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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 849: The Fake Environment

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Chapter 849: The Fake Environment

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Xinghe and Mubai followed Sam and entered the base. They removed their spacesuits and were shocked when they took the time to notice the interior of the base, because the place was disproportionately huge…

The streets were large, and the ceiling was made to look like an open sky. If they had not just come in from the outside, they would have believed that the sky overhead was real.

However, there were no buildings by the side of the streets. Instead, there were plenty of trees, mountains, and grassy fields. There was even chirping in the air; the environment was surprisingly nice. In any case, it gave the trio the impression that they were back on Earth.

"Miss Xia, Mr. Xi, welcome. I am Shi Jian. I represent the hundreds of people at the base in welcoming all of you!" Shi Jian, in a unique military outfit, greeted them with the utmost politeness. The few people behind him who looked to possess a certain degree of influence at the base also greeted them with welcoming words.

Xinghe also greeted them in return politely, "Mr. Shi, nice to finally meet you in person."

"The pleasure is all mine! We are overjoyed that you are willing to come to lend us your aid, we are deeply appreciative of your trust in us!" Shi Jian said seriously like a king reading his declaration.

Xinghe was not used to it so she changed the topic. "Mr. Shi, I had no idea this place would be so similar to Earth. I cannot believe you guys managed to build an ecosystem here."

Shi Jian shook his head. "No, this place is definitely not similar to Earth."

Sam was curious. "Why would you say that? You have all of this flora and fauna here; it looks just like some grassland on Earth."

Shi Jian answered solemnly, "This is all fake. The plants that you see are fake; the grass is fake; we have no animals here, so the bird songs are fake."

"You must be joking." Sam shook his head as he stretched out his hand to touch a nearby tree. Instead of bark, he felt something cold and hard.

Shi Jian explained, "All the trees and grass here are simulated by computers. They were originally rock formations on the moon and have been molded into shapes of nature. Using top imaging technology, it will become what you see before you now."

Sam rushed to walk on the grassy field and as Shi Jian explained, he felt only a hard surface underneath his feet. Xinghe and Mubai were shocked by this discovery as well.

Mubai said in a low growl, "I'm surprised that your technology is already so advanced."

So far advanced that it could even simulate nature, to a degree capable of fooling their sharp eyes.

Shi Jian nodded. "Indeed, our technology here is very advanced but that is of no use to us. Take a look."

Shi Jian took out something that looked like a cell phone and swiped on its screen. Several seconds later, the surrounding hills and trees disappeared, leaving behind a barren field of unfeeling grey rocks.

Without the illusion, this place was… so desolate and empty, no different from the scenery outside. Xinghe's group was stunned by the sudden unveiling of the truth.

Shi Jian soon switched the scenery back on and he sighed. "Therefore, none of us here really feel connected to this place."

Xinghe nodded. "I can imagine why, after all, this whole place is fake."

"The whole base is fake?" Sam could not help but to pursue that line of questioning.
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