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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 889: Such Small Hope

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Chapter 889: Such Small Hope

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"But you will not be allowed to continue your earlier research. In other words, you'll be free islanders living a normal life, is that not the life you all want?"

"The life we want is a life with absolute freedom!"

Not one where they were under constant surveillance, and not one where they were not even allowed to step foot off the island.

Even though Tong Liang had said this period of observation was going only to last several years, they had a feeling this woman's words could not be trusted. If they really wanted to assimilate them into the general public, why would they sequester them on a tiny island?

This was no different from a sentence on Rikers Island. They would be locked up and never be given the freedom that they desperately hoped for. The point was, they would be the only ones on the island. No one was allowed entry and exit, and there would not be a normal society and open environment, so what was the meaning of life?

What was the difference between that and their lives on the moon base? They could still survive on the moon because they had a spiritual reservoir. They still had their research to focus on, so they could still enjoy the results of their research, but this island would take that away as well. Essentially, they were going to spend the rest of their lives waiting for death.

"No, we will not go." Shi Jian shook his head firmly. "You might as well kill me, as I will not suffer another life of emptiness and hopelessness."

"He's right, we will not subject ourselves to life like that again, and you have no right to treat us like this. We will not surrender to your demands, never!"

"The only way you can take us to that island is if you take our bodies there!"

Shi Jian and the guys started revolting. No one was going to help them, so they had to save themselves, to fight this unfair treatment to its bitter end.

Tong Liang's smile faded, and iciness entered her gaze. "I am sorry, but your death is not even your decision anymore. We have given you all the best we can, so your rejection is null. Major George, we have wasted much time, take them all away."

George's lips were stretched to a thin line and he announced, "Please follow us obediently, this is your only choice."

"We will not." Shi Jian glared at him and there was a deadly determination in his every word. "You have no right to toy with us like this, and we will not go unless you kill us."

"Mr. Shi, this is the decision passed by the United Nations; no one can change or violate it." Even though George pitied them, he put his responsibility as soldier first. "So, resistance is futile. Please follow us, there might still be hope in the future."

Shi Jian replied sarcastically, "Do you really think there is still hope? What hope?"

"As long as you are alive, there is always hope," George said firmly.

Shi Jian shook his head dumbly. "No, there is no hope, we cannot do this again. When we were selected by the He Lan family, we were surviving on hope. After so many years, we finally got to see it come into fruition. But now, our hope has been destroyed yet again."
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