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The Great Thief 1212 Trading Policies

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"I'm only taking one item," Lu Li promised.

"Then you have to give the things to me first," the escaped slave said. His eyes began to wander around, as if he was planning to either kill Lu Li or take the items and run.

"Besides the weapon," Lu Li responded as he threw the items before the escaped slave.

The slave picked up a dish and began to eat. Within a few bites, he finished the cooked bird and ate some more before he put on the equipment.

Felstriker danced between Lu Li's fingers, and the poison on it made it glow blue. He looked like a tough opponent.

The slave, who only had a little knife, took a deep look at the battle axe that was still a little further from him. Then, he finally opened his baggage and told Lu Li that he could pick out what he wanted.

The System announced that Lu Li could now pick an item.

There were dozens of items placed before Lu Li, but unfortunately, he could only choose one. There were all sorts of strange things, including useless ones, like pretty shells and a beast's bones. The useful items included recipes and materials.

Grol's talisman piece was within the items; it looked like a necklace made of old wood. It wasn't made of gold or silver and had no gemstones.

Lu Li picked out this equipment. After he closed the selection menu, he found the slave holding the battle axe before him. If Lu Li had been any slower, he probably would have been attacked already.

"This isn't the right thing to do in a trade," Lu Li said calmly.

"Haha, let those goblins' useless trading policies burn to ashes. Boy, if you hand me all your valuables, I might let you return to the forest in one piece."

"I bet you were a pirate or a bandit before you were caught."

Lu Li was so mad that he nearly laughed.

He couldn't believe someone would try to rob him. Lu Li was going to let this guy off since he was lucky enough to escape Grol, but clearly, the slave had a death wish.

"Wrong, wrong, wrong, you're wrong. I'm not a pirate or a bandit, but I've been a pirate and a bandit. Have you heard of the Red Parrot? I was a lieutenant there. It's your unlucky day today. I need to exercise my bones and wash away the shame of being an Ogre's slave."

"Let's cut the talk."

Lu Li shook his head; he couldn't wait to see the slave's expression before his death.

The battle ended swiftly. No matter how stupid Lu Li could be, there was no way he couldn't beat a level 55 empowered elite. Not to mention, this elite monster had a weak buff.

Most likely, his slave career had worn away the stamina that he had, which probably wasn't too good to begin with.

"Why did it end like this? Does the Goddess of the Sea no longer look after her children?" he cried out as he died. The slave didn't complete his great escape in the end. He didn't die to Grol, but instead, he died to an unexpected meeting.

Lu Li wiped the blood off his dagger and looted the corpse without expecting much.

This slave brought treasure with him, but there was no way he would drop everything. Lu Li was also an unlucky guy, so there was a high chance that valuable things wouldn't drop for him.

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Black Parrot's Treasure Chest – another treasure chest!

Lu Li was astonished. This was no different to killing a monster in the Wild that had dropped a bunch of Legendary equipment for him.

The two treasure chests both required the theft skill to open, but this was no issue for Lu Li.

Grol's Treasure Chest gave him two decent rare materials, which refunded some of what Lu Li had lost from purchasing the Azsharite Crystals.

The Black Parrot's Treasure Chest didn't include many things. Besides a Sailor's Diary, which allowed him to activate a quest, there was also a scroll that hadn't been identified. Unidentified items were items that have been sealed; they would require a scroll master or someone with related knowledge to open them.

Lu Li suspected that this was a sealed treasure map, but he had no time now to hunt for treasure, so he would have to make his attempts later down the track.

The second talisman was Sevine's. Apparently, it had fallen into the hands of a Murloc that resided near the shore. From the hints given by the quest, Lu Li knew that it was standing on rocks that allowed it to see the entire seashore.

Lu Li searched around and finally found a location that matched the description.

He was standing on an extension of the island, with troops and troops of Murlocs scattered in the area. They patrolled this poor land and were prepared to fight back any intruders.

Lu Li was welcomed passionately the moment he set foot on the island. After some effort, he finally sorted out these stinky monsters.

There weren't many monsters in the area, and they were all visible. There were no semi-bosses or elites as he had expected; these were all normal monsters. This meant that he needed to try his luck for this talisman. If he was lucky, he would find the amulet in one go, and if he wasn't…

Lu Li trembled; he couldn't imagine how many he'd have to kill.

He Sapped a Murloc Priest and killed the Mage Murlocs first while the others kept attacking him. He then turned back and took down the melee Murlocs. The troops quickly became a pile of corpses.

After a few waves, Lu Li decided to take back what he had thought about this talisman being the easiest one to obtain. He felt like a failure against the System's chances.

After he killed almost all the monsters, he finally obtained Sevine's talisman.

Obtaining the last one relied on him stealing it. This tested the Stealth capabilities of a player. Lu Li could say that if he was second place in this area, no one else would dare come out and claim first place. After all, Empowerment: Stealth wasn't easy to pick up.

The Mage turret was old and frail, as if it had been burnt.

As Trebor mentioned, this Mage tower was filled with tortured souls and clearly, Archmage Allistarj's research wasn't exactly honourable.

These spirits were around level 60 and usual Thieves wouldn't be able to enter easily.

If he was a player from another class, he would probably need a team to fight his way in bit by bit. Not only would this require a lot of effort, but there was also a possibility for a wipe.

At the same time, the servants of Allistarj weren't easy to deal with either. Even though they weren't Bosses, Lu Li would much rather not fight against semi-Bosses that led a pack of empowered elites.

The talisman was in the tip the Mage tower, where the lab was located. Lu Li used his lockpicking skill to unlock the door.

He thought he would find a Mage's entire life of treasure. Even if he could only take a few pieces, he would be rich. But who knew why an Archmage's lab would be so clean, as if it had just been robbed?
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