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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 861: Everyone Will Die If I Don't Stay

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Chapter 861: Everyone Will Die If I Don't Stay

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Sam and the rest were stunned. What did she say? She will have us wait by the spaceships while she stays back to deal with the system?

Mubai was the first to grab her by her arm and glared at her as he demanded, "Have you lost your mind‽"

Xinghe darted her gaze and repeatedly firmly, "I will stay back to crack the defense system; the rest of you go make the necessary preparations and gather by the spaceships. Go, now!"

"Xinghe, are you crazy?" Sam roared with agitation. "We will leave together or die together, how can we possibly leave you behind?"

"If I don't stay, we will all die," Xinghe answered calmly which silenced Sam and the rest. The sirens in the base were still ringing but it no longer struck fear in people's heart as they stared dumbly at Xinghe. They did not expect her to make such a decision; she would sacrifice herself to help them…

She had no reason to even come to the moon to take the risk, but she did, and now she did not even hesitate to sacrifice herself to buy them a chance at survival. She wasn't related to them in any way, she was just a normal woman, so how could she be so selfless?

The men who grew up in the base had already gotten numb to everything, they approached life in a detached manner, however, in that moment, they were touched by this woman by the name of Xia Xinghe. For some reason, they felt something warm swirling in their eyes…

Xinghe scanned the lot of them and announced clearly, "What are you people standing here for? There is not much time, go prepare or we will all have to die!"

"I am not leaving!" Sam stood his ground with a grave expression. "I came here to protect you, so I will die accomplishing that mission!"

"I am not leaving either!" Shi Jian also stepped forward to say, "Miss Xia, you came here on my request, so I must shoulder the responsibility. I will stay to protect you until the very last minute."

"I will also stay. After all, I am already old, the world won't need me. Let the young ones go, the few of us seniors will stay behind to protect you," an elderly scientist declared. A few other people also volunteered to stay until eventually almost everyone was going to stay.

They did not place much value on their lives before Xinghe's group arrive. They were going to leave to pursue a greater happiness, but to have a woman die in exchange for their own future, this was not something they could accept. Furthermore, they were not spineless people, they did not want to have her death on their consciences. Since she was willing to sacrifice herself for them, they were ready to do the same for her.

Xinghe was surprised that so many of them were willing to stay for her sake, but she still continued expressionlessly, "If none of you are going then we will all die for nothing. In that case, what was the point of me coming here? So, go now; we don't have much time left."

"We cannot do that."

"Miss Xia, we are not worthy of your sacrifice, please do not do this."

"That's right, you guys go on ahead; we will figure out a way to deal with this defense system. Let us stay back to buy you guys some more time."

"That's right, Miss Xia, please hurry and leave," Shi Jian also advised them.
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