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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 809: Base Up There

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Chapter 809: Base Up There
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Mubai could not help but laugh. "That is an optimistic way of looking at things. What if he does live for another decade? One decade is more than enough time to shape the world to his liking."

Xinghe nodded but continued with confidence, "But he might die any moment too. If we can figure out a way to kill him then that would be best."

"But that is impossible."

He was in space and they were on Earth. Furthermore, he was monitoring their every movement from space, so it was hard to come up with a secret assassination mission. However, if they were in the same location as he was physically, then all these concerns would be non-issues.

"Where do you think He Lan Yuan is? Could he be on the moon?" Xinghe asked meaningfully. This question had been discussed many times by the United Nations.

Mubai nodded. "The possibility of that is high."

This was because man had landed on the moon before and not on any other planet, but it was another thing to find out which part of the moon He Lan Yuan was hiding at. He had escaped notice for so many years, so it was possible that he had built himself a comfortable base on the moon.

Xinghe said with conviction, "He must have built a base on the moon and it is probably built using the energy crystals."

"It has to be because the satellites are built with those as well."

The satellites that had fallen to Earth were quickly taken in to be researched, and they were indeed constructed using the energy crystals. The energy crystals had an extremely high melting point and thus would not combust easily. However, they were also incredibly malleable, making them the perfect metallic substance.

From the beginning, they did not think the crystals came from Earth. Now they were certain, the things definitely did not come from Earth. They were probably a mineral from the moon.

He Lan Yuan had landed on the moon several decades ago and it must be then that he discovered these minerals. The perfection of these minerals birthed within him the rest of his plan. In other words, without these energy crystals, he would not have come up with such a sinister plan.

The objects made using the energy crystals were extremely light and they could provide an inordinate amount of heat energy. Therefore, it was very likely that these were the fuel for the spaceship found at the He Lan family's base. They had used the spaceship to send many capable seeds into space to be He Lan Yuan's slaves.

Xinghe lifted her eyes into the sky and said, "Those several hundred satellites do not seem like they were launched from Earth."

Mubai followed the direction of her eyes and also looked up. "I think so too. Launching so many satellites would have notified the countries."

"Therefore, he has a base on some planet and he is not lacking in human resources." Perhaps her mother and Ee Chen's father were up there with him. The orphans from the orphanage must have been taken to space after they grew up.

If there were people around him, it meant that they had a chance to get to him. There had to be people who harbored resentment towards He Lan Yuan. If they could contact that person and cooperate with them, then they could bring down He Lan Yuan.

The more Xinghe thought about it, the more excited she got. She told Mubai confidently, "We have to hack through these systems, only by hacking through them that we can gain contact with the people around He Lan Yuan."

Mubai was speechless.
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