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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 900: They Are Like That

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Chapter 900: They Are Like That

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Old Madam Shen added with pride, "That's right, our Xinghe is the best. Even such a big crisis was no match for you; no one is be better than you in this world."

Xinghe shook her head. "Actually, I am not the one who solved this crisis."

"It was not you?" Elder Shen was confused. "How can it not be you? The whole world saw you do it."

"I was merely following the instructions left behind by my mother."

Elder Shen and Old Madam Shen were stunned. Her mother was their daughter…

"Your mother, you have found her?" That was Elder Shen's first reaction; he almost coughed out the question.

"No, she left me with the method a long time ago. It was why I was able to foil He Lan Yuan's evil plot so successfully."

Elder Shen was startled once more. He did not understand it. "She left it with you? What do you mean by that?"

Xinghe did not hide the truth from them and told them everything about her mother, including the fact that she was the mastermind behind Project Galaxy. The two elders were stunned speechless for quite a long time. They knew Xinghe's mother was a really capable woman, but even so, they did not expect her to be responsible for the crisis that almost destroyed the world…

"There must some kind of secret we are not aware of. I do not believe my daughter would do something like this, or else she would not have gone through the trouble of leaving the method to hack the system with you," Elder Shen said firmly.

Old Madam Shen also added, "Even if she did, she is still my daughter, of course, I believe that she wouldn't."

This was how they were, always ready to shield one of their own. Xinghe was appreciative of their concern, but she was not someone who was blinded by emotions.

"Actually, I also believed she had her reasons for doing all of this, therefore, I wish to locate her and help those victims who were involved in this tragedy."

"Victims?" Elder Shen asked.

"That's right." Xinghe nodded. "I'm referring to the people who followed me back from the moon. They were the innocent victims of this conspiracy. They have now been quarantined by the United Nations and probably will not see freedom again in this life. Therefore, I wish to help them, to aid them get the freedom they deserve."

"But why would the United Nations quarantine them against their will?"

This involved plenty of sensitive topics. Mubai explained in broad strokes, but Elder Shen understood immediately. After all, he had spent his whole life around the center of power; he could see immediately what the United Nations were up to.

Perhaps the quarantine was to balance the power structure between the countries, or perhaps they wanted to take advantage of these people for their hidden scheme. Either way, from a certain perspective, they were not wrong in their actions.

However, since Xinghe wanted to rescue those people, they could not sit idle either.

Elder Shen contemplated for a while before asking her, "Then what is your plan?"

Xinghe answered, "I plan to open an academy here; I wish to get your support."

"Open an academy?" Elder Shen did not veto her suggestion, but he asked, "It is not an issue if you want to open an education academy, but how big will it be?"

"The size doesn't matter, but this academy must be the best," Xinghe said determinedly.

Elder Shen was taken aback. "But why an academy?"

"To help those people. I still cannot reveal the details for now, and I wish to get this started as soon as possible, I have enough monetary assets, I only wish for your support."
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