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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 824: Come At Me

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Chapter 824: Come At Me

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"I assumed no one would be able to do it, at least not within such a short period of time. But you people have done the impossible, I have truly underestimated you guys."

The surprise was apparent in He Lan Yuan's voice, but it still did not sound like he treated them as any form of a threat. His chilling gaze scanned everyone there and He Lan Yuan asked with curved lips, "Now, can someone tell me who is the person who hacked the system here? I have to meet such a rare talent."

Everyone tried their best to not look towards Xinghe's direction. They might be afraid of He Lan Yuan but everyone there was a person of principle. Xinghe had helped the world lots by cracking the computer system, how could they sell her out? However, they also knew if they did not tell the truth, He Lan Yuan would not let them off the hook easily.

As they expected, He Lan Yuan smiled innocently and suggested, "If no one is kind enough to tell the truth then I would not mind dropping another satellite. I wonder how many will die from the blast of an atomic bomb."

"It was me."

Both Xinghe and Mubai opened their lips to answer at the same time. They were equally startled to hear the other say the same thing.

Mubai stared viciously at He Lan Yuan and said solemnly, "I am the one who hacked your system, I am willing to take full responsibility."

Everyone in the room was shocked because it was not him who did the deed. However, they understood what he was doing, he was sacrificing himself to save Xinghe.

Xinghe did not want his blood on her hands, she too glared at He Lan Yuan and said, "It was me who did it, it has nothing to do with other people."

"How can a woman like yourself do something of that scale? Back away now," Mubai ordered her with great resentment. Xinghe did not move and stared firmly at He Lan Yuan.

He Lan Yuan studied them and laughed. "There is no need to fight for credit, let's just say both of you did it together. Now, tell me what your names are and who you learned your computer skill from."

"There is no reason for us to give you our name and you have underestimated the capability of humankind in general. We are not even the best this world can offer," Mubai said calmly and confidently.

He Lan Yuan suddenly asked, "You do not seem to be particularly afraid of me."

"You are a human being just like me, so why should I be afraid of you?"

"Good answer!" He Lan Yuan laughed as he clapped his hands. "I have always admired people like you, but I also hate people like you the most!"

He Lan Yuan was as tempestuous as the midnight breeze and his gaze turned icy cold as his lips curved into a scorpion's tail. "Do you know how much I hate someone like you?"

Mubai replied fearlessly, "I am sorry, but I do not know."

"No matter because I am telling you now, people like you are the kind of people I will kill every time I stumble across one, that is how much I hate people like you. Consider yourself unlucky because you have to stand up for this woman, I will grant you your wish. You kill him now or in one minute, a satellite will fall from the sky!"

His order was directed at George and the rest. George frowned. It was not his way to kill an innocent, but this He Lan Yuan was a madman, he might really drop a satellite bomb on them.

By now, He Lan Yuan was able to tell George had the highest military rank there. He glared at him and smiled coldly. "Why are you still standing there? Are you really that callous? Using one man's life to save the lives of several millions, is that not a good trade?"

"I am not able to touch him due to his unique identity," George replied directly.
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