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"There should be some other things; keep going," Lu Li prompted, upon seeing that Remnant Dream had stopped.
The mount could be classed as a Legendary item for them due to its level. However, there was no guarantee whether it would come out as the first or last item.
This rule also applied to equipment; Dawn had never set a specific rule for the order of loot.
"Alright, alright, I'll stop when I'm sure there's nothing else," Remnant Dream muttered. She wasn't too hopeful – based off her experience, the more she looted, the less likely the Boss would drop good things.
At the very most, it would be a rare material. These were precious too, but she couldn't comprehend their value at all.
"Oh! It seems to be a tag or some sort," Remnant Dream said as she pulled out a black, metal tag with a few inscriptions on it. The inscriptions could only be felt by hand.
"Horse tag!" Lu Li exclaimed, then he shook his head in spite of himself. He had already said that he wasn't going to compete for the mount, so this had nothing to do with him. At the very most, it would be exchanged for points to be divided amongst everyone.
This notion mostly had to do with his past life.
Ever since Lu Li was capable of attempting Stratholme, he had never missed a single refresh for the dungeon. This wasn't because he wanted the horse; it was more about the money.
If he found one and sold it, he could have removed himself from the life of poverty and started anew.
Dawn had provided many opportunities for large businesses and had also changed the lives of poor people. The game was another world that was fairer than reality.
Everyone had a chance to change their life.
Unfortunately, the System had been cruel to him at the time. In this life, he was no longer desperate for money, so the horse was just like any other mount to him.
In terms of appearance, The Horseman's Reins was not as cool as the Deathcharger, but it allowed its rider to fly while the Deathcharger did not.
"We've known each other for dozens of years, right?" Azure Sea Breeze asked as he held onto Wandering's shoulders.
"So you're going to give the mount to me! What a real bro! Thanks!" Wandering laughed coldly, feeling like his intelligence had been insulted. Azure Sea Breeze was like an open book to him.
"Get out. We're rolling for this." Friendship had always been a weak ship to sail.
"How about both of you quit this round?" Lonesome Flower said impatiently.
"Never mind, I don't want it. I just took a part of a set and my mount quest has already been activated. I can get myself a mount in about one or two weeks," Sesame Rice Ball said after thinking for a moment.
"Flower, you're too shameful. You just got a skill book," Azure Sea Breeze accused as helooked at the Mage with glistening hope in his eyes, hoping that Lonesome Flower would feel some guilt.
Lonesome Flower didn't even move; he rolled his die straight away.
This was an average score. If two players were rolling, he would have some hope, but it would be far from a guaranteed victory if four players were involved.
Sakura Memories tried not to laugh as she began to roll her die.
He expression instantly fell; she couldn't even beat Lonesome Flower.
"You first, or me first?" Azure Sea Breeze looked fearless, but he was still anxious. Only at this point did he remember that he wasn't a lucky guy either.
In their spare time, the two of them would often gamble their money. A lot of the coins from his wallet had gone to Wandering.
He shouldn't have suggested to roll the die. Azure Sea Breeze regretted his choice; it would have been better if they used their points.
"Is there any difference?" Wandering didn't even bother with insults. He rolled the die with so much confidence that everyone was stunned when they saw the result.
Azure Sea Breeze held onto the wall and laughed so hard that he could barely stand straight.
His worst enemy had already lost; who else would be able to compete against him? He seemed to be able to see the mount waving at him, as he dreamed of patrolling around Stormwind City with all the pretty girls watching him. Even the King would probably have to pay some attention to him.
"Wipe your drool. If he doesn't roll anytime soon, can I take that as him giving up?" Lonesome Flower asked.
"Theoretically, yes," Lu Li said as he shrugged his shoulders and decided to not take sides.
"No, no, I'll roll now."
Azure Sea Breeze was caught by surprise and quickly tossed out his die, looking at the mount tag in Remnant Dream's hands with anticipation.
"Haha!" Wandering laughed outrageously; he probably wouldn't be as happy even if he had won the mount.
Azure Sea Breeze felt his heart sank as soon as he heard the laugh. He didn't think that his horrible friend would be happy for him winning the mount, which was confirmed when he turned and saw that his die had landed on the number 71.
Azure Sea Breeze almost felt like puking out blood.
It wasn't a surprise for him to lose to Lonesome Flower; he knew that 72 had a decent chance of winning.
But why did he have to roll 71?
Damn, this was only one-point difference.
This was probably the toughest thing for him to face – he had lost his Deathcharger because of one single point.
"If this story goes out to anyone else, I'm unfriending them," Azure Sea Breeze said with bloodshot eyes, then added, "From now on, I'm unfriending anyone who is still laughing!"
Everyone immediately held back their laughter; those who had trouble began to recall their unhappy memories.
"Breezy, are you okay?" Remnant Dream asked as she looked at him with sympathy. She felt bad for giving the horse tag to Lonesome Flower.
"I lost to my gamble – give it to him. Hopefully, he falls off his mount someday," Azure Sea Breeze said, then turned his head and asked March Rain, "March, do you like the kind of mounts that only have bones? Maybe there'll be chunks of leftover meat hanging on it too, and the foul smell of dead bodies…"
"No…not really," March Rain mumbled as she shook her head subconsciously.
Azure Sea Breeze didn't say anything else, but Lonesome Flower wasn't happy.

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