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When the Warrior player heard what Lu Li had said, he nearly lost it.

Competitors, major guilds, tournaments – concepts like these were too far removed from them. However, in front of these ordinary random players, they were one of the top players already. People had to pay him respect wherever he went, and now, he was asked to lower his head. It was easier to ask him to kill himself instead.

The boss looked at the Warrior player who kept quiet, then bit down hard and finally made a decision.

Everyone saw the Polar Bear logo begin to slowly fade from the chest piece of the Warrior player. The Warrior player had been kicked out of the mercenary group. Not only had he lost face, but he had also lost everything.

This was when the Warrior player finally realized that this was no ordinary trouble that he had caused. He had been through a few games with this boss, and they had always had a good relationship. If it wasn't important, there was no way the boss would do this.

The Warrior can't possibly imagine what it would be like if he was to be kicked out of his mercenary group.

He would become the same as those that he had bullied, and there were many people who probably couldn't wait to take revenge on him. The Warrior looked at his boss and begged with his eyes.

The boss was afraid that the Warrior would say other silly things, so he sent a private message across first.

"We'll sort this out first."

No matter how dumb the Warrior was, he began to understand that all of this started from the man who sat before him with his store. He had really stubbed his toe on a hard nail this time.

"I've cast him out of the mercenary group now and I promise to harshly punish anyone who does anything similar in the future. Please forgive us," the boss begged.

Some of the onlookers were confused. This was just a game; was there really a need to drag their dignity through the mud? Why not just switch games?

Others saw it from another perspective and understood what was happening. It was a common situation in a work place for people to lower their heads.

A major guild like Ruling Sword was definitely capable of making life tough for this mercenary group.

The last thing that mercenary groups wanted to upset would be major guilds. They would rather upset a lone top player, because the damage that they could cause was limited. However, if Ruling Sword asked them to leave Azsharite, there would soon be people hunting down all players in Azsharite with the Polar Bear symbol.

The leader of the hunting group for Ruling Sword was Moonlight. He was a crazy man, and most importantly, he was also a top player.

Lu Li nodded without much care; he could tell what these two were playing. The boss would probably reinvite the Warrior into the mercenary group later.

As for the punishment, Lu Li didn't accept their free Azsharite Crystal – this was their punishment.

It meant that the mercenary group still had to leave Azsharite.

The boss was someone with good judgement and within a few minutes, all the players from the Polar Bear mercenary group left Azsharite. Players with connections quickly found out what was going on behind the scenes.

The Polar Bear mercenary group had accidentally upset someone from Ruling Sword because of the Azsharite Crystal business. 

Then, Ruling Sword made a statement and asked the Polar Bears to leave.

The Polar Bear players left the map and couldn't even be found in nearby maps. They would probably avoid these maps in the future.

It was barely any effort for a major guild to sort out such a small organization of people.

Then, Lu Li gradually purchased the items that he needed. In the blink of an eye, he obtained the 20 Azsharite Crystals which cost him a good sum of money.

This incident was just a small event to Lu Li, but it affected Azsharite for quite some time.

Other guilds also became more cautious, because they don't know what Ruling Sword meant by their actions. Was this just a demonstration of power, or did they want this place to themselves? As for the other clubs, none of them wanted to cross Ruling Sword for something so insignificant.

The ordinary players profited from this, since there was no one guarding the refresh-spots anymore.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Regardless, profit always caused fights. Even without the mercenary groups, the players would still fight amongst themselves.

Next came the forging of the weapon.

Loramus recommended Galvan to Lu Li.

Lu Li knew of Galvan, because Galvan was involved with the making of this accessory called "Glimmering Mithril Insignia". This accessory was known to not only provide resistance, but also an immunity effect to fear.

If it wasn't for the fact that the combined Attributes of the item weren't that great, everyone would have gladly worn one on them.

In that case, all the Bosses that used fear to control players could find a place and cry together.

It was a long journey from Azsharite to Stranglethorn.

Galvan wasn't the kind of NPC to stay put in the city. Lu Li searched for half an hour to find him in a zone between Zulgurub and Mosh'Ogg Ogre Mound.

The NPC wore an old working uniform with a bag of minerals on his shoulder. Whenever he came across some minerals, he would stick his bum up in the air and start digging.

Those who didn't know would think he was a player, but if you thought about it carefully, you would realize that he was quite powerful to be able to hang around Stranglethorn by himself and stay alive.

Stranglethorn was no easy place to survive; it was the most popular PVP zone for Horde and Alliance players in the wild.

Lu Li went up and struck up a conversation straight away, asking Galvan to forge a weapon for him.

Lu Li himself was already a Master tier crafter, but he hadn't reached the next level yet, so he could only make weapons with a recipe in hand. It seemed like Galvan was better than Lu Li by at least one or more levels.

"No time," Galvan declined straight away.

Lu Li thought that the quest would be easier, since he was also a blacksmith himself, and the NPC would be nicer to him because they were both in the same line of work. He didn't expect to be declined straight away.

"Loramus asked me to come over," Lu Li said. He had no choice but to bring out the Demon Hunter again.

The Demon Hunter seemed to have a lot of friends. As soon as Galvan heard the name, he took off his cold mask and asked in surprise, "Where did you see Loramus? Is he still alive?"

"He's still alive; he asked me to have you forge this weapon."

Lu Li couldn't imagine how dangerous it was to be a Demon Hunter. It seemed like all his friends thought he was going to die any moment.

"Give me the material list," Galvan said as he reached out his hands.

Lu Li passed over the list to Galvan, and hoped that he wouldn't ask him to gather these materials. If the list required rare materials, Lu Li might just choose to go bankrupt instead.

"Hetaera?" Galvan shouted and nearly dropped the list to the floor.

Hetaera was just a useless snake with three heads. Was there any need to be so surprised?

"Is he sure that he wants to forge this weapon, and hasn't just sent some silly Elf to fool me?"

Galvan scratched his beard, frustrated and annoyed. His eyes glistened with shock and sorrow.
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