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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 88: Advantages (End of the Real Creator Arc)

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Chapter 88: Advantages (End of the Real Creator Arc)

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Truth be told, Xinghe was surprised Xiao Mo accepted her offer so quickly.

She had underestimated how deep his hatred for Chui Ming went…

"Are you sure? I will let you know that there is no going back once you accept my offer."

Xiao Mo gave another round of wicked laughs, adding, "Do you know how much I want to kill Chui Ming? Don't worry, this is one decision that I will not regret!"

"Good, I appreciate your bravery." Xinghe nodded satisfactorily, what she wanted was his determination to kill Chui Ming.

Xiao Mo calmed down enough to ask, "When do you want me to make the move? But before that, you have to provide some evidence that you won't renege on your words."

"We'll start tomorrow," Xinghe passed him a torn paper, adding, "Come to this address tomorrow and bring your sister."

Xiao Mo took the paper, scanned the address on it and nodded. "Okay, no problem."

Xia Zhi who happened to return then heard what Xiao Mo said and asked happily, "Sis, you're all finished here already?"

Xinghe stood up and posed her own question, "The problem's taken care of?"

Xia Zhi frowned slightly thinking about the snobbish couple and replied, "Yup, I've given them the money. Also, I took out an extra 10000 RMB just like you ordered."

Xinghe received the money and set it lightly on the table, she told Xiao Mo, "This is for you. We shall await your arrival tomorrow."

Xiao Mo too stood up and responded sincerely, "I will be there. You have my words."

Xia Zhi had no idea what they were talking about but when he saw Xiao Mo's grave expression, he slapped him jokingly on his arms and said with a big smile, "Dude, why the long face? Relax, this is a good thing we're doing."

Relax? It was easier said than done.

Also, since when did murder become a good thing? Xiao Mo must have missed the memo.

Xia Zhi continued with pride in his voice, "I assure you there're so many advantages from working with my sister."

Like jail time and the noose? thought Xiao Mo bitterly.

Curiosity struck Xia Zhi when he noticed Xiao Mo remained tightly wound. Does he hate working with us that much?

Thing is we are really doing something good.

Humor entered Xinghe's eyes when she turned to leave. She gave Xiao Mo a cryptic parting word.

"Do you believe everything a woman tells you? Sleep well tonight, your future is wide open. No jailtime for you."

A stunned Xiao Mo stood transfixed watching her leave.

After the engine of the Ferrari could no longer be heard, his mouth curved into a funny smile.

He still had no idea what he had gotten himself into but for some reason, he felt it couldn't be something bad. It was like what the guy said, they were going to do some good things.

Xiao Mo stared at the money left on his table and his heart was a complicated mess.

He sat down on the bed and talked to Xiao Lin's emaciated frame, "Sis, our luck seems to be changing. I promise you, I'll cure your illness and give you the best life you can possibly imagine. Other than that, I will also make Chui Ming pay!"

When the two words, Chui Ming were mentioned, a flash of vengeance appeared in Xiao Lin's vacant eyes.

The next morning, Xiao Mo appeared at Xia Family's villa with Xiao Lin in tow. They carried whatever little luggage they had with them.

Xia Zhi who had a good impression of Xiao Mo welcomed them with warmth.

Chengwu had been hoping for more company around the house so he too welcomed them with open arms.

He had a vague idea that the few of them were up to something big but he wasn't really sure what that was. He decided to not to pry and leave the young'uns alone.

Xinghe arranged their own rooms for them. The villa was too big for the three of them anyway so there were plenty of empty rooms to go around.
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