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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 865: Depart!

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Chapter 865: Depart!

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Shi Jian did not understand. "Thank ourselves?"

Xinghe nodded and said matter-of-factly, "Yes, it is because you all yearned for a better future that you decided to detain He Lan Yuan. It is because of this that I was willing to come and save you. Therefore, you should thank yourselves for taking the first step."

If they'd continued to be He Lan Yuan's pawns, their futures would not have changed. Only by siding with the good could salvation be theirs. Shi Jian and the rest's feelings were complicated after listening to Xinghe. So, they had saved themselves…

"Regardless, Miss Xia, we are still greatly in your debt. Without you and your friends, freedom would have been impossible for us. Therefore, we will remember what you have done for us as long as we live," Shi Jian still said with heartfelt appreciation.

Mubai said with a curved smile, "If you really want to show your appreciation toward her, then be stand-up humans after you all return to Earth."

"That is for sure," Shi Jian and the rest answered excitedly. Their eyes were glowing with anticipation. They were like new-born babies, excited to welcome a new life. A single outburst of laughter was enough to tickle them greatly, so they could not wait to experience the full range of human emotion. Therefore, they greatly anticipated their return to Earth.

"Miss Xia, now that the barrier is open, we can leave at any time. Do you still have anything that needs to be done? If not, then we will depart right away," Shi Jian enquired with utmost respect. Shi Jian and the rest looked at her with great admiration and respect; they were willing to follow her arrangements.

Xia Xinghe shook her head. "There's nothing else. Let's depart if you're all ready; there is no reason to stay at this place anymore."

"Yes!" Shi Jian answered with authority, but his eyes could not help but fall on He Lan Yuan and his lackey who were unconscious.

"Miss Xia, why did you save them?" he asked. He Lan Yuan was Earth's most wanted man and the other almost caused all of them to die there. She should not have wasted her time and energy to go save them.

Xinghe looked at their unconscious bodies and said lightly, "They were conveniently on our way here and He Lan Yuan is still useful to me."

She was going to pry her mother's location out of him. Shi Jian seemed to understand what she meant, so he did not ask anymore. He moved to prepare for lift off.

Xinghe and her group tied up He Lan Yuan and his lackey to prevent them from creating any more disturbances. Very soon, all the spaceships were ready to leave. With one order, they would leave the moon base and return home—Earth!

Shi Jian passed the mantle of leadership to Xinghe, but Xinghe was not interested in leading them, so she passed it to Mubai instead.

"Attention Ship One!" Mubai took over the communicator and looked out into the vast space and ordered seriously, "Prepare for take off!"

"Yes sir!" Spaceship One started its engine and successfully entered space. When they left the moon base, other than Xinghe's group, everyone else had tears in their eyes. They were finally going to leave that godforsaken place.

The levitation of Spaceship One meant the advent of their freedom…

Mubai continued to order, "Spaceship Two, prepare for lift off!"

"Yes, sir!" Spaceship Two also successfully lifted off into space.
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