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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 827: Xia Xinghe Is Going to Die

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Chapter 827: Xia Xinghe Is Going to Die

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"My condition is simple, get me these two people's heads in three days and I will give you another half a month to come to your decision. These two people are a woman called Xia Xinghe and a man named Xi Mubai. This is what they look like, familiarize yourself with them."

Xinghe's and Mubai's faces in the control room appeared on screen. They did not flinch nor frown from watching themselves appear on screen. There was not even a trace of fear.

The video immediately switched back to normal. He Lan Yuan smiled. "Remember, only by killing these two will you have more time. Alright, that is the end of this meeting, I await your good news. Miss Xia, I hope you will not disappoint me and live for three days, or I will feel sorry for you."

Then, the video disappeared following He Lan Yuan's creepy smile. The computers in the control room were wiped out. He Lan Yuan, as they expected, had ways to ruin these systems. His appearance made the world boil once more.

The world was curious, they did not understand why He Lan Yuan wanted those two people dead. However, killing them was the world's only chance…

Everyone's emotions were in a tangled knot. In the prisons across Hwa Xia, every inmate saw this video.

In City T's women prison, after witnessing this short video, Chu Tianxin was first in disbelief before starting to laugh like an insane woman that she was. She ran to the window and yelled crazily, "Xia Xinghe, you b*tch, your time has finally come! Karma is coming to get you; you deserve it for messing with He Lan Yuan! You are going to die soon. This is perfect; you are going to die and I am still alive! Very soon, I am going to leave this place and I will be dancing over your grave because I am the final victor! The gods have not abandoned me, thank you, God! This is the best present you have ever given me! Also, Xi Mubai, this is your comeuppance for treating me so cruelly. Both of you deserve to die, rot in hell and may the gods tear your souls apart so that you two will not be together even in death…"

Even Tianxin's parents were overjoyed by this news.

Xia Wushuang, who was lying in bed inside an ancient infirmary, was also cackling crazily. Her face was still as scary as ever, due to the motion around her face when she was laughing, her face was like split into two, increasing the scary factor. If there was anyone around her then, they would have been spooked. However, this was the first time Wushuang laughed so happily after her accident.

"This is just perfect, Xia Xinghe, I bet you did not see this day coming! Aren't you always thinking you're one station above everyone else? This time, your karma is coming to get you, you will end up worse than I am, this is just perfect! Xia Xinghe is going to die, and the world is ending, this is the best day of my life…"

Another group who enjoyed this good news was the Lin family. Elder Lin was beyond excited in prison. He looked out the window of his prison and tears fell down his eyes. "Fate is not going to end the Lin family after all! The Xi family and Shen family are coming down and my Lin family is going to rise up to take their places!"

Every Lin family member in prison shared the same thought. They were going to side with He Lan Yuan to help him rule the world!

This was their own way to survive.

However, there were also some that prayed for Xinghe and Mubai's safety.
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