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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 87: A Giant Decision

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Chapter 87: A Giant Decision

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She really wanted him to go kill someone‽

Xiao Mo couldn't believe it because Xinghe didn't look like she was the kind of person who would order someone murdered.

Xinghe turned her head back, stared right into his eyes and asked, "A person's life for your sister's stability and luxury for as long as she may live. I'll even do my best to find her the finest doctor to give her treatment, so… are you up for the trade or not?"

Xiao Mo was quiet.

He had to admit, the offer Xinghe gave was pretty alluring.

Xiao Mo owed his sister his life so his biggest wish had always been to cure her illness and provide her a stable life.

He would do anything for his sister.


"I have to admit your offer is indeed very tempting but I don't think I need to accept it. This is not my only way out."

After all, murder was not only morally but also lawfully wrong. Life sentence awaited him. Who would be there to make sure his sister was taken care of after he died?

Furthermore, he didn't have the heart to take an innocent life just so his sister could have a better one. He knew she wouldn't want it either.

She wouldn't want him to have blood on his hands for her sake.

Xinghe nodded as if she expected his answer. Then she added, "But what if the person I want you to kill is Chui Ming?"

"What did you say‽" Xiao Mo's eyes zeroed in on Xinghe.

The initial surprise in his eyes quickly changed to unbridled hatred. Of course, the hatred wasn't aimed at Xinghe but the name she mentioned - Chui Ming!

"Who exactly are you?" Xiao Mo regarded Xinghe with caution that previously wasn't there, he continued, "What is your relationship to Chui Ming?"

Xinghe responded slowly, "I told you, my name is Xia Xinghe. Like you, Chui Ming is my enemy."

"You know about the thing between me and him?"

"Why else would I come looking for you?"

No wonder she was willing to lend him her aid.

Everything made sense then.

"You came looking for me because you need me to kill him?" Xiao Mo asked in return. He narrowed his eyes at Xinghe, reading the nuance of her every expression.

Xinghe nodded and replied, "That's right, I can only sleep well after he's dead. Other than that, I'm a woman of my words, I will fulfill every promise I made you."

Xiao Mo started laughing humorlessly. He retorted, "You want me to believe you based on words alone? How naïve do you think I am?"

"Fine, how about I write you a cheque then? A hundred million, is that enough?"

A physical cheque did go a long way in helping Xinghe make her case. Finally, Xiao Mo believed her. Not the part where she needed him to murder Chui Ming but that she would help him look after his sister.

He had a giant choice laid before him.

To kill or not to kill Chui Ming.

Of course, he wanted to kill Chui Ming! He had done it plenty of times in his dreams!

But what would happen to his sister after the fact?

The sole purpose of his life was to treat his sister's illness, to take care of her.

It was how he had kept his hatred for Chui Ming from going out of control. It was a tough gig.

There was simply too much Chui Ming had taken away from him, it wouldn't cross the line for him to take a little something back.

That little something Xiao Mo had decided would be his life.

Therefore, Xinghe's offer was honestly really enticing…

Looking at the lifeless woman who sat on the bed, Xiao Mo made a decision.

If sacrificing his own life could bring his sister a lifetime of happiness, he was willing to do it. Plus, there was the added bonus of getting to look Chui Ming in his eyes as he kills him, it was truly a profitable trade.

He nodded decisively and said, "I'll do it!"
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