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'There is still time since it is only in form number two. The problem is how can I persuade the people here…'

Theodore calmly recalled the information about Laevateinn which he had heard from Gluttony.

A world where the sky, the earth, and the sea all burned… 'Muspelheim' was a sealed world. It was a crystal of power which existed to burn all life and was one of the few grimoires which could release its own seal without an owner.

The first form was a fire animal which burned trees. The second form was the fire giant, an embodiment of flames as seen in the video. This was already at the level of a national disaster and would need a massive operation to stop it.

However, it was nothing compared to the third and fourth forms. Theo recalled the thrill he'd felt when he first heard it and repeated the name in his mind, '…Fafnir.'

The third form was a type of transitional form, a swirl of fire which would give birth to a dragon. Laevateinn's fourth form actually reproduced the dragon, which was famous for being the strongest species on earth.

It had been an evil dragon in ancient times which literally existed for destruction. The air which touched the scales of the beasts would scream as they burned, while the earth which was touched by its breath would become so dry that no seeds of life could be left behind.

As it had been recorded in history, wherever that dragon existed, it was a land where life couldn't exist. The greedy grimoire explained in a simple way that Fafnir's flames had caused the birth of the Red Plateau.

Then it added in a dull voice, -Laevateinn is an autonomous maneuver-type grimoire, but it will remain dormant until it is brought close to a forest. There are many uncertain points about this situation.

'Did someone intentionally create this situation?'

It made sense to think so. He didn't know who the bastard was, but they were stupid. This was a premonition for a great disaster which couldn't even be imagined.

-The moment that Laevateinn reaches the fourth form, this era will come to an end. The person is calling ruin down on themselves, so they must be stupid.

The evaluation of a grimoire which had existed for thousands of years was indeed ruthless. Even if Blundell and Veronica, the most powerful magicians currently existing, joined hands with the Seven Swords of the Empire, they wouldn't be able to reach Fafnir.

It wasn't comparable to the fifth or sixth form which required the existence of an owner, but it wasn't an opponent which could be won with half transcendentals. Therefore, the only way left for Theodore and his party was to suppress Laevateinn before it reached the fourth form.

[This guy… How long are you going to act like this?] At that moment, someone's shout rang out from the video floating in the air. The person who managed to show such bravery before a giant who burned all life certainly couldn't be ordinary.

As all the ambassadors wondered about the person's identity, the high elves spoke with a bright countenances.

\"Oh, they've arrived!\"

\"Guardian Ellaim.\"

\"I don't know what the identity of that thing is, but there is no need to worry if the second parent is there.\"

There was only one high elf who murmured in an inaudible voice, \"…N…o… danger…ous…\"

Shortly after that, the guardian sent by Elvenheim attempted a preemptive strike on the fire giant. The elf called Ellaim wasn't an archer like Edwin. A wooden spear, which was strangely shining silver, flew toward the fire giant.

Then he immediately shouted, [Die down!]

The magma hardened, and the fire burning the leaves on the trees died out. An unknown chill suddenly spread around the fire giant. The dryads and ents used that gap to rush back. Simultaneously, the guardian shouted briskly, [Freeze!]

This time, the fire giant froze over. Its arms and legs were stuck in place as its body became covered with thick sheets of ice. The fire giant struggled with annoyed gestures, but the ice didn't melt. Soon, the ice completely covered its body, and there was only a huge statue remaining.


As the air in the meeting room relaxed, Naia, the silent high elf, shouted for the first time, \"Ellaim, get away from that place immediately!\"


Naia's voice had always been half-asleep, so Ellaim was surprised by the sudden changed and jumped back in retreat. Not only was Naia's loud voice unexpected, it also contained more urgency than they had imagined it could have.

The one who had spoken the words, Naia, was the wisest of the high elves, and her prophecy was right this time as well.



The ground where Ellaim had just been standing split apart, and lava flowed up. If he had been standing there, he would've been burned without a trace. A chill went down his neck as he stared at the cracks slowly forming on the fire giant. The ice restraint was meaningless.

As Ellaim stared at the giant, the people in the meeting room looked at Naia, who had warned of the attack earlier than anyone else. She had been snoring throughout the meeting, so they hadn't expected anything from her.

\"…What are you looking at?\" Naia's eyes, which had dark circles under them, blinked at their gazes. No sleepiness remained in her eyes, proving the emergency of the situation currently occurring.

After knowing her for such a long time, Alucard knew the signs and asked hurriedly, \"Naia, do you know about that giant?\"

\"Well, halfway.\"


It was a fairly ambiguous answer. Naia nodded and pointed to the giant in the video. \"I've read a mention about it in an old myth. It's the incarnation of flame from another world, a living flame… The ruin that moves to burn all life—Laevateinn.\"


\"Yes. It's the ancient nightmare that burned our first parents, the primordial world trees, and our ancestors. Beyond that, I don't know any more. There is also a record of a giant mixed with a dragon.\"

The people in the meeting room started to murmur. The old myths of the elves were the far distant past for humans. It was a time when archmages of the 9th Circle, who no longer existed, had nests in each country, and swordsmen who could cut a mountain with a sword had been heroes. None of the people present would be able to resist the existences who had been called 'monsters' in that era.

Theodore was the only one who felt pleased by Naia's words. 'Okay, this is good. It would be hard if I pulled the story out first, but now I can attach it to a skeleton that has already formed. I can get help from Elvenheim without too much unnecessary attention.'

He knew more about Laevateinn than anyone else in this place, but someone else had to uncover it first. If even the elves couldn't connect it to an old myth, how could a young human magician? No, he couldn't take the credit and could only steer the story in the desired direction.

However, thanks to the high elf, Naia, he could now disclose the information about Laevateinn. Theodore carefully raised a hand.

\"Theodore? Did something happen?\"


Ellenoa and the White Tower Master noticed Theo's action and looked at him strangely. Although Ellenoa was concerned, the White Tower Master, however, feared Theo would speak nonsense in this situation.

Despite that, the next words from his mouth became a turning point in the meeting. \"I've also heard about Laevateinn.\"


\"I-Is that really true?\"

Of course, it was the high elves who showed a strong reaction. Alucard jumped up from his seat, while Ellenoa's and Lumia's eyes widened, appearing several times bigger.

Theodore nodded slowly. In order to prevent anyone from asking, he spoke first, \"I'm sorry, but I can't reveal the source of my information. There is a secret collection of books in our kingdom, where the removal of knowledge is strictly forbidden.\"

This time, the ones surprised were the party from Meltor.

\"Perhaps… the Zero Library?\"

\"It might be possible. This young man received a national treasure from His Majesty, so the possibility of him reading an ancient book from the Zero Library is…\"

\"However, such knowledge at that age…\"

Theo smiled with satisfaction as the gossip entered his ears. He didn't think they would 100% believe this excuse. It was enough as long as they thought there was the possibility.

Veronica had told him a long time ago that the White Tower Master was responsible for the security of the Zero Library, but he wasn't interested in all its contents. There was no way to instantly uncover the excuse he made unless they had read every book in the Zero Library.

Unsurprisingly, nobody questioned Theo. Now, he just needed to prove the veracity of his information. At any rate, the source of his information was meaningless to the high elves. Knowing wouldn't change the situation, and this was the best way to learn how to overcome the disaster.

Naia was the fastest one to regain her composure and spoke to him in a delicate voice, \"Theodore. I know the favour you have done us, but this involves the fate of our whole clan. Please understand that the weight of your words will never be light.\"

\"Yes, of course.\"

\"And excuse me, can we speak through Ratatoskr from now on?\"

Before Theodore could even react, Ellenoa cried out with anger on her face, \"Naia! Are you suspecting Theodore right now?\"

\"We need to be more careful than usual.\"

\"No, that's not it. It is because no lies can be passed on through Ratatoskr!\"

Theodored smiled as he realized why Ellenoa was angry. She definitely knew how urgent this situation was and about the importance of his words being true. However, the trust and affection she held toward him was greater than that, and Ellenoa proved it directly.

Theo appreciated her gesture and raised his hands.


The two arguing high elves turned to stare at him. He appreciated Ellenoa's gesture, but he also understood Elvenheim and Naia's position. Anyway, the information he would speak now was taught directly by the greedy grimoire, Gluttony. The authenticity of Gluttony's was more certain than that of any records.

Rather, Theo was glad to prove his words. \"I will do as Naia says.\"

First, he summoned Mitra to the floor of the meeting room and picked her up. She rested her head on his and connected their senses in a fairly natural way. At first he had been confused by the flooding of sensations, but he quickly became proficient at maintaining the connection after training in his room the whole time.

It wasn't difficult to move his mouth while speaking through the world tree's neural network, Ratatoskr at the same time.

Then Theodore began his story.

[\"The fire that burned the original world trees, Laevateinn, looks like a giant now, but if it continues eating the forest this way, it will soon change into a new shape. According to the book, it is a living thing that grows from eating trees.\"]

The magicians, who had always been obsessed with knowledge, focused so hard they forgot to blink, while the high elves confirmed the authenticity through Ratatoskr.

Two of the three countries balancing the northern continent were dependent on a young magician.

[\"I will assert this first.\"]

As everyone paid attention to him, Theodore raised his finger. He raised all five fingers before folding them into a fist.

Then he looked at the firm fist and declared, [\"In the next five days! If we can't kill Laevateinn before then, the northern continent will be destroyed on that day.\"]

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