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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 805: He Lan Family's Genius

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Chapter 805: He Lan Family's Genius
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He Lan Yuan had prepared so completely that they had no opportunity to strike back. Five hundred satellites hung threateningly in space. If they were ordered to fall from space and explode, the world would definitely be ruined.

They had no chance to fight back because their every move was being observed by He Lan Yuan. If they did anything to anger him, they might usher in the rapture. Xinghe shook her head. "Temporarily, I do not know yet, but we still have one month to figure out a solution to deal with him."

"That is easier said than done. Unless we can destroy all the satellites in the sky, there is nothing we can do to touch him," Chui Qian said seriously.

"Then, we will figure out a way to destroy them," Xinghe said with determination. Chui Qian, Mubai, and the rest were startled. It was indeed the solution that was needed but how would one go about doing it?

However, this was not Xinghe's responsibility but the whole world's, so she did not have to come up with the solution on her own. Chui Qian soon contacted the world leaders to have a discussion. Every country sent their representative to attend the meeting by the United Nations. The clock was ticking.

They were formed a special psychology unit to analyze He Lan Yuan's motives. They analyzed everything about He Lan Yuan from his head to his toe. None of his details was left untouched, this included his date of birth, his age, his personality, and his look.

The conclusion was… the man who appeared on screen that day was not He Lan Yuan. According to his date of birth, He Lan Yuan was supposed to be seventy. He could not have been the young, handsome man they saw on screen.

Weirdly enough, no one knew what He Lan Yuan looked like. They could not find any pictures of him, and the ones who knew him personally were all dead. Even members of the He Lan family could not say for sure what he looked like.

According to He Lan Long, the first time they had video call with He Lan Yuan, that was how he looked like and his look had never change over the years. Therefore, they were certain that was He Lan Yuan, the He Lan family's genius. It was because of him that the He Lan family could rise through the ranks so fast to become the richest in Country R.

They found that He Lan Yuan's influence was observable throughout the years. The orphanage and launch site were all his ideas. All the satellites launched from that base were created by He Lan Yuan. In any case, from the way He Lan Long and his men talked about He Lan Yuan, everyone came to the same conclusion: He Lan Yuan was undeniably a genius.

Several decades ago, his super genius allowed him to create a spaceship and he alone took it and migrated into space. Then, he settled on a planet and was never to be seen in person again. His orders to the He Lan family always came through video.

To dominate the whole world, the He Lan family was willing to bend to his every will. He Lan Yuan's personal attraction and incredible talent created a cult centered around him. Those with hatred for the human world in their heart bought into the ideals he was selling easily. They treated him as their spiritual center. They were like putty in his hands.

Furthermore, He Lan Yuan actually had the capability to ruin the whole world, so their loyalty was unblemished. As time passed, their admiration towards him deified him in their mind and he became a God-like figure in their cultish religion.

The admiring, bordering on worshiping, undertone when they talked about He Lan Yuan could not be missed.
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