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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 956: Impressed by Mubai's Farsightedness

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Chapter 956: Impressed by Mubai's Farsightedness

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"Therefore, the antigen in your body can only be explained by an earlier injection of the vaccine. How else are you going to explain its presence?"

"I…" Tong Liang opened her mouth to say but no explanation came out. However, she quickly turned this on Xinghe. "How can I know whether my body really has this antigen or not? Perhaps this is all made up by you! Xia Xinghe, you have the intention of harming humanity, so you want to save He Lan Yuan's lackeys and take advantage of them for your own personal interests. This is all part of your scheme! I have found that out already, that's right, this is all part of your scheme! Everyone, you have to believe me, this is all Xia Xinghe's evil plan, our Tong family is being framed!"

"Framed?" Xinghe laughed. "The issue of the antigen is jointly witnessed by Doctor Lu and many other doctors, so they all are framing you? Also, you are the only one that keeps on harping on about my anti-humanity agenda. If anything, it feels like you are using that to frame me and remove me."

"But you do have an anti-humanity agenda!" Tong Liang stressed like she had found her life-saving straw. "You are harming this country, and this is all part of your plan. The people from the moon base gave you all of their technology, and this virus was created by you. When we tried to capture them earlier, your group tried everything to make things difficult for me and that is more than enough to validate our suspicions. Now that this country has fallen into your hands, you will definitely use it to destroy the world. Xia Xinghe, you are the evil, crazy one. I, Tong Liang, swear on my life that this is part of your grand conspiracy!"

Xinghe suddenly felt impressed by Mubai's farsightedness. The Tong family was indeed going to use this point to attempt to frame her. Alas, Tong Liang had lost her footing and had exposed her plan when the timing was not right. The damage that it would do then was not big.

Xinghe clapped her hands mirthlessly. "This reason you made up sure is interesting, but unfortunately, it does not hold water. You say I have an anti-humanity agenda, then tell me, who stopped He Lan Yuan's plan to dominate the world?

"You say I created the virus, then tell me, how did you know the virus is related to the people from the moon base? Indeed, it is related to them, but this is supposed to be confidential information, so how did you find out about it?

"Then, you say I will use their technology to ruin this world? But I am telling you, I have already handed over all of their technology and have started working on ways to defend against them. So, tell me, who will believe you? If anything, everything you have said only goes to prove your collusion with other foreign forces even further!"

Xinghe's last sentence was so powerful that it could be heard throughout the congress hall. Tong Liang subconsciously took two steps back, and her face could no longer hide the trace of fear. Noticing that, everyone knew who was in the right.

The Vice President picked up where Xinghe left off. "And the fact that you have used hypnosis to harm the President has also been exposed!"


Tong Liang and Tianrong's eyes grew even bigger. Everyone else was shocked.

"Mr. Vice President, you mean they are responsible for…"

"Yes." The Vice President nodded and continued, "I suppose it is time to tell everyone the truth. According to our investigation, we suspect other countries have colluded with He Lan Yuan."
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