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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 89: Not Beat, but Demolish!

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Chapter 89: Not Beat, but Demolish!

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"You and your sister are welcome to stay here until you find a house to your liking," Xinghe said as she ushered them into their room.

The room had French windows that opened onto a balcony, a plush carpet, and all the basic amenities. Xiao Mo couldn't help but get a little teary-eyed.

This was the first time he stayed in a room like that.

However, his gut told him this was just the beginning of the positive changes that Xinghe would bring to his life…

"Miss Xia, you haven't told me why you brought me here." Xiao Mo asked politely.

He felt like he should be doing something in return; hold up his end of the bargain so to speak.

"I've found your sister a temporary nanny. Come find me at the basement after you get everything settled," Xinghe said lightly.

Then, she turned to leave.

Xiao Mo swallowed the 'thank you' that was at the tip of his tongue.

Words would only cheapen the occasion because he knew what Xinghe wanted was not his appreciation but his collaboration.

After bidding his sister farewell, Xiao Mo rushed to the basement.

The villa had a spacious basement that was originally used as a storage room. After Xinghe reclaimed the house, she cleared out the rubbish and transformed it into a workroom.

When Xiao Mo pushed open the basement door, he was shocked by the view that unfolded before him.

The well-lit basement was filled to the brim with computers and their accessories.

Some of the computers were taller than himself. Practically every model on the market could be found in that basement.

Every computer was running and their screens showed codes that he was both familiar with and was frightened by…

Xinghe and Xia Zhi sat around a wooden table put in the center of the room, discussing a stack of documents that was between the two of them.

When Xinghe saw him, she said, "Come join us, we'll bring you up to speed."

Xiao Mo recovered from his shock, walked over, and sat across the table from both of them. Xinghe passed him a document binder and explained in broad stroke what her plan was, "Currently, Zhi and I are writing a PC manager software that will combine the functions of anti-virus, internet security, data defragmentation and the likes. This here is our proposal. Take a look at it and if there's no question, I'll give you your assignment in a moment and your work will start today."

Xiao Mo stared dumbfounded at the binder that was in his hands. Never in a million years could he have guessed the cooperation Xinghe spoke of was to get him to be her software engineer.

Then again, this was the only thing that he was slightly good at…


"Miss Xia, there are better programmers out there. Why did you want me for this job? I don't think I'll be any good at it."

Xia Zhi tried to convince him otherwise, "Brother Xiao, you're being too modest. You're the original creator for King Kong Internet Security. That impressive software alone proved how good you are at your work. So, don't look down on yourself."

Xiao Mo chuckled self-deprecatingly the moment Xia Zhi mentioned King Kong Internet Security.

"That was so many years ago, I have long been eliminated by the computer world."

Xinghe concluded with a smile, "The fact that I was willing to go through all the troubles to find you means that I believe you have it in you. Pure talent is not something that can be eroded with time. Yes, there may be other better programmers out there but I need the one that dares to go up against Chui Ming."

Xiao Mo had a light-bulb moment.

"You intend to use this software to beat King Kong Internet Security?"

"Not beat, but demolish!" Xinghe enunciated with force.

Xiao Mo stared at Xinghe like she was crazy.
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