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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 806: Busy World

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Chapter 806: Busy World
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He Lan Yuan was like their God, an incomparable God. If He Lan Yuan demanded them to give up their lives as sacrifice, they would probably follow obediently. Xinghe's group felt chilled witnessing the blind faith He Lan Long and his people had in He Lan Yuan. It was not a good thing to realize He Lan Yuan had such charisma.

This was because there were many like He Lan Long in the world. If all of them started worshipping He Lan Yuan, then the world was destined to be over. Therefore, many countries decided to not reveal any information on He Lan Yuan.

However, the public's speculation on He Lan Yuan had not ceased. Even though there was not much information about him released to the public, there were pro-He Lan Yuan groups forming. Their purpose was to surrender to He Lan Yuan and serve him loyally.

In conclusion, He Lan Yuan's appearance had thrown the whole world into chaos. Perhaps this peaceful world would welcome an unpredictable anarchy. Would the results be good or bad? No one could tell, at least for now….

A few days had passed. Ever since He Lan Yuan had announced himself, there was a big change every day. There were changes in people's daily life as well. However, none of the changes was good.

Factories, schools, and businesses… all stopped functioning. There were few to no vehicles on the street and there were even less pedestrians. Almost everyone chose to spend their last month with their families.

The homeless and the criminals roamed the street, making a jaunt outside something extremely dangerous.

The internet thus became the most crowded place. Every day, numerous people posted methods trying to contact He Lan Yuan or to save themselves. Others opened message boards for pro-He Lan Yuan people to congregate and to swear their loyalty to him.

However, the scariest thing was that within only half a day of creation, millions of people registered and wanted to become He Lan Yuan's followers. Even though the message board was shut down immediately and the organizers taken into custody, the data was chilling. This was only within Country R; other countries might have more people who were willing to show their loyalty to He Lan Yuan.

If these people were allowed to gather together, then the consequences would be unimaginably bad. Therefore, the United Nations were in meetings almost daily, analyzing various data, discussing ways to overcome this particular crisis. Every country was busy every day, however, most of these efforts would be pointless because no matter how hard they racked their brain, it would be impossible to remove all those satellites from space without alerting He Lan Yuan of their intention.

The time limit was reaching its end. If there were no solution, then they would have no choice but to surrender. They did not harbor any optimism that He Lan Yuan's tyranny would be a fine time.

However, it seemed like something destined and no one was able to change it. With passing time, more and more people started to feel the clutches of despair…

Even some of the country leaders started to give up.

However, Xinghe's group who stayed at the launch base did not give up. Ever since the video, every country sent their best computer experts to hack these computers. Hopefully, they could find some useful information on them.

However, none of the experts could make any progress on the computers. The supercomputers in the control room were interconnected.
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