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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 92: Hello, Readers

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Chapter 92: Hello, Readers

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"How can she not be your sister?" Xiao Mo was taken aback.

Xia Zhi proffered his hypothesis excitedly, seeing as he had managed to hook in an audience, "Have you heard of reincarnation?"

"Reincarnation? Like religiously speaking?" Xiao Mo, who had never read web novels, confused the genre with the more common meaning.

"No, reincarnation is…"

"Zhi, there is a mole on your left butt cheek, right?" Xinghe said over his voice.

Xia Zhi coughed violently and swallowed the rest of his words. He was at a loss while a faint blush rose to his face…

"Sis, could you not reveal such private information so cavalierly?" Xia Zhi groused.

Xinghe replied with a smile, "Then, I request you to not reveal my extremely private reincarnation so easily as well."

"…" Xia Zhi found it extremely difficult to smile back.

"So, you were saying…" Xiao Mo urged but Xia Zhi interrupted him instantly, "That's all I will say about my sister's life because I respect her privacy. I will not reveal anything even if you beg me!"

"No, I'm curious why Miss Xia knows there's a mole on your butt."

"Dude, that's the detail you focus on‽" Xia Zhi was speechless. To prevent a misunderstanding, he still kindly explained, "I was stung on my behind by bees when I was seven, you can picture the rest…"

"But why do the bees only target your butt?" Xiao Mo had a follow up. Xia Zhi rolled his eyes, "How would I know? I'm going back to work!"

Xinghe offered to fill in the blanks, "Oh, I do! I remember it was because Zhi…"

"Sis—!" Xia Zhi yelped and glared threateningly at her, adding, "I will kill myself if you say another word."

"…" Xinghe blinked a few times before turning back to the computer screen, saying, "Alright, then let's all get back to work."

Xiao Mo put his foot down, "Miss Xia, you can't tease us like that… The audience's still waiting..."

"You are the only one in the audience, the readers don't count!"

"Of course, the readers do count! Without them, who are we? We owe them that much…"

"We have to keep certain things a mystery okay? This way they'll keep coming back for more."

"I assure you, they won't be coming back if you don't finish the story…"

"You two standing there yapping, is the plot going to write itself?" Xinghe leveled them an icy stare, forcing Xiao Mo and Xia Zhi back to their respective workstation.

"When will the next phase of the plan start?" After some time, Xiao Mo raised his head and asked, he was more than ready to tear his nemesis apart.

Xinghe lifted her eyes off the computer screen and with a curious smile on her face said, "One week's time."

One week?

Xiao Mo flipped through his mental itinerary and realized why.

One week later would be Hwa Xia's annual Hacker Competition.

Because of the occasion, it would also be the inspection day for the nation's most influential computer security authority.

All security software would enter the inspection, because only the software that passed the inspection would get into the market.

The top three security software packages would normally become the hottest sale items the year after.

But the biggest benefit was for the winner.

Aside from having a confirmed good sales number, the company behind it would have the chance to work with Xi Empire. The software could be incorporated into Xi Empire's newest operating system.

And almost 70 percent of Hwa Xia used Xi Empire's operating system.

If Xi Empire was willing to carry the security software, the company's future would be set because their product would be introduced to a large market.
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