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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 274: In danger, playing with fire

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Chapter 274: In danger, playing with fire

Lin Chujiu was very accustomed to how the modern doctor act. She has always been direct in asking the patient’s condition. Although she has no bad intention, for the people in ancient times, this abruptness was shocking. Meng Daren was scared with Lin Chujiu’s straightforwardness.

However, after looking at Lin Chujiu’s eyes and seeing that she was not malicious, Meng Daren replied: “It’s not inborn. He was crying loud when he was born. But later on, when he got seriously sick, he could no longer make a sound.” This was also a big regret of Meng Daren.

Meng Daren’s facial expression became natural. However, Lin Chujiu didn’t notice it. She only nodded her head and continued to ask: “Aside from not being able to speak, does he have another discomfort in the body?”

Aphasia was often accompanied by another disease. Although it was not inborn, there were some things better to ask in advance.

“No, except that he can’t talk, he doesn’t have any problem.” Meng Daren said firmly. After carefully asking a few questions to Meng Daren, Lin Chujiu said: “I want to the see the patient in person first before I conclude that I can cure him. I’m not sure, if that’s okay?”

Lin Chujiu was willing to see his son, which mean she felt like she can cure him. So, without any hesitation, Meng Daren asked: “This, I don’t know when it will be convenient? I will bring my son to see Xiao Wangfei.”

Meng Daren was very polite and respectful to Lin Chujiu. Meng Daren can directly bring his son. But instead, he asks for permission first.

“I have time now. If it’s not too troublesome to Meng Daren, I can go with you now.” Lin Chujiu was actually resting today. Because tomorrow, she has to take care of the children in the hospital again. She can’t spend another whole day, just to wait for the patient.

When Meng Daren heard Lin Chujiu’s words, he couldn’t wait to take her away, but… …


In order to present herself, Lin Chujiu specifically dressed up. Her body was full of pieces of jewelry from head to toe. This kind of get up was not suitable to see a patient. Additionally, her medicine box was not with her.

Lin Chujiu asked Meng Daren to wait a bit and then she went back to her courtyard to change clothes. In order not to let Meng Daren wait for long, Lin Chujiu hurried her footsteps. However, she still took half an hour.

Meng Daren thought Lin Chujiu deliberately made him wait. But, when he sees Lin Chujiu was breathlessly coming in, he understood that it was not the case.

“Xiao Wangfei, do you want to take a break first?” Although Meng Daren didn’t know why Lin Chujiu was so tired, he still tried to be considerate.

Lin Chujiu did not only changed her complicated dress but also removed all her jewelry. She looked a lot smaller than before, and she looked a lot younger. As if she was only a newly grown-up child.

If Meng Daren didn’t inquire in advance and if he didn’t know that Xiao Tianyao was behind her. Meng Daren will not believe that Lin Chujiu, who was such a young girl, can cure his son’s illness.

“No, let’s go.” Lin Chujiu just walked fast, she only has shortness in breathe, she’ll be fine after a little rest.

Lin Chujiu and Meng Daren went outside the Xiao Wangfu one after the another. Housekeeper Cao prepared a carriage together with Xiao Wangfu’s guardsmen, serving as their bodyguard. So when they left, it was particularly eye-catching.

Liu Bai, who was standing on the roof of the study room, saw the carriage was being tailed after it left. He couldn’t help but sneer at this.

After gently leaping and falling silently, he turned and entered the study room: “Wangye, Wangfei left with Meng Daren.”

“Ahem…” Su Cha was choked. “Liu Bai, what are you talking about?” Wangfei left with another man, can he casually talk about that?

“What did I said wrong?” Liu Bai looked puzzled. “When Wangfei left with Meng Daren, there were few spies who followed. It should be spies in the palace. After those spies reported back, the emperor will surely get angry again.”

Su Cha mercilessly stared at Liu Bai: Can’t he see that Wangye became unhappy because of his wording?

His being slow-witted is beyond salvation.

Su Cha was like a good brother. In order for Xiao Tianyao not to misunderstand, he busily transferred the topic: “Wangye, do you think Wangfei can cure Meng Xiuyuan’s disease?”

“Is it important?” Xiao Tianyao raised an eyebrow and asked.

“Isn’t it important? You don’t want Divine Doctor Mo to turn over things, right?” Su Cha felt like he couldn’t keep up with Xiao Tianyao’s thoughts.

Xiao Tianyao looked at Su Cha like he was an idiot. Then, he faintly said: “The news in the south will arrive in two days.”


Su Cha slapped his forehead and said with a trace of annoyance: “How did I forget that? It is estimated that the emperor and Meng Daren will receive the news in two days. In that case, the emperor will deal with Divine Doctor Mo as early as possible. As for the Meng Family? Even if Wangfei cannot cure Meng Xiuyuan’s disease, they will not look for Divine Doctor Mo.”

“After the news came, you must make it a little louder. Benwang has to solve Divine Doctor Mo before going in the battlefield.” After he joined the battlefield, Lin Chujiu can only rely on herself. So, he wants to lessen the danger as much as he can.

“The matter regarding Divine Doctor Mo is easy to handle. He is now like a trapped beast. He can’t escape our hands. What I’m having a headache is the Ci Entang. We went all over the places to catch the people involved, but they all died. In the end, we got no clues at all.” Compared to Divine Doctor Mo, the people behind the Ci Entang was the biggest threat to Lin Chujiu.

Xiao Tianyao was in the capital, so those people were afraid to make a move to Lin Chujiu. But once he left, those people will not let her go.

“It seems the other party is very alert.” Xiao Tianyao tapped his finger on the table. His voice has a trace of urgency, indicating that he was in a bad mood.

Xiao Tianyao was not afraid of enemies jumping out, what he was afraid of, were enemies who keep on hiding and doing tricky things.

“Be very cautious, they will also deal with those people we haven’t found out.” The only clues they have where the people that the other party left off.

“If the clues break, the other party was really a man of courage.” Although it was an opponent, Xiao Tianyao couldn’t really help but admire the other party’s decisiveness. He can give up the Ci Entang without hesitation, which doesn’t have a simple role.

However, the more difficult the other party to be found, the more Lin Chujiu was in danger.

Xiao Tianyao doesn’t know anymore if it was good or bad that he let Lin Chujiu touched the Ci Entang.

Xiao Tianyao sighed… …


Meng Daren went to Xiao Wangfu and asked Lin Chujiu to treat Meng Xiuyuan, was not something that can be concealed. The emperor learned about it at once.

The emperor was so irritated and angry with Xiao Tianyao’s doing. But, he really has no way to clean up Xiao Tianyao.

Everything Xiao Tianyao did was under the sun, but if he accused Xiao Tianyao because of those, it wouldn’t be enough to deal with him.

The emperor rubbed his eyebrows and said: “Go and tell this matter to Divine Doctor Mo.”

Now, the most person concerned about Meng Xiuyuan was no other than Divine Doctor Mo. Divine Doctor Mo was doomed to fail to overturn things. But, the emperor doesn’t mind letting him play with fire before he dies… …
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