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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 954: Exposed

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Chapter 954: Exposed

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Tianrong and Tong Liang held on to Xinghe's small social faux pas and decided to use it to ruin her reputation. Then tomorrow, they would unleash the evidence to frame and ruin her! They would make her pay for standing in the way of their plan!

Alas, no matter what they said, Xinghe remained unmoved. Even the people around her did not show much of a reaction.

"Are you two done?" Xinghe asked with a raised brow.

Tong Liang was incensed once more witnessing Xinghe's infuriating serenity. "Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that‽ Or you dare say we are wrong‽"

"Indeed." Xinghe's eyes hardened and she added icily, "You two are wrong on so many levels."

"What do you mean‽" Tong Liang was beyond furious.

Xinghe smiled coolly and said, "What do I mean? I'm sure you know what I mean."

Tong Liang and Tianrong were startled.

"You little baby girl who is still sucking her mama's tits, it is one thing to look down on others, now you're throwing random accusations? I, Tong Tianrong, swear on my life, I will fight you until my last breath! You blind asses might have chosen her, but the citizens of Hwa Xia will not be swindled by this woman. I will expose you and tell the whole world what kind of depraved woman you are! And I dare to say those words now because I am not afraid of you coming to seek me for vengeance. Whoever dares to side with her will be the Tong family's mortal enemies!" Tianrong roared loudly; he thought he was able to stun everyone there into submission.

Alas, Xinghe only smiled to herself and said, "Are you done?"

"You…" Tianrong was ready to blow an aneurysm. Is this woman really not afraid of me?

Not only was Xinghe not afraid of him, she inspired more majesty than him. "If you're done, then follow the police to the police station to aid with the investigation quietly!"

"Investigation?" Tong Liang looked at her with a frown. "What are you talking about?"

Xinghe stared back at her and demanded sternly, "Tong Liang, what is done at night appears in the morning. You really think the strings your Tong family has been pulling in the dark have escaped our detection?"

Tong Liang and Tianrong were stunned, and their faces immediately paled.

"Xia Xinghe, what are you talking about? You can't go around slandering people's names, what strings we have pulled? If you dare, then say it out loud for everyone to examine," Tong Liang retorted ferociously even though her heart was shaking. Her acting was to be commended.

"Fine, then I will lay it out for you," Xinghe announced severely, "Both of you have colluded with foreign forces to harm this country and its people. To take the president's seat, your Tong family has done so many deplorable and disgusting things, did you really think they would not be found out?"

Tianrong and Tong Liang's brains were blown in smithereens. There was abject fear in their eyes from the sudden exposure of their crimes. They really did not see this coming. It was a flash of lightning in broad day light…

"Nonsense!" Tianrong, with his decades of political experience, immediately turned his expression around. "Our Tong family has always put this country first, so how dare you slander our name like this. Xia Xinghe, you need to have proof before you say those words. If you cannot show us any proof, then I, Tong Tianrong, will personally end you!"

"You want proof?" Xinghe scoffed before pointing directly at Tong Liang and said sharply, "The fact that she has the virus' antigen in her body is the best proof."

Tong Liang issued a singular laugh. "Naturally my body will have the antigen after I took the vaccine shot. Have you lost your mind…"
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