, so Vince chose to rest in Bergen. He didn't want to hold his disciple back due to his own mistake. Anyway, he had experienced this type of injury many times.

'The Magic Society knows the value of a high elf. I hope they send at least one person with influence.'

If Blundell or Veronica came in person, then it would be okay if he was injured. Vince looked over his own condition calmly and made a decision.

Then someone rushed over to the two people who were sitting in the garden. "Haidel! Miller!"

It was an attendant of the manor. He came running over with a red face and opened his mouth to speak as soon as he arrived in front of the two of them. It was an attitude which placed priority on telling them the message over restoring his breathing. "E-Earl Bergen said to come to the front door immediately! People from the capital are here…!"

The two people instantly rose from their spots.

On the third day after the mission, the convoy from the capital arrived at Earl Bergen's estate.

* * *

"Master," Theo spoke as he followed Vince who was walking leisurely. It was only a while ago that Theodore realized the meaning of the word 'convoy.'

Why was it necessary to send a convoy when the Magic Society had space magicians?

"Can't they just use Mass Teleport?"

It was a good question, but Vince shook his head.

"Elves are inherently magical, so they have a strong resistance to magic. Since they are born with the blessing of nature, they tend to instinctively invalidate 'magic' used on them."

"…Even space magic?"

"Well, it would be impossible with ordinary elves. Space movement requires a minimum of the 6th Circle, so it isn't something that can be resisted."

However, high elves were a little special. They calmed the surrounding mana just by being present and unconsciously interfered with the activation of magic. It would be a catastrophe if that came into contact with a precise magic like space magic.

This meant they had to use the land route to travel from Bergen to the capital; that was why a convoy was sent. The convinced Theodore and Vince approached the main gate from the mansion's garden.

"Oh, you came!" A loud voice entered their ears.

Unlike Theo who frowned reflexively, Vince's eyes widened at the familiar voice. He never thought that such a person would participate in the convoy. It was a senior magician who had lost his legs more than 10 years ago. He was a Prime rank magician from the Red Tower, who had stepped back from the front lines.

"It is great to see you after a long time, Elder Herman."

"Yes, it has been a while. Have you reached the 6th Circle? You were faster than I expected!"

"Thank you."

Herman sat on a wheelchair and celebrated Vince's accomplishment. The pants flapped loosely where his legs should be, but the hot magic power around his body made up for that. Although he had lost a circle in the war with the Andras Empire, his power was more than a 6th Circle magician.

Theodore gulped as he stared with admiration. 'No, that isn't the only great thing…!'

In addition to Herman, Elder Shugel from the White Tower and other veteran magicians were standing behind him with exhausted faces. The people gathered here could annihilate one or two great estates without a hitch. The convoy for the high elf was actually this great.

Herman chatted with Vince for a while before suddenly turning his gaze to Theo. "Hoh, this is the disciple who caught our Tower Master's eyes?"


"Kulkulkul, there is no need to be embarrassed. Her temper is bad, but it is hard to find a woman like that. A young person like you won't break your back."

Theodore blushed at the elder's words. It was partly because Veronica's appearance rose in his head after he heard the explicit joke. Herman laughed at the naive response and looked at the approaching elves. He could feel the presence of Ellenoa in the center.

The mana seething around the powerful magician became calm. "Hoh… Is the child in the center the high elf?"

The other magicians looked at Ellenoa with amazed eyes. It was hard to believe when they heard the contents of the mission, but they were now actually seeing a real high elf. For the magicians, today's experience was like an expensive treasure. It was why no one complained despite being sent here with no break after finishing their previous assignment.

Ellenoa approached the convoy and greeted them politely, "It is nice to meet you. I am a daughter of the Blue Evergreen Tribe and the tribe's sixth dancer, Ellenoa."

"I am the representative of the convoy, Herman Alphen. You must understand that this old man is excited about the prospect of meeting you."

"It is a pleasure to meet you, Herman."

Ellenoa smiled sweetly and grabbed Herman's hand. The light touch made him forget his age as his vitality suddenly rose. He shook his head with admiration and amazement. Herman knew the power of the high elf, which is why he wanted this mission. Still, it was truly amazing.

The old magician shook it off and took her hand. "Then I will guide you. Please follow me."

He manipulated his chair with a familiar gesture and it started rolling somewhere. Theodore and Vince followed Ellenoa and the convoy. It was a strange group for anyone who didn't know the details.

Fortunately, the destination wasn't very far away. In the spacious backyard of Earl Bergen's manor, 'it' stood in the middle of an empty space.

"Now, this is the convoy we have prepared for you. I hope you like it."

Theodore, Vince, Ellenoa, and the elves' faces changed as they saw three 'objects.' They were similar to wagons in that their framework and wheels were made of metal. Oddly enough, there weren't any animals in front of the wagons.

Flap… flap…

Theo spoke before anyone else could, "Why are there sails on a wagon…?"

The other people nodded in agreement.

The large wagons looked nice, but there were large sails on the roof and side. It was made so that the sails could be folded and unfolded at any time, but this wasn't a boat made to cross the sea. Why would they be placed on wagons?

What acceleration was possible on the ground that was filled with all sorts of obstacles and ramps? However, the magicians of the convoy just laughed triumphantly and got onto a pedestal at the back of the wagons.

Herman then explained, "This wagon runs on the power of the wind and is called the gust wagon."

There was a limit to the speed of a vehicle, even if the weight of the body was lightened.

At first, the 'speed' crazy White Tower magicians had invented a technique to accelerate the wagons using wind, but that wasn't commercialized after more than a thousand drivers were injured. A new concept magic wagon was later created, which had two to three times the speed of conventional wagons. Theoretically, it could even go up to five times.

"Come on, get in! I'll show you what speed truly is!" Herman called out.

Theo and Ellenoa's faces paled at the thought of passing through the mountains on the carriage before them.

They didn't want to ride in this type of thing…

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