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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 880: Cannot Join Us

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Chapter 880: Cannot Join Us

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The ambassador smiled encouragingly. "It's okay, you can name anything you want."

"I have nothing to ask," Sam said smartly. "The only reason I went to the moon was to protect my friend, I did say I wanted nothing more than that."

The ambassador smiled. "Mr. Sam's modesty is mighty impressive. No matter, when you think of a reward in the future, do not hesitate to tell us. What about Mr. Xi and Miss Xia, is there anything you wish for?"

Xinghe shared a look with Mubai, and she shook her head. "We don't need anything, I just wish to know what will happen to them."

The ambassador visibly hesitated. Xinghe saw this and knew something was wrong. She stressed, "The only thing I wish to get in return is to know what the United Nations plan to do with the people from the moon. I want to hear the truth."

The ambassadors looked at each other and started discussing on their own. "Fine, you deserve to know the truth. After several days of discussion, United Nations plan to not do anything with them."

"Not do anything?" Xinghe was confused. "You wish for them to survive on their own? That works, we will be responsible for their basic needs."

"Miss Xia, you misunderstood us," the eldest ambassador said. "We will not do anything to them, but we will not let them survive on their own either."

"What do you mean by that?" Sam blurted out his question. Xinghe and Mubai's expression turned severe. The earlier merry mood also turned solemn.

The ambassadors chose to come clean. "It means we will limit their freedom and will care for them for life. But we will not arrange work for them because they will not be a part of human society."

"Why not?" Sam was curious. "They too are human beings, so why can't they be a part of human society? You people really think they are aliens? They are humans, humans like you and me."

"We know, but they are not normal humans; they are humans who once planned to destroy the Earth."

"But He Lan Yuan is the real mastermind behind that. It was not their intention. They have switched sides by helping us take down He Lan Yuan."

"Therefore, we chose to not harm them and allow them a peaceful life. It is impossible for us to pretend nothing ever happened and let them live a normal life. We have to put the safety of humanity first," the eldest ambassador stressed; what they said was logical.

Xinghe's group remained silent after that.

The ambassador consoled them, "I know you feel this arrangement is unfair, but we cannot trust them implicitly. No one can tell whether there are still some of He Lan Yuan's followers among them. We cannot allow these ticking time bombs to live among humans, no one can shoulder that responsibility. Therefore, we have decided to quarantine them, that is the best solution."

"What is the concrete plan for them?" Xinghe asked softly in a level tone.

The ambassador answered, "The United Nations will build an island for them and quarantine them there. There will be guards who watch over them, but they are allowed freedom to wander the island, and their basic needs will be taken care of. As long as they do not leave the small island and create no issues, their lives will be fine."

Another ambassador chimed in, "That is the best ending we can give them."
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