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Mr. CEO, Spoil me 100 Percent! Chapter 799: A Few Rectangular Indentations

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Chapter 799: A Few Rectangular Indentations
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If she had time, she could go through them slowly, but time was the only thing she did not have. Regardless, Xinghe did not give up. She moved into the launch site and her everyday life was hacking the computers with the bunch of experts. She had Mubai's help as well. He was also a computer expert and was better than most of them there. However, even with so many people pitching in, they could not come up with a feasible solution…

SamWolf could contribute even less. Other than patrolling the base, there was nothing they could do.

Finally, after a few days, the research on the spaceship was done!

To everyone's surprise, the spaceship's fuel box was completely different from normal spaceships. It was only a small compartment with several rectangular indentations. According to the experts, this was highly unusual. Such a small storage of fuel was not enough to propel mankind into space, so this spaceship was most likely a defect, in fact, they even doubted if the He Lan family had ever tried sending people into space before.

However, when Xinghe, Mubai and Ee Chen saw the internal structure of the fuel compartment, they were utterly shocked!

This was because they were immediately reminded of the energy crystal when they saw the rectangular indentations. The indentation was the size of energy crystal. So, this meant the thing could also be used as fuel…

Could the few energy crystals be enough to supplement the great amount of energy required to send the spaceship into space? It sounded so sci-fi!

Xinghe and the two did not say anything and quickly found an excuse to leave the room. They found a quiet room and started discussing among themselves.

"The indentations in the fuel compartment, do you think they are related to that thing?" The question floated out of Ee Chen's mouth the moment they shut the door behind them.

Xinghe nodded. "It has to be."

"So that thing is a fuel source?" Ee Chen asked in shock.

"Yes," Xinghe confirmed.

"How can you be so sure?" Ee Chen asked.

This time it was Mubai who answered, "Because we have done experiments on it and the energy crystals can burn for a very long time while releasing a ton of energy."

"Energy crystals?"

Xinghe nodded slightly. "That's right, that is what some call them. In a way, that is correct because they are crystals that can produce energy."

Ee Chen was startled before chuckling to himself. "I see it now, so this thing is a type of energy source, and I had been thinking it was some kind of magical item!"

Turned out it was only fuel, not much different from common coal…

"Magic?" Xinghe also joined in with the laughter. "It is just a type of special mineral, but no one has any idea where it came from."

Subconsciously, Xinghe lifted her head to look up into the sky. Night had fallen, and because the launch base was built away from the hustle and bustle of the city, the night sky could be viewed without obstruction. That night, the stars fell across the sky like God had accidentally knocked over a bucket of stars and they had spilled into the sky.

Scientifically speaking, most of the stars we see in the sky are suns that are far away from our galaxy.

They would burn out before we could even get close, logically speaking, we could only land on other planets or moons.

Xinghe focused her gaze on a particular spot in the night sky and said, "But I suspect it came from that place."

Ee Chen and Mubai followed her gaze into the sky. They understood what she meant. Their lips were pressed into a hard line and they said no words. They had also been thinking the same thing, but voicing it aloud would probably make them sound crazy.
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