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–Yes, it is the name of a chatterbox recorded in the myths. She realized that there was a realm of space in Yggdrasil that could only be accessed by high elves.

Ellenoa had sent the seed of the world tree to Mitra, but she hadn't realized this would happen. At best, she had thought it would expand Mitra's abilities by a level. The high elf, who had been silent since then, opened their mouth to speak, –Dmitra… By planting the world tree in the godhead of the earth goddess… Maybe she is higher than us… Hrmm.

–I-Is that so?

–I don't know exactly… Just a guess… Perhaps I am half right…

If that was the case, then Ellenoa had unintentionally created a large incident. However, the high elf who pointed it out didn't sound angry at all. The voice which pointed it out was so soft that Theo's eyelids felt heavier just by listening.

–A human has been granted the right to Ratatoskr. Fortunately, there isn't much use in hearing the voice of the forest… At most, he can borrow a little mana…?

–Um, that wouldn't be a big problem.

–Yes, it is okay if it is at that level.

The silent voices agreed with the opinion. The power of telepathy and being able to borrow the mana of the forest was good for the saviour of a high elf. Either way, ordinary magicians already had flashy powers. Above all, it had been the decision of the high elves to bring out the seed of the world tree, so they couldn't just blame it on Ellenoa.

In any case, Theodore Miller was exceptional in many ways.

As soon as the story was settled, the cheerful elf spoke in a loud voice, –Then let's change the subject. Has the Meltor delegation entered the forest? They arrived sooner than expected, so it is a bit late to greet them, but who wants to go? Me? Or me?

–I'm not going. But you can't either.

-…I'm going to sleep.

–I would like to see them, but I think there is a more eligible person this time.

The four high elves expressed different opinions, but there was one right person.

The quiet high elf, Ellenoa, slowly raised her hand… Although, that wasn't visible to Theodore who could only hear their voices. In the end, there was an unanimous agreement that she would meet them.

As soon as they came to that conclusion, the high elves vacated Ratatoskr one by one.

–You said you were called Theodore? I'll see you later! The cheerful voice felt distant like an echo in a mountain, while the beast-like voice disappeared silently.

—I'll prepare a welcome. I'm looking forward to it. The gentle voice disappeared with a respectful greeting.

–…Good night, the high elf with the sleepy voice said briefly before disappearing.

They were truly unique personalities. Theo was able to distinguish who they were just by listening to their voices. Theodore said goodbye to them with a smile. In the end, Theodore and Ellenoa were the only ones left.

She greeted him once again in an excited voice, –Long time no see, Theodore! I'm glad to see you again.

'Ellenoa, thank you for this invitation. I didn't know you would call me as a state guest.'

–I didn't know this was going to happen. I'm in this position, but I didn't do that much.

It wasn't exactly as she stated. Edwin was of the master class and one of the elves' greatest warriors, and he treated the high elves with great respect. It was why he couldn't neglect the benefactor who had saved Ellenoa.

However, Ellenoa thought it was burdensome since she was born in a small forest and not Elvenheim.

–Isn't it annoying continuing the conversation through Ratatoskr? Then she spoke words that Theodore couldn't understand. –So, I will go to you.

'Huh? How?'

–Huhu, you'll soon know. Ellenoa laughed lightly before closing the connection with Ratatoskr. She didn't tell him how she was going to come from Elvenheim, which was still far away from here.

Theo opened his eyes only to see someone's face right in front of him.


\"Ah, Sir Edwin?!\"

Edwin's approach was faster than the terrified Theodore could retreat. \"Did you talk to them? Is it through Ratatoskr, the place only available to the parent dancers?\"


\"Ohh! You really aren't a normal human!\"

Theo was certainly different. He was the owner of a grimoire, the contractor of an ancient elemental, and a person who had inherited a war hero's craft… Even if he only had one title, the word 'ordinary' definitely didn't fit him.

Based on Edwin's reaction, an ordinary elf wasn't able to enter Ratatoskr regardless of their abilities; only the high elves had access.

'Ah, this might be dangerous.'

As the other magicians watched him with excited eyes from behind Edwin, sweat flowed down Theo's back. Their curiosity was stimulated after hearing 'Ratatoskr,' a word they had never heard of before. It was a crisis where he would be squeezed into answering questions for the rest of the time.

At that moment, the mana in the atmosphere started to tremble in a strange way.


Tree roots blew flutes from under the ground, and the grass started to play a melody. The wind which passed by felt like it was stroking his skin. It was different from a violent aura or magnificent magic power. Theo and Edwin were the only ones familiar with the strange mana wave.


It was the life force (vitality) which was also called Prana.

A green light rose from the ground. Then a lump of dirt, roots, and leaves formed a shape which looked like a human being. It was a phenomenon which even the magicians couldn't help marveling at.

Surrounded by the splendour of prana, she showed up. [Hello everyone.]

The form of Ellenoa, with her natural beauty perfectly reproduced, was standing right there. While everyone was speechless, Edwin bowed politely.

\"Edwin, son of the Beech Clan, third branch of the parent tree, greets the sixth dancer.\"

[There is no need to bow, Edwin. This body is just a clone created with Ratatoskr.]

\"Even so, this body must do its duty as a branch member. You may not actually be here but your will is.\"

Ellenoa sighed and looked at Theo. Theodore grasped the meaning of her look, and as he walked forward, he said, \"I didn't know you would come this way. I'm really surprised.\"

It wasn't just flattery. He truly was surprised. She had created a body from dozens, perhaps hundreds, of kilometers away. There was no way to reproduce that phenomenon using the magical knowledge Theo had. It seemed like 'Ratatoskr' didn't just have the power to allow for conversations.

Ellenoa smiled brightly and waved her arms. [I only came to know recently that this was possible. I will guide you from here. I originally expected you to take a fortnight, so you got here really quickly.]

The White Tower Master took one step forward and said politely,\"First of all, thank you for your consideration, high elf Ellenoa. …If possible, can I ask you one thing?\"

[Yes, of course.]

\"I am grateful that you came here, but you don't have to worry. Is it not enough if we only have Edwin as a guide?\"

His words weren't wrong. Edwin was a competent assistant, and it wouldn't be difficult for them to reach Elvenheim, even without Ellenoa's help. Additionally, there was Theo's role as the second guide. So, Orta didn't want to borrow the high elf's hand for no reason.

However, Ellenoa smiled like she had been waiting for those words. [This was part of the original plan, so there is no need to be concerned. I don't intend to disparage Edwin's skill, but there is no guide better than a high elf in this forest.]

After saying those words, she abruptly turned and pointed in the direction where the party should move. The dirt and branches moved away at the motion of her finger. It was a simple act, but it was a miracle no one could deny.


\"T-That is ridiculous…\"

A path was formed where there hadn't been one previously. This was due to the vegetation dividing by itself. The overhanging tree roots sank down into the earth, while the leaves and branches moved out of the way. The hills flattened like they were welcoming the party.

There was now a straight path in the Great Forest filled with dense bushes and trees!

\"It is really amazing.\" Even the White Tower Master couldn't close his mouth which was exposed beneath the mask. Without destroying nature, Ellenoa controlled hundreds of thousands of plants to create a path? Even an 8th Circle magician like Blundell wouldn't be able to display such a sight.

Orta raised his evaluation of Elvenheim by three levels. At least in the Great Forest, Elvenheim was a powerful country which couldn't be touched by Meltor or Andras.

[A remnant of power remains, so creatures can't access it easily. If we go this way, we will be able to reach Elvenheim sooner.]

The White Tower Master looked at Ellenoa's path with tranquil eyes and opened his mouth to say, \"…The natural power that the world tree produces… to think it can be applied this way.\"

The presence of the world tree was intense enough to kill any creature. Therefore, wherever its roots stretched, it was hard for them to live. The places where its breath reached, the creatures were reluctant to approach. This road, created with Yggdrasil's neural network called Ratatoskr, was able to drive away the creatures.

However, the monster called Veronica could burn this. The White Tower Master shook away the worrisome memory and spoke to Ellenoa, \"Do we just go straight along this path?\"

[Yes, it will take around three days.]

\"Hmm, then it will be half a day. Then Ellenoa, this form doesn't have the same magical resistance as your actual body?

[That's right, but… half a day?]

Ellenoa was confused, but Orta pulled out a familiar box.

It was a magic which couldn't be used in the forest due to various factors, but it was a different story if the path was laid out like this. The delegation placed the silver rings on their fingers. Finally, Ellenoa's clone put on the ring, and the White Tower Master walked to the head of the party.

The green light created a shortcut in front of them.

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