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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 905: Galaxy Academy

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Chapter 905: Galaxy Academy

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The difference in such upbringing brought a heavy pall over SamWolf's hearts. The first to lament was surprisingly, Wolf. He said suddenly, "The children here are very fortunate."

Everyone turned to look at him with surprise, hearing his husky voice. Ali then sighed. "You're right, I always had the dream of attending school when I was a little girl. I just wanted to have an education; I didn't even dare to hope for a school as gorgeous as this."

"Don't feel down, after all, none of us have been to school. Look at it this way, we are now part of a school-building project; we will be able to help those children who aren't as lucky as us," Sam said with optimism.

Ali nodded with a smile. "You're right, this is a kind of dream come true for me as well."

Xinghe turned to look at them and suddenly said, "In the future, all of you can come and attend this school."

SamWolf looked at her with shock. "What did you say?"

Xinghe said clearly, "This academy will not always limit itself to unique talents, eventually it will open its doors to the world. When that day comes, you all will be the first in line to enroll. You can attend any classes that you want."

This was the thank you she could give them and the thank you they deserved.

Saying that SamWolf were excited would be an understatement.

"We can really attend school here?"

"We can still go to school?"

"But we don't know anything…"

The few of them who could kill without batting an eye suddenly felt incredibly nervous. This was because the school had always held a sacred place in their hearts. Could the few of them who had no academic knowledge really have the chance to attend school?

Xinghe nodded firmly. "You can! You all are more than qualified to enroll here; your fees will be nullified, and this offer will be extended to your children as well."

This was the extra Xinghe threw in for them. SamWolf felt warmth wash over them, and they looked at her with strong emotions in their eyes.

"Xinghe, thank you," Ali said sincerely. "With that promise alone, I swear to protect this academy with my life! For this academy, I am willing to do anything!"

Sam added with a bright smile, "Me too, this academy is our effort as well. We will fight to the death against anyone who dares to challenge the formation of this academy!"

Cairn and Wolf also nodded with determination.

Xinghe smiled. "Okay, we will open this academy today. We will never give up."

"Okay!" the few of them replied in unison. With the sunlight filtering through the verdant trees, they made that precious promise.

Watching them, Mubai could feel every one of their cells boiling. A smile appeared on his face as he acted as the witness to their promise. He would keep this memory in his mind for as long as he lived.

Xinghe's academy was soon established. Mubai was highly proficient in his business. He not only helped her purchase a compound but also hired a powerful management team for her.

Xinghe only needed to come up with a general plan; the team would handle the rest.

SamWolf only had one request regarding this academy, that was for it to be named: Galaxy Academy!

Xinghe was speechless regarding this decision.

The whole world was familiar with Project Galaxy; the term Galaxy was famous all over the world. Even the control tower designed by Xinghe was called Galaxy Control Tower.

Now they wanted to name the academy Galaxy as well… wouldn't that cheapen the name?

Obviously, Ali and the rest did not think that way.
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