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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 828: The World Wants Them to Die

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Chapter 828: The World Wants Them to Die

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Even though Xinghe did personally send him into jail, that person was Feng Saohuang. After watching the video, he smiled amusedly. "You two sure are something else, you even got involved with Doomsday. I really should not have underestimated you. Hopefully you do not disappoint me and manage to fight back."

Even though many wanted Xinghe and Mubai dead, many also prayed for their safety. The Xia family, the Xi family, the Shen family, and everyone else who had received kindness from Xinghe and Mubai worried about them.

Munan immediately requested to move to Country R to personally ensure Xinghe and Mubai's safety. Yan Lu and Gu Li also handed in their request.

Country Y's President Philip immediately formed a Special Ops unit and ordered them to go to Country R to protect Xinghe and Mubai. Both presidents from Hwa Xia and Country Y called the United Nations to pressure them to lend Xinghe and Mubai protection.

They were afraid the United Nations would choose to sacrifice them to buy the world more time. That possibility was not zero. There was no absolute fairness in the world, sacrifice a few to benefit the majority, it was the utilitarian thing to do.

He Lan Yuan purposely set the both of them up as the world's target. The mental pressure from knowing the whole world wanted them to die was hard for anyone to bear. If the whole world turned on them, they would have nowhere to run. Before being physically killed, the person would probably commit suicide from a mental breakdown.

As expected, the demand to kill both of them appeared on the internet almost instantly. The amount of people sharing this thought was high, scarily high…

Most of them thought they were not doing anything bad, they wanted to kill them because it would benefit the world, if anything, most of them thought they were doing the world a favor by killing the two most wanted inviduals in the world. They deserved to be praised and forgiven.

They were easily turned into He Lan Yuan's killing tools because most humans had no autonomy and were incredibly selfish. The first thing most thought of was not to use their own power to change things but to pull others down to ensure they themselves get ahead. This was common, in fact one could say it was human nature to do so.

After He Lan Yuan announced the rules, Xinghe and Mubai expected this kind of result. Even SamWolf expected it. They knew almost everyone would not hesitate to sacrifice Xinghe and Mubai to buy the world more time.

Therefore, their first response was to form a protective circle around the two of them with their firearms pointing outwards.

"Nobody moves! You will have to step over our dead bodies before you can even touch them!" Sam threatened severely.

Xinghe and Mubai were startled by their unhesitating instinct to throw themselves into the fire to protect them. There was complicated emotion within their hearts.

Chui Qian frowned. "What are you guys doing? No one is going to harm them, put down your guns."

Ali smirked coolly. "Mr. President, we know you won't, but we cannot say the same for some other people. Certain people will do anything for the sake of this world."

She was insinuating George. After all, his attitude towards had not been kind from the beginning, he just might choose to sacrifice them. Therefore, they could not afford to be too careful.

George naturally understood her meaning. He smiled chillingly.
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