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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 862: Waste Not One Second

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Chapter 862: Waste Not One Second

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Xinghe did not expect such an overwhelming show of support; she was touched… but it was still not enough to soften her resolve.

She shook her head and said, "None of you can crack this system, only I can. I am not choosing to stay back because I want to, but I have to. No matter whether I stay or leave, I do not think I have a chance of walking out here alive, so in that case, I would rather give you all a chance at life. If you all really want to show your appreciation, then leave now and stop wasting time. Listen to my order, everyone go and make the necessary preparations because there might still be a solution to salvage this situation, but that is definitely not going to happen with all of us standing here. Only after you all have escaped can you come to save me, so get moving now! Whoever stays here to argue any more is actively harming everyone's chance at survival!"

Xinghe's speech rendered them speechless because they found no way to rebut. She was absolutely right, so they could follow her orders obediently.

Shi Jian turned around immediately and ordered with authority, "Attention, move out towards the spaceships now. Make sure all preparations are done!"

"Yes, sir!" Everyone replied in unison. No one dared to dally, and they started moving. However, Sam and Mubai remained unmoved.

Xinghe looked towards Sam and said, "You also need to go."

Sam scoffed, "Impossible! I…"

"Go, now!" Xinghe yelled at him. "I am not in need of your sacrifice. You have to return to Earth safety to complete this mission."

"Who cares about the mission if you're not coming back with us‽" Sam roared angrily in return.

Mubai suddenly grabbed his sleeves and hissed severely, "Then go figure out a way for us to get out of this with none of us dying. For now, you have to ensure your safety so that you can save us. Go fetch two spacesuits now!"

Sam was taken aback as comprehension dawned.

"I will go now!" He shrugged Mubai off and rushed out of the room. Xinghe looked at Mubai, the latter's eyes were austere enough to deter any living being from making eye-contact with him.

"What are you standing there for, you should start working on the defense system," he reminded her in a weirdly calm and gentle voice.

Xinghe opened her mouth to say something but she finally decided against it and started focusing on the computer. She did not have the luxury of time to do this with him. She knew he would not leave no matter what she said, so the only thing she could do was crack the defense system as fast as she could to give everyone a chance at survival.

Xinghe went to town on the keyboard.

Sam soon returned with two sets of spacesuits. After taking them from him, Mubai ordered, "Go to the spaceships, see if there is a way to save us."

"Okay!" Sam nodded tensely. He looked at Mubai and told him solemnly, "You two have to survive; I will use every ounce of my energy to come save you."

"Thank you."

That was the only reply Mubai gave him, but it was enough to communicate the gratitude he had for the other man. Sam nodded knowingly. He did not waste time talking and went to fulfil his responsibility. Every second was precious, and they did not have the luxury to waste even one.

Mubai also started moving. He personally helped Xinghe get into the spacesuit which was not easy considering the fact her hands never left the laptop as she shrugged into the spacesuit.

With Mubai's help, Xinghe successfully put on her spacesuit except for her helmet and gloves.

He then stepped into his own spacesuit. He also left his helmet and gloves off, so he could have an easier time in helping Xinghe gets hers on.
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