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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 837: Crowd

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Chapter 837: Crowd

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That moment did become historical, and Xinghe's name went down in the history books. Humanity would never forget this day, they would never forget how she saved the world!

The biggest threat to the world had been neutralized. Even though they lost all the satellites, the world was celebrating.

One moment earlier, the world wanted Xinghe to die, but a moment later, they were deeply appreciative of her.

People were openly bawling. The tears were from relief and guilt. Everyone felt sorry, and they wanted to personally apologize, but no one knew where she was. To showcase their appreciation and apology, parades for Xinghe were held all across the globe. People had in their hands pictures of Xinghe and her portraits were hung across the sides of buildings.

Almost everywhere one turned, Xinghe's face would be there and one could hear the continuous chanting of her name. The internet had gone down because all the satellites were destroyed, but it did nothing to extinguish the public's passion. They tried every way possible to send their love towards her. Many made open declarations to turn over a leaf because they were given a new lease on life.

The crowds outside of the Xi family's mansions were ginormous. Previously, they were there to capture Xinghe, but now the crowd was there to pay tribute to her. None of the Xi family members dared to take a step outside earlier, they still did not dare to open the doors then.

People also swamped the Xia family's mansion and Xinghe's company entrance. Many superstars and celebrities expressed their interest in Xinghe, some were as direct as proposing to her on screen. Of course, they were not all of the men who wanted to marry Xinghe; that number was impossible to calculate.

The few television stations that were still running broadcasted such news every day. They were all related to Xinghe. Only the open declarations of love managed to elicit a response out of SamWolf.

Sam spat a grape seed out of his mouth and commented with derision, "Who are these people that they think they are qualified to marry Xinghe? They are so late to the party."

"Yes, you would know what that feels like," Ali chided him with a straight face. For some reason, he had nothing to say in defense of himself.

Cairn was tapping on a calculator and he said seriously, "So many men want to use every penny they have to marry Xinghe. I made some calculations, by accepting the dowry alone, she would be the richest person in the world."

"Do they not mind a polygamous relationship?" Wolf asked innocently.

Cairn nodded after some thought. "I don't think so. Many of them have stated openly that they would not mind being her lover without any status."

Sam straightened in his seat and said, "Actually, that is not such a bad thing. I wonder whether Xinghe will agree to that or not."

Ali coughed awkwardly and stressed, "That should be Mr. Xi's decision, right?"

Sam and the guys finally realized the change of the atmosphere in the room. They turned their heads slowly around and fear registered on their faces when they saw Mubai who stood at the door.

Seeing his mirthless expression, Sam quickly stated, "We do not harbor any intentions towards Xinghe, we are just joking, I swear, it is just a joke!"

"He's right, we were only joking." Cairn also nodded rather guiltily.

Mubai smiled and said, "I know you guys are just joking. Don't worry, I didn't take it to heart."
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