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The Great Thief 1211 The Escaped Slave

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In order to gain Galvan's trust, Lu Li explained his entire quest.

"It sounds like him."

After some time, Galvan let out a long sigh and it seemed as if he had grown older by a decade. He slouched as he walked ahead, signalling Lu Li to come along.

The forging process wasn't difficult. At least, to Lu Li, the material and the work seemed ordinary.

This 'Hataera's Curse' could have the worst Attributes, and Lu Li wouldn't even be surprised. He just didn't understand why this dagger would be the end to Razelikh the Defiler.

"Hope he won't regret his choice," Galvan said after the weapon had been forged.

Lu Li thanked the blacksmith and left. He could only try his best to complete the quest as he went; he no longer had any guide to what remained. He wasn't even sure if anyone had gotten up to this far in his previous life. Even if the quest was to fail now, just the skill point itself was worth it.

"Good, this is the best weapon for a big demon," Loramus said, satisfied.

Another stage of the quest completed, and the System announced that Lu Li had obtained experience, reputation and gold. This was a decent reward.

"What next?" Lu Li asked.

"Go find Trebor; he'll tell you how to summon Razelikh. I still need to make some preparations."

Loramus was excited, which was a complete opposite compared to all of his friends.

Once again, Lu Li returned to the Blasted Lands. He couldn't recall how many times he had faced Trebor.

"What about it? Has Sir Loramus agreed to help?" Trebor asked in anticipation.

"He agreed, and will be here in no time. I'm here first to see how we can summon Razelikh from the Twisting Nether. Loramus said that you might have a way."

"Of course, I've already figured it all out. Lady Sevine, Archmage Allistarj and Grol the Destroyer each have a talisman piece. These pieces combined can summon Razelikh back to the Blasted Lands with a special ritual..." Trebor said passionately.

"So you've figured it all out… don't tell me you plan to have me take all three of them out?" This didn't seem to be heading in a good direction.

"Of course not – Lady Sevine's piece is with a Murloc. He's far away to the East, resting on some reef rocks near the shore. I've got no clue how this item found its way to the Murloc, but I can guarantee that you'll find it there."

"Alright, what about the other two?" Lu Li asked. Things were much easier when the items were in the hands of other monsters.

"Allistarj went out today. He hid his talisman piece in a box in his Mage tower. Head to his Mage tower at the east and have a look. It's is filled with the tortured souls from his magic experiments; I dare not set foot there."

"That's no problem," Lu Li sighed in relief. He just needed to steal.

"Grol is very upset lately; his riches had been stolen by a slave. If you can arrive at the broken shore before sunset, you might be able to catch him. I'm sure that talisman piece is within those treasures. After you combine these three talisman pieces together, we will be able to summon Razelikh and with the help of the Demon Hunter, we will be able to slay him."

Lu Li didn't bother saying anymore. He looked at the sun in Blasted Lands and decided that he would start with the third one first.

He arrived at the Broken Shore and saw a human trying to make a raft for himself. Did this human expect to escape into the sea with this ridiculous raft?

"Sailor, are you heading out to sea?" Lu Li asked.

"Adventurer, I've got nothing you want here. Leave me alone," the escaped slave said angrily. This was just an empowered elite, and Lu Li could take him out by himself, but he couldn't do this because he didn't know what he would drop after he died.

He had stolen so many treasures and the talisman piece was just one of them.

"I heard that you've stolen the riches of Grol, so I came to visit," Lu Li said as he packed away his dagger to show that he was harmless. "Don't get me wrong – I'm impressed."

"Then be impressed, and stay away!" the escaped slave cried out. He was clearly on high alert.

"I've got no bad intentions; I'm just here to check if you need any help," Lu Li said as he took out a dagger with horrible attributes. This was just a rubbish he picked up from the monsters on the way. He showed the dagger to the slave and said, "See this? If you had this dagger, would you still need to use these rock pieces to try and take down trees?"

"What do you want?"

The slave was interested, as with a proper knife, his speed in making the raft would be much quicker.

"Treasure, of course, but I only want one," Lu Li said.

"You want to trade for treasure with a useless knife? Dream on, filthy Elf," the slave said angrily.

"Regardless of its quality, what's important is if it's useful. Can treasures help you take down trees? What if Grol catches up to you? You won't even be able to see the sun tomorrow. Actually, you never know. I've heard that these Dreadmaul Ogres have invented a new way of eating. They'll eat your meat piece by piece before you. If you're lucky, you might be able to see the sun for a few days."

The escaped slave gulped hard; he was frightened.

"The wind out in the sea is so cold. I think you might need a robe, and if you were to run across some Lobstrok, you would need a weapon. It would be even better if you could have a set of equipment – you would be able to take your treasure safely on the way, and even if you ran into some Ogres, you would be able to take them out. And you… my friend, I only want to pick one item from your treasures."

A knife to cut down trees, a warm robe, a heavy battle axe and an armor with Griffon patterns…

The gulping sound of the slave grew louder.

"What is it that you insist on? Why not sit down and have a talk? We can make a fair trade that benefits both of us."

Lu Li was even nice enough to put down a few delicious looking dishes.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

This time, the slave couldn't even control his drool.

The food was the last straw. The poor guy had been eating rubbish everyday ever since he was brought into slavery, and he also had to worry about his survival. Ever since he escaped, he hadn't had a single good meal.

"Just one!"

The slave looked in greed at all that laid before him. If it wasn't for the fact that Lu Li didn't look like an easy target, he would've already tried to rob Lu Li.
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