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Princess Medical Doctor Chapter 219: Kill, far from expectation

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Chapter 219: Kill, far from expectation

The fat envoy of the Tiancang Pavilion was not afraid of Xiao Tianyao, but he didn’t dare to offend Xiao Tianyao. At least not now, that he was alone.

After writing the names of the robbers one by one, the fat envoy handed the paper to Xiao Tianyao: “Xiao Wangye, you know that we were only instigated by Divine Doctor Mo. We will not dare to provoke Wangye if it wasn’t for him.”

In the end, the fat envoy doesn’t want to bear the consequences alone. He ended up miserable because of Divine Doctor Mo. Especially, his Tiancang Pavilion, which was killed by Xiao Tianyao easily like a chicken!

“Thank you for reminding benwang. Benwang had seen Tiancang Pavilion’s sincerity in doing business with him. The past event was now written off. If Tiancang Pavilion will continue to be like this, benwang will always come for the service.” He doesn’t care Tiancang Pavilion causing him trouble, after all, he was not afraid of them.

The fat envoy understood the meaning of Xiao Tianyao’s words, so he only smiled.

After getting what he wanted, Xiao Tianyao didn’t stay any longer. He turned around and leave.

The fat envoy turned his head and looked at Xiao Tianyao’s steady and calm departing footsteps. He couldn’t help but cursed Divine Doctor Mo in seeing this!


Xiao Tianyao threw the list to Su Cha without looking at it: “Take it and give it to Jing Chi. Tell him, it’s to pay back his debt.”

Jing Chi took the task of killing Zhou Si, so he gave him the money. But in the end, Zhou Si died in the hands of Demon Lord. Jing Chi wanted to return the money to Xiao Tianyao, but he refused.

If he took his money, he has to do something for him. No need to make things complicated. But, even if he wanted to get away with it, he can only run away in his dreams!

“Sixteen people, Jing Chi will not suffer any losses from this.” Su Cha looked and then folded back the paper.

Although the number was quite large, those people were not as complicated as Zhou Si.

Xiao Tianyao walked into his study room. Behind the table, there was a big chair. Xiao Tianyao walked close to it and then sat down: “Go and get our things back. Then, tell Jing Chi to kill all those robbers.” They dared to robbed his things. Then, they must pay with their lives.

Jing Chi was not only given the task to kill the sect leader, but also the members. Liu Bai said: “I understand.”

“Su Cha, continue monitoring things in the palace, blow a little wind to Imperial Concubine Zhou’s ears, make her fully abandon Divine Doctor Mo.” He wanted to ruin Divine Doctor Mo this time!

“I understand, I know what to do.” This conspiracy thing can only be done by Su Cha.


The news that Xiao Tianyao can now walk first reached the Emperor’s ears. Along with this news, was the destruction of Tiancang Pavilion.

The Emperor was so angry and temporarily forgot Third Prince Xiao Zian’s condition. He directly asked Divine Doctor Mo: “Didn’t you say that Xiao Wangye’s legs were completely ruined and cannot be cured? What’s going on now? Huh?”


In anger, the Emperor slammed his table, and the paperweight flies and jumped a few times before it rested on the floor.

Divine Doctor Mo was shocked, but was also full of doubt: “Huangshang, you said Xiao Wangye’s legs were cured?” Impossible!

The Emperor snorted: “The Tiancang Pavilion was destroyed by him. People in Tiancang Pavilion completely shut their mouth. If his legs were not cured, do you think Tiancang Pavilion will be afraid of him?”

“This, this, it’s impossible. Xiao Wangye’s legs were hopeless and cannot be cured. I used the Dragon Soul to treat Xiao Wangye’s legs, but I was interrupted halfway. Xiao Wangye’s legs were not cured, but also ended up much worst.”

Divine Doctor Mo repeated his words from before. Because of this sentence, the Emperor was convinced that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were hopeless. Tiancang Pavilion also believed that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were crippled for eternity.

But now… …

“The facts are now in front of you, but you still refused to believe it.” Although the Emperor didn’t see it with his own eyes. He knows that Tiancang Pavilion will not dare to lie regarding this matter.

Divine Doctor Mo’s eyes become sluggish, and he muttered to himself: “Xiao Wangye’s legs were cured? Who healed his legs?”

This was the difference between a doctor and a politician. The Emperor only cares about the result of Xiao Tianyao’s legs condition. But to him, he was more concerned about who healed it.

“Aside from the doctors in the Central Empire, no one in the four countries has better medical abilities than me. Then, who cured him?” Divine Doctor Mo carefully think of the matter, but he still couldn’t think of a possible person.

He knows a very genius medical doctor, but that man… has already been killed by him. But, even if that person survived, he was sure that it can no longer cure anyone.

When the Emperor heard Divine Doctor Mo’s words, he coldly said: “I also want to know who cured Xiao Wangye’s legs in the end.”

When Mo Yuer became his woman, he had a little doubt towards Divine Doctor Mo. He suspected that Divine Doctor Mo and Mo Yuer were sent by Xiao Tianyao. Divine Doctor Mo’s words that Xiao Tianyao’s legs were hopeless was only a curtain smoke to his eyes.

Divine Doctor Mo knew that the Emperor was dissatisfied, so he secretly sighed and said: “Huangshang, this servant will dare to ask, during this time, did Xiao Wangye summon a stranger in his Xiao Wangfu?”

“If there is, zhen would have known who cured his legs.” Because no one came, the Emperor was even angrier. He suspected Divine Doctor Mo was really deceiving him.

“No one came to Xiao Wangfu?” Divine Doctor Mo’s eyes dilated and shook his head in disbelief: “I don’t think it is possible. Although she also studied medicine. I don’t think she has the ability to cure Xiao Wangye’s legs.”

“Who is she?” The Emperor refused to pass any possible information at this time.

At this very moment, Divine Doctor Mo only hoping to proved his innocence. He doesn’t really want to sell Lin Chujiu’s talent: “It’s Xiao Wangfei, she studied medicine. She was also the person who interrupted my treatment that time, and save Xiao Wangye’s life.”

When the previous incident in the Xiao Wangfu was mentioned by Divine Doctor Mo. The Emperor remembered it well. After all, it was what he did in the dark. The Emperor didn’t want the other people to know that it was his doing, so he didn’t ask things directly about it.

For Divine Doctor Mo, that incident tainted his name as a doctor. He doesn’t want to mention things about it as much as possible. But, to erase the Emperor’s suspicion of him, he mentioned some of it.

The Emperor doesn’t want to mention that matter with his own mouth, so he simply said: “Repeat what exactly happened at that time.” He knew that his plan was destroyed that time.

If his plan succeeds, this dilemma he was experiencing will not exist. He will not worry about Xiao Tianyao’s counterattack. He will not have any anxiety.

At this moment, Divine Doctor Mo refused to totally lose his face. He said only some part of it, he said how Lin Chujiu desperately pushed the bathtub, including how she found the evidence and how she proved herself innocent.

While narrating, Divine Doctor Mo beautify Lin Chujiu’s image and disgraced Mo Yuer. Mo Yuer was now a palace concubine. A palace concubine that has medical knowledge will always be doubted by the Emperor. So, Divine Doctor Mo revealed that his daughter’s medical knowledge was only a bit more advanced than Xiao Tianyao… …

“So, you mean to say, Xiao Wangfei’s medical skills are that good?” The Emperor’s face was very ugly…

He was the one who appointed Lin Chujiu to become Xiao Tianyao’s wangfei. Because he thought she was a useless person. But it turns out that, she becomes Xiao Tianyao’s savior. Not to mention, the person who cured his legs. This result was very far from his expectation, so he felt very bad.
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