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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 867: Because I Have Ruined You

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Chapter 867: Because I Have Ruined You

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He Lan Yuan was stunned. Then a great ball of fire expanded from within his chest.

"Not mine?" He glared venomously at Xinghe, spitting out his every word. "You say these achievements are not mine? How dare you claim that they are not mine, how dare you humiliate me thusly—"

He Lan Yuan was practically screaming at this point. His dry, slender neck was pulled tout, and a few veins on his forehead were close to popping. If he were any angrier, he would have died from an aneurysm.

His screams were so loud that almost everyone in the ship heard him. Shi Jian and the rest still jumped from his scream, because their fear for He Lan Yuan had been drilled into them when they were young. They all tensed unconsciously when they heard him yell.

"He has gone crazy!" Sam glared and was ready to push open the door to teach this old coot a lesson but was stopped by Mubai.

"Don't go in."

"Why not?" Sam questioned. "Did you not hear him scream at Xinghe? He is crazy, what if he harms Xinghe?"

Mubai laughed and said, "What kind of harm do you think he can do? Xinghe told us all to not go disturb her or else we might spoil her plan."

Sam instantly conceded. Xinghe always had an end goal in mind that he could never understand; it seemed like only Mubai understood her. Since he'd said she had a plan, then it was probably true. After all, the most He Lan Yuan could do was yell at Xinghe, and he knew Xinghe would not be affected by something like that.

"Considering the person you are, this level of humiliation is being kind to you." She stared at him and said with a cold smile, "You have the face to claim these accomplishments as yours. From how I see it, your only accomplishment is grooming the real creators behind these accomplishments!"

"What did you say?" He Lan Yuan widened his eyes.

Xinghe stood up gracefully and looked down at him. "You used some despicable methods to cultivate a group of geniuses to work for you, otherwise, how could someone of your caliber even dare to go up against the world? Alas, even with so many talents working for you and years of preparation, you still could not take down the work. This is because you are rotten within and even the gods want to punish you. Every living person in the world wants to see you dead. If you are not useless then what are you? In this whole wide world, you are the most useless creature there is and will ever be!"

"You…" He Lan Yuan was speechless from anger, so much so that his eyes almost popped out of their sockets. "How dare you talk to me like this! No one dares talk to me like this, how dare you deny everything that I have done, how… who are you to judge me‽"

"I am the person who ruined everything that you have worked for, is that not enough?" Xinghe answered plainly. He Lan Yuan froze in his seat and despair washed away the anger in his eyes. Yes, she had ruined everything for him…

Sometimes it only needed one sentence to bring a person down. He Lan Yuan's confidence, arrogance, and conceit seemed to crumble before Xinghe. He seemed to visibly deflate in his seat, and in that instant, he looked more like the fragile old man that he was. This was most obvious in his eyes which had lost their glow and they looked just like the eyes of a dead man.

"Do you know why I was able to ruin you so completely?" Xinghe's cold and clear voice rang out above his head.

He Lan Yuan was suddenly reminded of the words Xinghe told him just before she took over control of his satellites.
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