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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 921: Laughing Stock

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Chapter 921: Laughing Stock

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Xinghe was a master in the art of speech as well. She too was snidely commenting on Tong Liang's proclivity to stick her hands into business that did not concern her.

Tong Liang brushed off the sarcasm and smiled. "As Miss Xia said, desperate times call for desperate measures. However, you are completely inexperienced at this job, so you have to be careful lest you bring shame to our country."

"I had no idea Miss Tong loves our country so much, that is surprising," Xinghe said with a light smile, but Tong Liang's face shifted.

"Xia Xinghe, what do you mean by that? What's so surprising about my love for this country?" Tong Liang demanded in a voice loud enough for the both of them.

Xinghe ignored her and turned to address others. "The time is almost upon us, we can go out now."

"Okay. Little Xia, I will sit beside you, so don't worry, you can leave the questions that are too hard to me," the eldest Ambassador Zhou told her kindly.

"Thank you, senior Zhou," Xinghe said with appreciation before they moved outside. She had completely ignored Tong Liang's presence. Tong Liang laughed coldly to herself before moving to catch up to them.

She wanted to see for herself how Xinghe juggled that many reporters. She was ready to see Xinghe make a fool of herself!

As the group of ambassadors came out, numerous reporters seemed to wake up from their slumber as the cameras pointed at them. To be more accurate, all the cameras pointed at Xinghe. She was the main character, the one with all the newsworthiness.

However, Xinghe was not responsible for the opening speech, she left that to Ambassador Zhou. She was only going to speak during the press Q&A.

After they were all seated, Ambassador Zhou started his speech. He first thanked the attendance of everyone there before launching into the topic of the virus outbreak. He ended with Xinghe's appointment and how she was appointed to smooth over international relations that had gotten rocky recently.

"I know you all are surprised by Miss Xia's sudden appointment and have many questions for her. The floor is open now and you can ask her any question you like, and she will represent Hwa Xia to answer some important questions." The moment Ambassador Zhou said that, almost the whole room of reporters raised their hands.

The reporters had media tags before them and were seated according to their affiliation. The area was clearly marked, showing clearly which country they were representing. Xinghe had a clear view of this from her seat.

If she was clever, she would avoid questions from Country W and Country C's reporters. These two countries were hounding after Hwa Xia recently and thus their questions would be incredibly sharp.

However, Xinghe's first choice was a reporter from Country W. When she extended her hand to point at the reporter, everyone was shocked. Isn't she afraid this will make things difficult for her?

The reporter stood up excitedly and purposely posed the question in Country W's language. "Miss Xia, I wish to know whether this virus outbreak is related to you and your country or not? After all, it is because of your academic competition that this tragedy happened. Therefore, has it not crossed your mind that it is because of you and the fact that you have harmed so many innocent people that Hwa Xia's relationship with other countries has become so precarious?"

The question was indeed sharp! He was basically openly slandering Xinghe.
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