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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 981: Arriving at Darlin Town

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Chapter 981: Arriving at Darlin Town

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Mubai did not think this was a coincidence; such coincidences did not exist in the world. He rushed to his study to investigate Darlin Town and realized it was only an in-descript small town. If that was the case, why would the trees hint at this town?

Mubai even suspected a mysterious energy was guiding him toward Country W's Darlin Town. However, he would not act rashly even though he could not just ignore this.

At the same time, in Country W, Xinghe had received the same hint. By then, Xinghe had survived for a few years in Country W on her own. She would return to visit her father once a year in City T, but when she was alone, her sole focus in life was computer research, computer research, and more computer research.

On this rare day, she went out for a walk, and she realized the curious falling pattern of the trees. Xinghe was sensitive to everything computer related, so she immediately noticed the issue with the pattern. The falling pattern was similar to computer language.

If one leaf represented 0, then two leaves would represent 1, and the basic commands for computers were made up of these 0s and 1s. 0s and 1s could group together to form many different languages. Xinghe easily calculated what the tree leaves were trying to say: Country W, Darlin Town!

Xinghe was already in Country W, and she had heard of Darlin Town, but she had no clue what was so special about the place. Also, why were the leaves acting so weirdly?

At first, Xinghe thought this was a coincidence. She continued on her walk, and she stumbled into another tree. This time, the falling leaves communicated the same message. Then, Xinghe knew it was not a coincidence. Even though she could not explain the mystery behind the falling leaves, she could not ignore the problem anymore. Something was weird about Darlin Town!

Then, should she go there or not?

Xinghe struggled with this question for two days before deciding to depart for the town. After her mother disappeared, she had been looking for her, so she would not give up on any clue, no matter how suspicious it was. She suspected that Darlin Town was related to her mother, perhaps she would find out more about her mother at the town.

Even if she could not, she wanted to know what was drawing her there. Xinghe soon arrived at Darlin Town.

Darlin was a messy, small town by the sea. It had a complicated population and backwards economy. Xinghe was a 16-year-old foreign girl arriving at the town without company; it was bound to attract some glances.

However, those with bad intentions did not dare to approach her. She might be young, but her presence was regal, especially her eyes that seemed to be able to pierce into people's hearts. Those with bad intentions somehow knew they were unable to swindle her.

Furthermore, Xinghe spoke Country W's language fluently and was familiar with the culture there, so they did not have the opportunity to take advantage of her.

After Xinghe arrived at Darlin Town, she found a small hotel for lodging. She chose this hotel because the hotel had a tree in front of it. When she passed, the leaves started falling, and Xinghe read from it: HERE!

Xinghe was shocked when she saw the message. So, it was true that a mysterious power was guiding her there, but for what?

For some reason, Xinghe's instinct told her the mysterious power did not mean harm, so she chose to follow its directions.
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