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The Great Thief 635 Level Five

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This was a strong control skill for Thieves that caused the target to lose control for up to ten seconds.

To be blinded during a battle basically meant that you lost their ability to fight, unless you used your badge to clear the control effect, or a comrade dispelled you in time. Of course, the Mage's refrigerator skill and Paladin's invincibility skill could also cancel the effect.

Despite this, Blind was still a very powerful skill.

However, he needed to purchase some Blind Powder to use it. Lu Li learned the skill straight away, but he couldn't cast it yet – this was a skill that required some casting material.

Blind Powder was an expensive poison, but Lu Li wasn't too concerned about this.

This wasn't a skill that he would use on monsters, but rather, a skill for PVP. The players that he successfully killed would cover the cost for him with their equipment.

After he said goodbye to the Flame of Ragnaros, Lu Li told himself not to be too concerned about it, but he was still a little disappointed.

Usually, if he obtained a skill book like Blind, he would be very happy. His loot today was already fairly decent; he had obtained a pet kitten and the Blind skill book. These were items that could be sold up to 100,000 dollars in real life.

It had been a long time since he had seen so many good items at once, and this was only after the first three levels. On level four, it was the Jungle Thunderers that awaited his arrival.

Lu Li had the urge to puke.

He had already spent days slaying Gorillas and was extremely sick of seeing these monsters that yelled and screamed. However, despite his dislike for these creatures, he still had to do his job. The system wouldn't refresh these monsters just to lighten his mood.

Luckily for him, these level 35 monsters gave him experience. At the same time, they weren't elite monsters, so it wasn't too hard to kill them.

The wide hall of level four was separated into small rooms, so it took him a while to clear everything out.

Hopefully he would still achieve an SSS final grade this time. When he had come here in his previous life, he was already around level 40, but only managed to achieve an SS at the time.

He always had a stable mindset and wouldn't lose his composure because he was in a rush, or grow lazy because of despair.

One by one, the Jungle Thunderers fell to the floor behind Lu Li, who was rushing ahead. He randomly looted whatever he could and threw most of the items away, only keeping materials that were valuable and stackable.

His sixteen box bags were no longer enough for him and he planned to upgrade his bag later.

Lu Li couldn't find any more monsters, so he let his assassin gear effect disappear.

That was when he realized that he had cleared the stage.

System: Congratulations to Lu Li on clearing level four. Final grade SSS.

The system announcement had come a bit late, but Lu Li let out a long sigh of relief. Although he was in game, he could still feel the tiredness and weakness catching up towards him. The underground environment also made the area quite suffocating; he was drowning in sweat.

As expected, the wheel followed and eight boxes appeared with different items.

The skill points from the previous spins disappeared and were replaced by five attribute points. These were equivalent to the attribute points given after a character level up.

The skill book was Fan of Knives, but Lu Li had already learned this.

The rare item was a recipe for a Gold-grade Mage gown. With this recipe, the gown could be produced without a mold. It was quite a precious item, especially for a major guild. A recipe like this meant that they could create unlimited Gold equipment. Of course, the materials would cost quite a fortune, so there was no way everyone would receive one.

The other items were all Silver grade equips. The descriptions of these included the names, but nothing about the attributes. Lu Li had seen two of the items from his previous life, so he knew that the attributes were decent enough to sell for some money. They could also be tossed into the guild storage; someone would probably need them.

Lu Li spun the wheel without a care.

With his eyes and mouth wide opened, the pointer landed on the recipe for the Gold grade gown.

There was no way that Lu Li would turn down a good offer like this. Although it wasn't cheap to create this gown, it would definitely be less expensive than buying a Gold equip from an auction.

Level five consisted of level 40 monsters. This ruin was split into 8 levels and began from level 20, with each level increasing the monsters' level by five.

Lu Li estimated that he could probably achieve above an S grade in level five. In level six, there was no guarantee that he could even defeat the semi-Boss. If he couldn't finish it, he wouldn't be awarded a final grade, and without the final grade, there wouldn't be any wheels for him to spin.

Before he entered the next stage, Lu Li sat on the floor to take a rest. He had been repeatedly waving his arms in the same way and also had to maintain the effect from his assassin gear.

The good news was that the monsters above level 40 would drop Fortified Stones. This was the main goal that Lu Li had in mind. He had already stored some Fortified Stones, but he wanted more to fortify his exquisite gear.

Fortified Stones improved the quality equipment, but they also came with a chance of failure. The first few failures wouldn't cause any damage, but the Fortified Stone wouldn't be refunded.

As players continued to level, fortifying equipment gradually became mainstream.

Azure Sea Breeze and the others have already fortified one or two of their items. They also had some spare Stones, but none of them could compete against Lu Li in terms of sheer numbers. Lu Li had also asked Shen Wansan to help him purchase them.

Unfortunately, there weren't many available in the market and they were priced ridiculously.

After he killed thirteen monsters, Lu Li randomly picked up an item off the ground and pounced towards the next monster. He had to maintain consistency for his assassin gear, but he didn't ignore any notifications of a Fortified Stone either.

The chances were quite high, most likely because he was the first to explore this place.

With the chance of finding Fortified Stones, Lu Li didn't even mind if his final grade was slightly lower. He was also getting better at killing these monsters and felt like his clearing speed had increased.

If it wasn't for his assassin gear, he wouldn't even try to attempt this place so early.

After spending a few hours in the ruins, he felt rather worn out. This was when the semi-Boss of the level showed up before him. Although it wasn't as strong as a real Boss, it was still more powerful than an average elite monster.

In the last level, he had defeated the last semi-Boss easily, but Lu Li didn't dare to lower his guard this time.

Anyone who looked down on the semi-Boss on their first run always died a horrible death. Lu Li had already experienced this in his previous life; he failed the first time because he underestimated it.

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