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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 848: Entering the Base

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Chapter 848: Entering the Base

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The structure built out of energy crystals was at least several hundred meters tall. The scale was impressive as well; it was big enough to fit a small town. How did He Lan Yuan even manage to construct such a large and enclosed building?

However, the most surprising thing was this place never once showed up on Earth's satellite surveillance. Xinghe's hypothesis was that they had some kind of signal blocking device.

Sam launched a punch at the wall.

"This wall is rather tough."

Xinghe nodded. "The energy crystals have impressive tensile strength; they are indestructible at least using your bare hands."

"How did they manage to find so many energy crystals?"

"We will find out soon enough," Xinghe answered.

The question then was, how were they going to get in? The entrance Shi Jian mentioned could not be seen. Xinghe had to give Shi Jian another call. With his careful guidance, they finally found the base's entrance.

The main entrance was huge and beside it were several smaller doors. When they arrived, one of the smaller doors swung open to lead into the darkness.

"Miss Xia, you can just walk in. You still have to walk a short distance before you reach the center of the base. Just go through the door."

"This sounds too much like a trap," Sam commented anxiously and stared deep into the darkness.

Xinghe said with determination, "We have come this far; we have to continue even if this is a trap."

Mubai suddenly took Xinghe's hand and said, "I will go in first, remember to stay by my side."

Sam also sidled to Xinghe's side. They formed a protective barrier around Xinghe. The trio stepped through the door with extreme caution. After Sam got in, the door closed quickly behind them. Before they could even react, the lights above them came on.

The four corners of the walls were fitted with lighting which lit up the several hundred square meters room like daylight. The trio took some time before they could get used to the sudden change in lighting.

The room had nothing, but Shi Jian told them through the phone that the room was equipped with a circulation system. It would lock off the room from the outside and fill the vacuum to become normal air. This was a change Xinghe's group could not validate because they were still in their spacesuits.

They stayed in the enclosed room for several minutes before a door in front of them slowly opened to reveal the rays of light streaming out from within.

However, the door that was open was incredibly curious looking, because instead of a door, it looked more like a mechanical booth. Shi Jian confirmed it as a type of one-way revolving door. The booth had two half-doors, one facing the trio and the other half facing the other side. One could only go in but not get out.

Shi Jian told them to continue moving forward.

"Let me go in first," Sam volunteered. He got close to the booth and studied it carefully before stepping into the booth. The booth was only big enough to fit one person.

The moment he got in, the half-door Sam just walked through slammed shut and the half-door on the other end opened to reveal the interior of the base. Standing before Sam was a group of people, one of them was Shi Jian.

Witnessing him, Shi Jian said robotically, "You are Mr. Sam, right? Welcome, you can have Miss Xia and Mr. Xi come over now."

Sam was startled before he retreated back into the booth. The moment he did, the half-door closed and the one facing Xinghe and Mubai, who were still waiting, opened.

"Xinghe, you two can come forward, it's safe," Sam yelled at them.
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