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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 928: Assassinated

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Chapter 928: Assassinated

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Xinghe agreed with him. "Yes, we can only focus on the Tong family and see what they are up to."

"The Tong family is not as simple as you might imagine; they keep a low profile, but they're actually very influential. Plus, they have been close to the center of power for many years. They are familiar with the President's physical condition, or else they would not have come after him this time," Mubai reminded her.

Xinghe's eyes shuddered. "Harming the President is part of their plan?"

"They are probably planning something bigger than that," Mubai said coldly. "I suspect their ambitions are similar to the Lin family's."

Xinghe was startled. The Lin family's ambitions were to take the president's place; it looked like the Tong family was planning to do the same.

"It's Tong Liang!" Comprehension dawned on Xinghe suddenly. "She wants that seat! No wonder she has been doing all that ostentatious charity work."

Mubai smirked coldly. "To think that this woman, for the sake of achieving her own selfish goal, is willing to sell out her own country. If Hwa Xia falls into that woman's hands, it really will be over."

"They must be planning to help Tong Liang gain the post and then make use of her by controlling her. After all, Hwa Xia is not a country small enough for them to consume directly. However, if they have a puppet president, they can suck it dry from within. This should their plan; they want to have full control over Hwa Xia." Xinghe managed to piece the other party's plan together just like that.

Mubai stared at her in admiration. "It has to be. Then this tragedy is probably more daunting than the one before."

Earlier, when He Lan Yuan was threatening the world, at least the world was on their side, but this time, their enemy was the rest of the world. In other words, they were being attacked on all sides; their situation was definitely not optimistic. Xinghe's eyes darkened. For some reason, boiling hot anger surged through her.

"Humanity just survived a crisis, but instead of figuring out a way to cooperate and be strong as a whole, it happens again; in the blink of an eye, they are now using He Lan Yuan to come at us! This kind of heartless scum, we mustn't let them succeed."

Mubai was worried about something else. "The virus outbreak was resolved way earlier than they expected, and it barely caused this country any damage. This must have disturbed their plan, and I suspect they will make another move soon."

The moment Mubai said that, both of their phones suddenly rang. This phone call seemed to be an omen of worse things to come. Instantly, they felt assaulted by a great feeling of dread. Xinghe and Mubai shared a look with each other and accepted the call at the same time.

Soon, their faces shifted!

An attempt had been made on the President's life, and his situation was critical!

Both of them sprang up from their seats due to the shock value of the news.

"Go to the hospital now!" Xinghe and Mubai exclaimed in unison. No matter how they tried to put themselves in their opponent's shoes, they would not have thought that the other nations would attempt to assassinate the President.

The news was so shocking and sudden that even Xinghe and Mubai found themselves unable to maintain their composure. They rushed the hospital, and along the way, they saw police cars and armored cars filling the streets.

The hospital was filled to the brim with soldiers, and barricades were set up almost everywhere.

Xinghe's group needed to pass through many investigations and inspections. However, due to Xinghe's unique identity, they were eventually allowed access. Normal citizens weren't allowed to be even near the hospital.

The whole of City A was in panic. No one knew for certain what had happened, but they knew it had to have been something huge.
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