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Certainly, Theo didn't have many means left to face Veronica.

Alfred's Magic Missile, aka the Magic Bullet, could penetrate even 6th Circle magic defenses. Veronica had decided to only use up to 4th Circle magic, so she didn't have the means to prevent the Magic Bullet.

'Well, it won't be that easy.' However, Theodore never lost his vigilance.

Even Alfred, who had turned numerous knights and magicians into corpses, had rarely faced a master level. According to the records, he'd been defeated by Blue Tower Master Blundell who had been of the 7th Circle at the time.

In other words, even the Magic Bullet's utility against a master level magician wasn't absolute.

"…Stop and raise the index finger," Theo muttered as he looked at his index finger several times.

In order to use Magic Bullet with its original force, he had to train his fingers. The strength of Theo's body had increased considerably after receiving some of Lee Yoonsung's abilities, but unlike Alfred, Theo's range was limited to the mid-range. However, it was, of course, a great improvement compared to when it could only be used several times a day.

Fortunately, Veronica waited until he finished thinking. It was an attitude which showed she was confident in her strength. There were still gaps, but he had no way to dig into them.

'Is there any way I can catch her weakness again? I felt like I had hit a wall with my knee, but it should be somehow okay if I use Magic Bullet. I can't think of any other way… Okay.'

As Theo finished his preparation, Theodore's magic power settled down. While his magic power remained still, it was like the calm before a storm. Veronica detected this and started circulating her four circles. Then shortly after that…

Pak! Theo triggered Battle Song, and his body disappeared in an instant. It was at a speed which exceeded a human's eyesight.

Theo would maintain a large distance between them the moment he realized there was no chance for him to win in close combat. That seemed like the most plausible move he would make, but Veronica's keen vision quickly caught his movements.

"Coming to the medium range? I like you even more." As Veronica spoke, she created fire arrows.

One Fire Bolt had enough power to pierce through any heavy armour. There were roughly 100 of such arrows. The arrows were completed in the blink of an eye and flew forward.

Dudududududu! The stadium floor was soon punctured with holes like a honeycomb.

Sweat dripped down Theo's face as he barely avoided the fire arrows without any damage. He had used Battle Song to strengthen his skin as much as possible, but if he had blocked the attack from the front, he couldn't guarantee that any 5th Circle defensive magic would've been able to block it.

It was reckless to fight against her with fire magic. Theo experienced this fact directly and immediately changed his attribute.

"Earth Wave!"

The ground shook from where he touched it with his palm, and the already tattered stadium floor moved like a wave towards Veronica. Having an enormous mass of earth rising up to swallow her would be really annoying, even for Veronica.

Kwaang! A wave of fireballs shattered the wave.

The destructive power was even stronger than normal Blaze Shells! Hot air blew away from the blast. It was a pressure which didn't let up even when smoke was covering Veronica. She looked forward with no fear.

However, instead of being overwhelmed by the pressure, Theo poured magic power into the ground with a smile of satisfaction. 'Mitra, now!'

[Hoing!] Mitra had been sent near Veronica with Earth Wave, and she now responded to his signal. This was Ground Spear, the trap which had taken one of Sylvia's points. It might be incomplete, but its power and size was incomparable due to Theo reaching the 5th Circle.

The problem was that his opponent was too absurd.

"Ah, an elemental." Veronica instantly knew about the existence of Mitra and stomped lightly on the ground.



Mitra, who was preparing a spell, was hit by a shock wave and went into hiding in the ground with a cute scream. She didn't seem hurt, but she had received a big surprise. Theodore spoke to her a few times but didn't receive any replies. Mitra was closer to a spirit than a solid form, so the emotional impact was transmitted to him directly.

Still, Theo's goal of grabbing Veronica's feet was achieved.

'Memorize. All Slots Charge.'

It was incomplete, but he now had five circles, so Memorize had five slots. Theo filled up all the slots while she was looking down at the ground. If he unleashed five magic spells at the same time, then he could complete one combination. It was Theodore's original magic which was different from traditional Fusion Magic.

'This is currently the strongest magic I can use!'

In theory, Veronica wouldn't be able to neglect it since it had the power equal to an upper 5th Circle or low 6th Circle. As Theodore gathered all his magic power, his eyes glowed blue. The magic power in the air shuddered, and when Veronica noticed it, she halted. Perhaps it was because she expected the attack.

However, Theo overturned that prediction as he rushed forward once again.

"Again?" Veronica looked at him with a confused expression.

Theo should've understood that close combat was no use. So, she didn't know what the meaning of this approach was, especially when he hadn't used Alfred's Magic Missile yet. Whatever the case, she would smash everything he'd planned.


Veronica once again created fire arrows. The number of fire arrows was double what she'd made earlier. 200 arrows aimed directly at Theo. She would make him run side by side, so that he couldn't approach the front.

Of course, Theodore anticipated this as well.

-Illusion Track!

As the mouth on his left hand cried out, dozens of Theo copies appeared in the stadium.

"Illusion magic? Additionally, he's using Battle Song at the same time?" Veronica's shock caused her reaction to be delayed by half a beat.

This was because it went against common sense. It was unimaginable that a 5th Circle magician could invoke Battle Song in conjunction with illusion magic which was at least of the 3rd Circle. Despite Veronica's dragon senses and high sensitivity, it would take her a short amount of time to see through the dozens of illusions.

As a result, Theodore was ahead of her by one beat.

"Master of heat, Surtr. Blow away those who dare desire your power!" This was a chant he had learned from Sylvia.

It was a top circle magic, but it was possible to reproduce some of its power by omitting some things. His lacking sensitivity was covered up by Memorize. This was the fire version of the 7th Circle ice magic, Blizzard.

'Minor Force. Inferno.'

The fearsome storm raged and struck Veronica.

"…Indeed, I should become serious."

If Veronica were a pure-blooded red dragon which swam in lava, she could endure this with her bare body. However, she was only a quarter dragon. Putting her hand in a bonfire was fine, but she couldn't face these flames, which could melt down rocks, without doing something else first.

The moment that Veronica was caught up in the fire storm…

'Now!' Theo raised his index and middle fingers of both hands, and aimed the four fingers at the front.

However, Theo didn't think the attack would be effective, even if he reproduced the 7th Circle Inferno.

His opponent was the Red Tower Master, literally the strongest magician who reigned at the peak of fire magic. This was Theo's best attack, but Veronica would only struggle a little bit. He knew from the beginning that he couldn't win through firepower.

In the end, the heat was just a cover.

His eyes shone gold as he used Hawkeye to see through the flames and aimed as soon as he confirmed the Veronica's presence within the flames. Even a master magician couldn't perfectly defend against a surprise attack.

Aimed at Veronica's forehead, philtrum, heart, and stomach, four streaks of blue light pierced the flames.

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As the wind blew, there were sharp sounds as four holes formed in the flames. Theo's attack could even pierce through the power of Inferno. This was the moment that the Magic Missle of the war hero, Alfred Bellontes, returned to the world in a true sense.

"Cough!" Blood spurted from Theodore's mouth.

This was the cost of activating his circles to the limit. He staggered as the flames went out.

"Nice!" Finally, the Queen of Fire who kicked away Inferno appeared.

There was a nice smile on her face as well as a line of blood which hadn't been there before. It was the mark of the Magic Bullet, which had lost most of its strength against the defense of the quarter dragon.

'Only one shot connected. It is still lacking…'

Veronica had phenomenal reflexes. Theodore sighed deeply as he guessed the reason. The flow of magic power around her body was familiar to him. It was the incomplete version of Battle Song, but it still enhanced Veronica's physical ability. It allowed her to withstand Inferno as well as respond to Magic Bullet. He couldn't come up with any more means to win.


On the other hand, Veronica was shaking with joy. 'Is my spine shivering?'

Despite the penalties, there had been only one person in the city who could make her so nervous until now. It was the great magician, Blundell Adruncus. With the exception of this old man, no one else could excite her. However, she wouldn't get a chance to fight him as both of them were the pillars of this country.

However, what about this kid called Theodore?

'If he keeps growing like this for 20… No, 10 years…'

He would grow into someone powerful enough to threaten Veronica. She imagined the day which had yet to come, and her nervousness became a cheerful feeling. Even Theo's looks were good. Veronica had never been interested in the opposite sex before, but this wasn't bad. No, she rather liked it.

It would've been nice if Vince hadn't found him first, but unfortunately, she had to give up on taking the role of mentor.

She pulled a potion out of her dimension pocket. "Drink this now. The blood is clogged around the circles on your heart, so it is better to drink and treat this."

"Ah, thank you."

"And the attack you showed at the end was really good! Keep doing this in the future."

Theo stiffened as he asked, "…Future. Does that mean?"

"Yes!" Veronica nodded with a bright expression and dropped the expected bomb. "Drink the potion and rest for 30 minutes. We will spar half a dozen times a day. Results will usually emerge after less than a month. Are you going to be one of those whiny children who say they won't do it again?"

Theodore stiffened as he looked at the shattered stadium, torn attire, and blood he had thrown up. Veronica's smile caused him to feel a chill, despite it containing no ill will.

Theo could see why Vince had called her a natural disaster, but he couldn't go back now. In the end, Theodore dropped his head with a resigned expression.

The fierce one-on-one tutoring with Veronica ended after approximately a fortnight.

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