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After exactly 30 hours and 12 minutes, Theodore regained consciousness.

As soon as he recovered his mind, he felt a strange incompatibility with his body. His body felt both heavier and lighter. Either way, the weight difference couldn't be confirmed. His five senses also seemed sharp and several times more sensitive.

Sarok… saruruk… A soft sound tickled at his eardrums. His eyes, which hadn't opened yet, twitched in response to the noise.

'…This, is it the rustling sound of the hem of a robe?' The sound was coming from somewhere near him.

As Theo's consciousness gradually became clearer, his tightly closed eyelids opened to reveal blue-green eyes. Just like his hearing, his eyesight also seemed to have improved, as the stains on the ceiling had become much clearer. It was strange since Theodore's eyesight had been worsening due to all the books he'd read in the library.

Theo quickly realized that he was lying on Vince's bed and slowly raised his body. His limbs were stiff due to not moving for 30 hours, so as blood flowed back into his stiff limbs, a moan naturally emerged.


"Oh! Have you woken up? What is the status of your body?" When Vince heard his voice, he immediately jumped up. Theo had collapsed suddenly, so Vince had prepared a few emergency potions in case there was a problem. Fortunately, there seemed to be no external issues.

Vince sat back down on his chair and said, "It has been around 30 hours since you consumed [Battle Song]. I don't know what happened, but you should first take a look in the mirror."

"Mirror… What are you saying?" Theo got up with a bewildered expression.

He soon had no choice but to look down at himself. It was because the clothes he had been wearing before Gluttony ate [Battle Song] had almost been turned into rags. His shirt sleeves were fine. However, his chest area, and so on, were snug, and his thigh areas were covered with holes, like the wrong size had been forced on. Then Theo didn't hesitate anymore and followed Vince's advice.

He stood in front of the full-body mirror in the room and found himself lost for words. "Eh?"

Truth be told, Theodore Miller's body had been in a poor state. He had been exercising for a few months, but his body was still skinny. He wouldn't be able to win against an apprentice knight if he didn't use magic. He might have some real life experience with weapons, but it was the same as putting a pearl necklace on a pig.

However, what was with this reflection in the mirror?

"…This is ridiculous," Theo unconsciously muttered when he saw his body. It was because the image reflected in the mirror was strange.

The shoulders which had exposed shoulder bones a few days ago were now covered with thick muscles, and he would fill up any previously baggy clothes. His two legs, which had been as thin as branches, were now as strong as a warrior's. If he had a sword hanging from his waist and wore armour then, he would look like a young swordsman.

'It isn't just that. My strength, stamina, and senses have also improved.'

Theo carefully made a fist. The series of movements stimulated his frontal muscles, and his forearm rose up sharply. The strong muscles were like twisted ropes. He could feel a tremendous strength gathering in the palm of his hand. If he was holding an apple, then some juices might be leaking out right now.

Despite having only gained some of Lee Yoonsung's abilities, Theo was now at the level of a decent knight. Then that meant Lee Yoonsung must've been a monster. He had probably devoted himself to training despite not having the constitution for aura.

That persistence was equal to Theo, who hadn't gave up on the academy despite his low sensitivity.

'…Your dream, I've surely received it.' Theo recalled the lonely back of Lee Yoonsung and bowed solemnly. He had left without being able to say any of his gratitude.

The completed 'Battle Song,' the magic which had been created in order to prove the worth of Lee Yoonsung's life, had been left to Theo.

After expressing his respect to his satisfaction, Theodore turned to Vince. "Master, I wanted to ask you one thing."

"Hrmm? You can ask me anything."

However, before Theo asked his question, he looked at himself again. The result of the third eating experience was more than imagined. He had just wanted the ability to respond in close combat, but the power he got from Lee Yoonsung completely overcame his weakness as a magician.

Theo's hardened forearm could now withstand the recoil of a strong Magic Bullet, and fighting in close combat would be no problem if he combined Battle Song with secondary magic.

Above all, Gluttony's third awakened function was fearsome.

"The Red Tower Master, Veronica… how can I contact her?"

Now, Theodore had one challenge remaining: to complete the unstable 5th Circle.


Every magic tower had their own role in the Meltor Kingdom.

With their high versatility, the Blue Tower used their life magic to install laundry and hygiene facilities all throughout the kingdom. The majority of magicians in the Yellow Tower were alchemists, and they contributed to the kingdom in fields such as construction and metallurgy. The members of the White Tower, however, were sources of information.

If so, what about the Red Tower which was famous for its war mages? Of course, their role involved fighting.

"Tower Master, a pair of trolls have emerged in Viscount Bermund's territory. Forces have been sent from the estate, but a many people are suffering, so there is an urgent request to dispatch war mages.

A man rushed to the top of the Red Tower and read the report to the Red Tower Master. He knew her personality, so he also knew what she disliked.

Veronica responded to the man's request only after dealing with one of her documents. "Send Superior David. Additionally, ask for two knights to join as escorts. There will be no problems with a group like that."

"I will do as you say!"

As the man rushed out, another magician entered the tower. He also quickly delivered his report. "Tower Master, a large group of robbers was detected near Marquis Orten's territory. Marquis Orten has sent a request for help, so how should we handle it?"

"Orten? Oh, that mustache guy. Why is someone with many knights asking for our help? Tell him to take care of it."

"Yes, I will."

While taking care of the two dispatch requests, Veronica had signed over 10 documents. It wasn't just cursory signing as she read over them first. She had the ability to remember everything and didn't miss the slightest typo or error. Despite her hot-blooded and violent behaviour, she was an extremely competent 8th Circle magician.

The problem was that the extent of her abilities depended on her patience.

"Ah, damn! Why is this my only work these days? Why are they asking the Magic Tower for help with their own security? We aren't dogs to be sent around the royal court!"

In the end, Veronica reached the limits of her patience and tore up the papers. Her eight circles responded to her wrath and burned down the torn documents without leaving a trace behind. She shook off the ashes and placed her legs on her desk. As Veronica lay down, someone popped up in her head.

'I found an interesting guy… No matter how relaxed I am, 10 days is too much. Does he think he can stand me up after I guided him to the Zero Library?'

The bloodline of a red dragon meant that the most important thing to her was whether she was interested or not. She didn't want to see people or things that weren't interesting. Veronica's nature meant she couldn't ignore her duties, but she could refuse to entertain empty words.

It was at this moment that…

"Tower Master!" Someone entered the room once again.

"Ah, what is it this time?"

The man turned pale at Veronica's temperamental reaction and quickly prepared to read out the report in his hand. After all, he couldn't just make up an excuse to leave the room.

"There is a request to meet you."

"Meet me? Who?"

"A new magician who just entered the Red Tower, an Average magician called Theodore Miller…"

Veronica popped out of her seat at the name. "Send him in! Right now!"

"Yes, yes?"

"No, don't do that. It will be faster if I go personally. Hey, go and call an elder to sit here. I have a task to do, so I will leave the rest to them."


"Then I'll be going!" Veronica ignored the man's bemused expression and rushed down the tower. It didn't matter what happened as long as she could get away from that damned paperwork. Additionally, she was going to meet a very interesting kid.

'Your timing is praiseworthy, Kid!'

Thanks to her exceptional physical abilities as a quarter dragon, Veronica quickly arrived at the Red Tower's waiting room. As soon as she arrived, she kicked open the door and was met with Theo's surprised face.

Simultaneously, Veronica's footsteps slowed. "Huh…?"

Something had changed. She felt a sense of discomfort, and instead of rushing, she looked Theo up and down slowly. Her mediocre impression of him had disappeared after just 10 days. Theo's standing posture was the same, however, his center of gravity had shifted like he had learned a solid martial art.

'Can a human change this much in just 10 days?'

Theo greeted the puzzled Veronica first, "Thank you for your time, Tower Master."

"Yes? Well, I told you to come and find me. Is it about what I mentioned last time?"
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"Yes, that's right."

The phenomenon involving his circle was a problem which couldn't be understood through books, and Veronica had asserted it couldn't be resolved with time. In order to resolve this issue, Theo had come to ask Veronica for help. After all, aside from Veronica, there was no better teacher for this task.

"You are welcome at any time, but… um…" Her golden eyes shone with a strange light as she looked at Theo.

It was impossible to hide his skills in front of Veronica as she could see through him with one glance. Fortunately, she just marveled at Theo's change instead of feeling curious.

"Well, it doesn't really matter since I like this better! But don't be inspired by someone disgusting like Blundell. That is unreasonable."

"Ah, I understand."

"Okay, then shall we go?" Veronica started moving.

Theo followed her despite not knowing the destination. As if she knew what he was thinking, Veronica looked back and added, "It is probably a place that you know."

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