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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 851: To Meet He Lan Yuan

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Chapter 851: To Meet He Lan Yuan

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"You have risked a lot coming here alone. That is worth our respect and appreciation. Of course, we are also deeply appreciative of Mr. Xi and Mr. Sam's sacrifice and contribution."

Mubai said directly, "The reason I am here is because of Xinghe. She is my fiancé, so I will support her in all her endeavors."

"Me too. I am Xinghe's bodyguard; I am here just protect her," Sam added.

However, Shi Jian and his men were still deeply thankful towards them. It was obvious that they really wanted to leave that godforsaken place. Then again, who wouldn't want to after decades of being trapped there?

Shi Jian continued the tour. The base had many buildings that looked like factories. Shi Jian brought them into the factories; the place was almost completely automated. The machines there were all high-end and the raw materials they were dealing with were almost all black energy crystals.

Shi Jian said the crystals were a type of miraculous mineral that could be found underneath the moon's surface. Their uses were numerous and could be used for almost any purpose.

"Apparently, He Lan Yuan found these minerals after he first arrived at the moon. He found out about their immense value and used them to build this base on the moon, and from then on, his plot to dominate Earth began. Over the past decade, we have been using this material to expand this base to what you see today." Shi Jian revealed everything to them, even information that they did not ask for.

"This thing is indeed incredible," Xinghe praised. "Without this, none of this would even be possible."

"You're right. That is why we call them the creation ore, they are our most valuable item."

"This is this probably He Lan Yuan's biggest contribution to the world," Sam said objectively.

Shi Jian agreed. "From a certain perspective, He Lan Yuan indeed is an incredible character. Honestly, if not for the horrible living standards here, all of us here would have adored him. His knowledge and eye for research are unparalleled."

Xinghe, Mubai and Sam agreed with him. He Lan Yuan was indeed a capable person. Alas, he had wasted his talent for evil. With his genius, he could have easily made a name for himself in the human world. However, he was twisted by his own ambition. Then again, perhaps it was because he was born above everyone else that normal fame and glory were not enough for him. He would only be satisfied by doing something as big as dominating the world.

Mubai asked solemnly, "Where is He Lan Yuan? We wish to meet him."

Shi Jian nodded after some hesitation. "Yes, the meeting is inevitable. But I advise you to prepare yourselves because he is rather scary looking at the moment."

The trio could not help but look at each other. What does he mean by that?

Shi Jian brought them to the tallest building which was situated at the center of the base.

The uniquely designed building was giving out a dim glow. Shi Jian explained that those were electric lights. The building itself was black as the night. To ensure that there was variation between the buildings, each building surface was embedded with electric lights to produce colors and shapes that could be changed according to necessity.
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